InWith AI Platform Gives AI Chatbot Clones a Personalized Voice


Generative AI continues to take the tech news by storm. In business, generative AI tools are used for fast and accurate customer service as well as content creation. Using customer service as an example, generative AI tools allow brands to avoid comprehensive human customer service by building on answers and responses. It also has a way to translate content to the customer’s preferred language.

It's great to see businesses and organizations utilize generative AI to keep their customers satisfied. Now, businesses need to find a way to use generative AI to better engage with their customers, such as incorporating generative AI into their social platforms to talk with their customers rather than talking at them.

Lucky for them, InWith AI, a personalized chatbot, is revolutionizing the application of AI on social platforms by giving users the ability to create an AI chatbot clone, which can personally interact with others 24/7 using a Q&A format.

So how exactly does the platform work?

The InWith AI platform allows users to upload information about themselves, their careers, projects or businesses directly into their chatbot profile. Then, people can ask about anything: “tell me about your latest project” or “who are the great philosophers?” The AI chatbot clone then responds with the person’s tone of voice to make it feel like the person asking the questions is having a conversation with a real person.

The platform offers a free sign-up and a purchase-credits option, which provides users with the feature to ask the network or other individuals questions or queries.

“Our launch gives everyone famous or infamous, big or small, their own AI chatbot where all their friends, fans or strangers can interact with them at any time,” said InWith AI’s CEO and Founder Michael Hayes. “We now live in a world of chatbots and AI interactions, and these instruments are great relationship building and engagement tools.”

The new social platform is beneficial to anyone, but it is particularly helpful for those who receive frequent messages, such as executives, actors, entertainers, podcasters, writers and scientists.

With its release, the InWith AI platform is moving generative AI forward by allowing users to integrate the technology into their everyday lives.

“Much like the original personal computer, smartphone or the internet, AI will become ubiquitous in our lives,” said Hayes. “And InWith AI is striving to make AI fun and useful to individuals on a global scale.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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