How Technology Changed the Way People Place Their Bets Online


The gambling industry goes hand-in-hand with the latest technologies when it comes to developments. Back in the day, people have to go to gambling houses or casino establishments to play casino games and bet on sports, but this is no longer necessary these days thanks to technology.

When gambling operators went online, players and punters with computers were only able to access online gambling activities. While this is still the case for some, online casinos are now mobile-friendly. Players and punters can even download betting apps in India if they want to bet on the go.

That said, technology plays such a huge role in keeping the gambling industry alive. So, what technologies have been shaping the betting business and how are they changing how people vote? This is what we’ll get right into, so keep on reading.

Mobile Gambling

We are already in the mobile era, and many would agree that they rely so much on their mobile phones or smartphones today. Mobile phones aren’t just for calls and messaging anymore. It’s a small device that you can use for so many things including placing bets and playing casino games online.

Many online casino operators are now focusing on the mobile market simply because the demand for it is high. Statista reports that it is estimated that there are over 7.1 billion people with mobile phones today and around 4.32 billion of them are internet users.

That said, online casinos know how important it is to make sure that keep up with the mobile demands. Most online casinos these days are mobile-friendly and some of them already have apps that you can download.

Mobile is the future and the future is now. With mobile betting continuously growing, we can expect that more online casinos and sportsbooks will have native apps. This is especially now that Google has updated its rules for gambling-related apps.

Gaming and Betting Experience and Quality

Online casino games back then were so simple compared to the games that people can play today. Slot games alone now come in thousands of varieties. It’s not just as simple as pulling the lever or pushing the spin button anymore as some slots are story-based and have different rounds.

Music and audio also play a big role to keep people interested in certain casino games. High-quality casino games would use HD audio that is non-repetitive. Some games use different types of music and even voice-overs to make the game livelier.

Aside from the quality of games, live casino gaming is now more accessible. When live casinos started, only computer users were able to participate in the tables. This is no longer the case since even mobile users can now enjoy a live casino game with a mobile app.

This is also what it’s like for sports betting since live betting is now made easier. Whether punters download an app or not, they can now place their bets in real-time or simply participate in in-game or in-play betting.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has been known to be used by so many industries to improve their services and improve the lives of many. When it comes to online betting, AI is helping ensure the protection and security of casinos and bookies online.

SSL encryption is a type of AI software that ensures all information shared on the website is safe and can’t be accessed by anyone else. AI can also detect if there are any suspicious transactions. That said, it could also detect and reduce cheating.

However, online casinos today are safe and secure. Just be sure that you only transact with licensed and reputable casino operators. You can do a quick search on which casino sites you can trust as you shop for the best casino.

Aside from privacy and security, AI can also detect gaming and betting behaviors that are considered risky or could result in problematic gambling.


There are still so many ways that technology has helped improve online betting and continues to do so. Many other technologies are up and coming and we can expect that these will be involved in online casino gaming and betting eventually.

Other technologies worth mentioning that we’ll be seeing more in the gambling industry in the next few years are Virtual and Augmented technologies, wearables (smartwatches, lenses, etc.), etc.

Online betting is here to stay and it’s all thanks to different technologies, especially the internet. Since tech continuously evolves, online casinos and bookies will do so too. 

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