Metashift Solution Offers Immersive Customer Service within Metaverse


A new customer support solution designed specifically for the Metaverse has been unveiled. Helpshift has announced its new Metashift offering, which enables brands to provide their customers with immersive service and user support directly within the Metaverse.

Metashift enables retailers to receive feedback directly from their customers and offers in-world support for mobile, VR and AR experiences. The solution is being deployed in three phases to offer a seamless user experience. The first phase will offer free feedback, bug and crash reporting to ensure the solution is working properly.

The second phase will provide blockchain verification for verifying asset ownership of items like NFTs. Metashift will also help brands deal with Self Sovereign Identities (SSI) as part of doing commerce within the Metaverse. The third phase will include VR support, enabling customers to interact with brand support exclusively through VR.

“As user experiences evolve to become more immersive, so must the support for brands," said Metashift. "Users shouldn’t have to leave virtual reality in order to get support.”

Metashift predicts the Metaverse retail market could reach $800 billion by 2024 and $2.5 trillion by 2030. The company predicts gaming software and services will be the main driver within the Metaverse, followed by fintech, mobile-first retail and virtual entertainment industries. Customers will expect an immersive customer support experience within these industries, specific to the Metaverse environment. The company is aiming to fill this market niche while helping brands drive revenue and increase their customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores.

“If your brand is curious about the new possibilities of the Metaverse, you need to have a plan to engage with customers, collect and analyze feedback, and provide support in a way that suits the needs of the immersive environment," said Eric Vermillion, CEO of Helpshift. "If you cannot adapt your user experiences to the Metaverse, you risk losing millions of customers. The Metaverse is an immersive and transformative development in how people interact and engage with brands online. However, in order to thrive, companies should prioritize the user experience to prevent churn and to create raving fans. Users should have an easy way to leave feedback and get in-world support, without having to leave the Metaverse experience.”

Brands will be able to use Metashift for free in early May. Companies may sign up for the wait list through the Helpshift website.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

TechZone360 Contributing Editor

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