Outpacing Competitors, AGON by AOC Monitor Lineup Recognized by the IDC


It’s a typical weekday morning for me, your friendly neighborhood Editor for TechZone. I’ve got a “God of War”-themed coffee mug to my left, a faithful and furry coworker to my right (i.e. one of our cats, Bo), and article topics aplenty across three total PC monitors in front of me.

It's a good morning, readers.

What’s more is that one of said monitors – a peripheral I use while I write and while I hop on some games in my free time – is from the brand AOC. It features an ultra-slim profile, both HDMI and VGA inputs, and it even helps me eliminate eyestrain with its LowBlue and FlickFree tech. (This, in particular, comes in handy when you work from home and are at your setup constantly.)

The long-story-short of it? It’s one thing to only read user testimonies about products. It’s another to experience the products yourself, and enjoying said experience is always a plus.

Well, as fate would have it, just this week AOC made news with a fresh announcement: AOC, as a renowned gaming monitor and IT accessories brand, has been declared one of the world’s top monitor brands by the International Data Corporation (IDC) Quarterly Gaming Tracker. Specifically, the AGON sub-brand within AOC. AGON, according to the IDC, has “outpaced competitors to secure our top spot in its market.” With Mini-LED and DisplayHDR 1 400, exceptional performance (e.g. refresh rates up to 360 Hz), highly responsive panels and more, it makes sense why AOC raked in this recognition.

That said, as the IDC itself mentions, AOC’s monitor designs are meant for more than just gaming. Whether you’re in an intense Apex Legends lobby, deep in the formula trenches of Excel, designing in Adobe or, you know, crafting a TechZone article, AOC’s 5th-generation monitors demonstrate the brand’s dedication to its consumers. AOC’s expertise, per a rundown from MonitorNerds, can be traced back to roughly the 1960s.

With several decades’ worth of receipts pointing to its success, AOC’s lineup still stands toe-to-toe with industry competitors.

Kevin Wu, General Manager of MMD, was thrilled when asked about the designation from the IDC.

“We’re thrilled to be the world’s top monitor brand,” Wu said. “This wouldn’t be possible without the incredible support we’ve received; from the gaming scene and from other customers worldwide who faithfully trust our expertise to deliver great value and brand excellence we strive to maintain.”

“Especially when the pandemic first hit,” Wu continued, “people everywhere looked for tech-from-home answers and new equipment. As demands change and as our team continues to grow, we remain committed to bringing innovative products to market, tailored to the competitive preferences of diverse communities.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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