Home Safety Rules for People Who Live Alone


When you live alone, there are some safety rules you shouldn’t ignore. You don’t have a housemate who will check that you locked up and call for help in the event of a break-in. You should never leave your safety up to chance. By following these home safety rules, you can enjoy living alone and yet have the peace of mind that you are well protected. 

Consider a security system

A full security system can be expensive, but some options are more affordable than others. Intruders will think twice before targeting your property when you have a monitored home security system. A security camera allows you to check on what’s happening while you’re away from home. 

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Know your neighbors

You are likely to feel safer in your neighborhood if you know and trust your neighbors. You will be able to identify people and vehicles that don’t belong and help one another to keep an eye open for suspicious activity on the street. 

If you have to deal with an unexpected crisis, you can call on your neighbors for help. Keep your neighbors in the loop about your regular routine and tell them when you go away. 

Make sure all access points are locked

It’s dangerous to assume that you’re safe and leave your doors unlocked. You need to make sure all access points are locked. This includes doors, side doors, windows, garages and basements. Locks on doors should be kept in good repair, and loose window catches need to be replaced. 

Hiding a key under a doormat or in a pot plant is a bad idea as this is where intruders will look first. If you have smart locks, you don’t have to worry about lost or stolen keys. A smart lock can use everything from your fingerprint to a code to open a door. Some of them even come with remote control features so you can lock a door instantly even when you’re away from home. 

Smart lighting keeps intruders away

Smart lights allow you to set timers throughout the house, and you can control them from your phone when you aren’t at home. There is nothing like a well-lit house to deter intruders. 

Motion sensor lights can also offer more security if you install them near all entry points and outside areas where intruders can hide or break in without being seen by neighbors. When a floodlight is triggered by a motion sensor, it illuminates potential intruders. 

Secure your garage

A garage is often an overlooked entry point when it comes to security. Seasoned criminals are aware of this and know how to exploit it. Add automation so you can open and close your garage doors from anywhere and make sure they are closed. If you are going away, think about dismantling your door opener and add a manual lock for extra security

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential intruder

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential intruder and examine your home from the outside at different times of the day. Are valuables visible from the street? Is it obvious that you live alone? Do certain entrances look vulnerable? 

It is important to keep trees and bushes trimmed, so they don’t offer places for criminals to hide or block sight lines. You can add extra security with thorny plants such as roses or hawthorns below windows and at other entry points.

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