A Boost to Enterprise Printing: ThinPrint Launches New Print Management Solution


Let’s face it. Even in 2023, printing can be a pain. Despite clear advancements since the first HP Deskjet plain-paper printer in 1988, for instance, printing challenges persist. The breadth of issues includes software capability snags, outdated printer drivers, network connectivity issues, hardware malfunctions and even the oldie-but-moldy “turning it off and on again” (but that’s applicable to many technologies).

Additionally, transitioning to digital documentation and the near-infinitude of cloud storage – while beneficial, to be sure – has brought about a lessened reliance on physical printing, leading to deeper unfamiliarities with today’s processes. Troubleshooting any or all of these challenges is often frustrating and not user-friendly, so how can businesses reliably streamline more optimal outcomes for their printing environments?

ThinPrint has an answer.

ThinPrint is an ideal print management solution for IT infrastructure. Be it in branch or at home offices (and on-prem or in the private cloud), ThinPrint’s services include Citrix and VMware printing, remote desktop printing, support for services providers, large-scale label work and more.

And today, ThinPrint launched its newest solution:

ThinPrint 13.

With ThinPrint 13, PRaaS (Printing-as-a-Service) print management solutions become easier and faster. Called “the first print management solution to truly support V4 printer drivers,” ThinPrint 13 replaces expensive servers and turns undue print-related rigmarole into rigorous performance.

With ThinPrint 13:

  • IT departments can use V4 drivers in a ThinPrint context, as mentioned; this, in turn, gives them even more freedom of choice when it comes to the design of their unique spaces’ printing environments.
  • Its AutoConnect easily connects devices, automatically groups them and assigns them to the appropriate printer. (And thanks to AutoConnect, the V4 drivers are supported with features including high availability and overall simpler printer mapping.)
  • ThinPrint Hubs can now be managed in the Microsoft Management Console to replace expensive servers. Remote management of ThinPrint Hubs via Microsoft connects remote officers with printer fleets easily and cost-effectively. (i.e. short ROI due to power savings)

"With our latest version, we're more than living up to our goal of offering our customers the greatest possible freedom in designing their print environment," assured Charlotte Künzell, CEO of ThinPrint. "Our solution adapts to customers’ needs, not vice versa.”

“Especially V4 support and the central management of ThinPrint Hubs, which are now used in almost every project,” Künzell added. “This is such an important milestone in our customer-oriented product history."

The ThinPrint 13 Engine’s free 30-day trial information can be found here.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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