What are VoIP Desk Phones?


You will often hear terms like cloud-based telephony, IP phones, and VoIP phones. So you might ask, “What are VoIP desk phones?” Continue reading to discover what they are, how they work, and why they are so popular.

What are VoIP Desk Phones?

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. The protocol delivers an internet-based telephone service, unlike conventional desk phones that rely on direct connection copper wires. A VoIP desk phone converts analog telephony audio into a digital format, which is then transmitted over an IP network.

 Similarly, the phone converts received digital signals to standard telephone audio that you can comprehend. These signals are sent in real-time, just like conventional telephony. A VoIP desk phone can either use an Ethernet cable or a Wi-Fi connection.

Notably, these phones resemble traditional hard-wired or cordless phones. Therefore, they include features like a touchpad, speakerphone or microphone, and a display to show details such as caller ID.

How VoIP Desk Phones Work

VoIP technology is rather complex, with several components involved. To begin with, a dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) assigns an IP address to the desk phone and configures other VoIP parameters. A domain name server (DNS) connects calls between VoIP desk phone users. The DNS is a database that essentially serves as a phone book for VoIP phones. Besides, the DNS also allows the desk phone to respond to changes in the IP addresses. Should the DHCP assign a different IP address to any phone throughout the network, the DNS updates the changes to avoid a mix-up.

Configuring VoIP Ports

Data must go through a VoIP server, so the ports must be configured. The industry default for VoIP servers is port 5060. However, it’s not a rule cast in stone. Some businesses opt to go with different port numbers as a way to curb malicious attacks.

Using VoIP Desk Phones for Your Business

Compared to traditional phone systems, VoIP desk phones are significantly better. For instance, VoIP desk phones are less costly to support. Although the initial costs involved in setup might be higher, they have cheaper long-distance and international calls. They also offer greater mobility. You won’t have to invest in new phone lines if you transfer your business to a new location. Besides, you can have as many desk phones as your network bandwidth allows. Another essential feature that can benefit your business is that you can integrate your VoIP desk phones with your CRM software. That makes it easier for sales and marketing teams to view call records and analytics.

Choosing the Right Desk Phone

As you’ve seen, a VoIP desk phone is a worthy investment for your business – but you have to choose the right phone. When selecting a VoIP desk phone, you must first narrow down your top needs. It could be HD audio quality or a big display screen. You also have to be sure about the features you want depending on your business needs. For instance, if the desk phone is for a conference room, you might need one with an excellent speakerphone. Most importantly, it would be best to look for a phone within your budget but without foregoing the essential features.

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