Startups Create Disruptive Innovation at ITEXPO's IDEA Showcase 2022


Startups are important to the tech industry. They can potentially help shape economic growth. Startups are innovators, and they create disruption. They can adapt to changes in the market or new technologies easily.

Startups can serve as an outlet for employees who wants to advance their professional dreams instead of meeting someone else’s expectations. Through startups, entrepreneurs can help accelerate the learning curve, especially considering how competitive the current job market is.

At IDEA Showcase at ITEXPO 2022, seven startups and entrepreneurs focused on transforming markets or creating new ones were able to present their unique value propositions. Each pitch was followed by a Q&A with the judging panel.

Unitii is a support work unification platform as a service. Unitii helps managed services better manage their services by making the leap between managed staffing to managed services. Unitii helps manage all support work in one place. They create virtual queues to allow users to log in from one place, saving time and increasing performance.

Nebulai is an innovation marketplace enabled by Smart Contracts providing more efficient and safe contracting of solutions and talent. The primary objective is to help customers digitize their organizations and bridge the digital siloes happening in the current technology industry where talent platforms, solution marketplaces, investor networks and customer challenges remain to be disconnected and without a single ecosystem where they can all meet and do business seamlessly.

Modern Trials is a pharmaceutical and clinical research organization that brings access to cutting-edge therapeutics to patients in need. Modern Trials HIPAA-compliant platform leverages electronic medical record data from a broad network of health care organizations to match patients in need of advanced treatment options with appropriate clinical trial opportunities.

InMyTeam allows home care facilities to better manage operations, coordinate caregivers and meet electronic visit verification requirements through a complete SaaS platform. The InMyTeam solution focuses on daily agency operations, patient coordination, electronic visit verification, data analytics and going paperless. From driver's license to every single in-service, InMyTeam manages all files for staff. InMyTeam also implements reminder when a document is about to expire. Storage is redundant and secure.

Flo-Ops is a student assistant super app designed to create a community and support for in-class activities and extracurricular activities. Flo-Ops enhances communication through secured group chats, allowing for students and educators to communicate effectively. Flo-Ops allows for content to be shared in a convenient anytime access. It helps schools build community while putting the student in the driver seat of their academic journey.

Envonics enables farmers to monitor crops from anywhere at any time using its AI-cloud ecosystem technology. Envonics’ proprietary solution unlocks plant performance by collection nutrient levels and leveraging AI engaging to maximize efficiency, quality and yield for controlled environment agriculture, or CEA, farms. Locally grown crops hold the key to solving world problems, and Envonics aims to bridge the gap between plant and farmer to help accelerate CEA for a healthier tomorrow.

Cera is a real-time active threat management response platform that provides police and first responders a visual capability of the scene. Cera achieves three objectives in a fraction of the time. The three objectives are to contain the scene, neutralize threats and treat/evacuate injuries.

The IDEA Showcase 2022 winner of a $5,000 investment from Seedfunders was Modern Trials. An audience vote also took place, and the winner was Nebulai.

The IDEA Showcase at ITEXPO 2022, sponsored by IKIN, featured judges Tahl Milburn, investor and partner, Seedfunders; Danielle Mousseau, manager of economic development, 35 Mules; Ariana Pareja, president and CEO, The Pareja Family Foundation; Akshay Sharma, Tech Analyst and CTO, Kovair; and Seedfunders’ founder Dave Chiteste. South Florida Tech Hub CEO Nikki Cabus and Chiteste also spoke at the showcase, highlighting the innovation happening across the South Florida region.

Edited by Erik Linask

TechZone360 Editor

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