The current state of mobile gaming in 2022


Mobile Gaming Advancements

Mobile gaming is booming and that is no surprise considering at the end of 2021 close to 4 billion people were using a smartphone. In 2021, over 80 billion mobile games were downloaded, and it has been predicted, by the time we reach 2025, over 70% of Google Play’s revenue will come from mobile games. However, without the technology in place, it would be impossible to play the latest mobile games.

Operating systems play a key role on smartphones and without them, mobile gaming as we know it would not exist. Android is the most popular operating system, and it is open source, meaning anyone can develop games for the system. Some of the other benefits of using Android include access to the Google Play market and the ability to customize multiple homes screens with different widgets and apps. The second leading operating system is iOS, and this powers Apple devices. The Apple iOS is not available to the third-party users but there is a wealth of applications and games in the App Store.

Graphics processing units have come a long way since the early mobile phones. The latest smartphones come complete with powerful GPUs, and these can run 2D and 3D graphics efficiently. For example, Variable Rate Shading was something previously only available on consoles and PCs but thanks to the current GPUs, VRS is now a feature on mobile games.

Screen technology is another tremendous advancement that has improved mobile gaming. One of the most recent mobile phones released in 2022 offers 120Hz refresh rate support at 2K resolution. This means the screen technology can keep pace with even the most demanding mobile games, providing a smooth mobile gaming experience.

Long lasting battery life is a key element of mobile gaming. Gamers do not want to quit a game because the battery is running low. 5,000 mAh batteries are commonplace in mobile phones but some boast 7,000mAh batteries, meaning you can play mobile games for longer without having to charge the device.

These Are the Best Mobile Games Available Now

At the best of circumstances, compiling a definitive list of the top mobile games is difficult – and some might say a foolish task. We're talking about a process that spans over a decade and involves hundreds of thousands of games across iOS and Android platforms. With so many genres to choose from, where do you even start? We’ve experienced racing games, sports games, casino games and even games about aliens, casino to analyse what are the best mobile games currently on offer to players today.

Rush Royale: Tower Defense

Rush Royale is a tower-defense game that you should try if you appreciate tower-defense games. It takes a tried-and-true concept and adds a lot of nuance and complexity. To battle the opposing hordes, you must assemble a team of wizards and warriors, unlocking new units as you go. You can develop your plan by selecting different characters to make up your squad but be warned: you may need to change it as you progress to meet new challenges.

Rainbow Riches Slot

People have been gambling on the go since they discovered that casinos are now available on their mobile phones and can now enjoy the various benefits it provides. Because gambling has always been an industry of growth, evolving from the basic three-reel slot machines of the early 1900s to the fully automated digital machines found in today's mega casinos, it’s understandable that mobile-friendly casino games are now available to players worldwide. The Rainbow Riches slot is a 5 reel, 20 pay line game with a distinct Irish theme that features leprechauns and pots of gold and can be played at online casinos like those reviewed by Time2play. Playable from as little as 5 cents a spin on your handset, it has 3 exciting bonus features coupled with an RTP of 95%, making it one of the most popular slot games ever amongst players.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

One of the most iconic games in the Castlevania franchise has found a home on Android phones. Slay the castle's demonic hordes and plot to resurrect Dracula by commanding the vampire, Alucard. The RPG weapon and inventory system in Symphony of the Night is extensive, with a wide variety of gear, items, and spells. With a large castle to explore, unique powers to earn, and a long list of massive punching bags to beat up, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is a Konami classic worth picking up.


Breakout, the popular arcade game, comes to mind. Ballz isn't an identical clone of the game, but it does follow some similar rules. You have several blocks to break, and you must do so with your collection of balls. It's a fascinating and entertaining diversion.

Star Discord

Star Discord is a blocky-looking old-school real-time strategy game where you mine minerals, build structures, and use the units they produce to overwhelm the opposition. It's like StarCraft meets Minecraft. It may not offer a lot of instructions. However, its chunky, functional graphics do the job, and real-time strategy games on mobile are still rare, so this is an excellent addition. It's also completely free to play right now, with no in-app purchases or fees.

Civilization VI

The PC has traditionally been the home of this long-running strategy series; however, Civilization VI for iOS and Android is now an effective port that allows you to hold the world's fate in your hands... or your pocket. Firaxis tested the waters with an iPad version first. Still, the critically praised game is now playable on almost any current iOS or Android device. If you've never played the game before, here's how it works: As the king of a nation, you must shepherd it through the years. Characteristics differ from one country to the next and from one leader to another. As you play, you'll do what nations have done throughout history: create cities and fight wars.

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