Minnesota Twins Implement Stadium AR Platform for Fan Interaction


Fans go to a ball game to cheer on their team and interact with fellow fans sitting next to them. It’s a simple, yet entertaining pastime. But, as technology advances, so does the opportunity to create a more compelling stadium experiences – and perhaps start to justify the cost. Just think of a live sports setting that will keep audiences engaged by capturing their attention during downtime through interactive and shared experiences with other fans across the venue. 

The Minnesota Twins is making this possible after announcing the public launch of ARound, a stadium-level shared AR platform, at Target Field in Minneapolis. ARound uses 3D spatial computing to localize content to individual users throughout the venue. Target Field's 40,000 attendees will see the same real-time 3D effects and participate in the same shared experiences.

"Current AR platforms isolate users in singular experiences,” said ARound Founder and CEO Josh Beatty. “ARound believes massive, multi-user AR enables a host of creative opportunities to redefine what it means to be part of a connected fan experience."

Fans will interact with real-time content led by action on the field, such as after homeruns, mascot races or when the Twins take the field.

Additionally, using the ARound app, fans can point their smartphone at the field to open up a universe of multi-user AR games such as Batter Up, Blockbuster and Fishin' Frenzy. These games are designed to be played by interfacing with the physical ballpark and other fans in real time. 

"Part multi-player video game, part augmented reality, with the ability for future expansion into an interactive next-gen stats platform, we believe what we've built with ARound will provide fans a next-level experience available only at Target Field," said Minnesota Twins Senior Director of Brand Experience and Innovation Chris Iles. 

ARound, part of the Stagwell Marketing Cloud, a proprietary suite of SaaS (News - Alert) and DaaS tools, is bringing people together when they can interact in an inviting way.

Edited by Erik Linask

TechZone360 Editor

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