PGA Tour Enhances Fan Experience


When golf fans attend tournaments, they often shuffle around the course, following their favorite golfers. Fans sometimes stand 20 yards away, more or less, from a tee box, getting a close-up look at golfers. That seems like an interactive experience.

The PGA Tour wants to do more and is looking for ways to enhance the golf fan experience through technology. They will soon be able to provide feedback across multiple channels and act on real-time insights. This will ensure a consistent tournament experience throughout the tournament journey, including ticketing, concessions and special events.

The fan experience enhancement will be possible as the PGA Tour and Qualtrics announced a new multi-year relationship. The partnership designates Qualtrics as the official experience insights provider of the PGA Tour and PGA Tour Champions.

The Tour will leverage Qualtrics’ experience management platform. The Qualtrics XM platform includes Qualtrics Social Connect and Qualtrics Customer and Employee XM products. The platform will provide fan insights in real time throughout the tournament experience through surveys, social media, online reviews and QR codes.

“Our fans are at the heart of what we do at the Tour, and Qualtrics will allow us to communicate and engage with them in a more meaningful and relevant way,” said PGA TOUR Vice President of Fan Engagement Travis Trembath.

The Tour will use fan experience insights to optimize each touchpoint of the tournament journey, from ticket purchase and transportation to food and beverage and the on-course experience. The Tour will understand how fan and player experiences change over time so they can communicate and engage in a more personalized way.

The partnership will enable the Tour to build deeper relationships with fans, players and sponsors, while identifying opportunities to engage new fans worldwide.

“With Qualtrics, the PGA TOUR will never miss an opportunity to engage with fans and provide its employees with insights to build deeper relationships that inspire the next generation of fans, players, partners and communities worldwide,” said Brad Anderson, Qualtrics president of products and engineering.

Edited by Erik Linask

TechZone360 Editor

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