Gillette Stadium Advances Security with AI Weapons Detection System


The unfortunate need to protect the public from harm due to illegal weapons at large events is an increasing problem today. With more security screening needed than ever before to keep people safe and confident enough to attend events, Gillette Stadium has announced it selected Evolv Technology to provide its weapons detection AI security screening technology at the stadium.

The sports and entertainment venue has over 65K seats and is home to the New England Patriots and New England Revolution. It also hosts concerts and a diverse variety of other major ticketed events.

This partnership will not only help fans to feel safe when they come to the stadium to watch a game, but it will speed up the wait in line and boost their overall experience while there.

Metal detectors and random searches are no longer the most secure way to keep the public safe when thousands are flocking to a venue. New, sophisticated and advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) are making it easier and less intrusive to keep places secure.

With Evolv Express Systems, the combination of powerful sensor technology and proven AI and analytics make it possible to walk through the entrance gates without having to stop. The system will detect weapons and other threats and avoid things like loose change or cell phones.

“Entertainment is our business, but safety is our top priority,” said Gillette Stadium COO Jim Nolan. “To ensure the continued safety of our guests, we conducted a thorough evaluation that led to the easy decision of choosing Evolv Technology.”

Evolv Technology provides AI weapon detection technologies for schools, hospitals, and public spaces to help make it a safer world to work, learn, and play.

“As we celebrate another major professional sports stadium’s choice of Evolv Technology, we also recognize the growing need to help ensure the safety of fans and staff,” said John Baier, Evolv Technology’s vice president of sports. “Metal detectors, once a staple in public safety, have gone the way of pay phones and fax machines. With AI-based systems, we believe fans have better experiences while venues have a more sophisticated and less intrusive way to identify and address potential threats.”

Edited by Erik Linask
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