How Technology Has Affected eCommerce?


Today, the eCommerce sector is still growing and for a good reason. The fact of the matter is the modern technology keeps evolving and reshaping how consumers shop for goods online. 

As for the online stores, modern tech is helping them remain both competitive and relevant in a very crowded market. Moreover, technology allows eCommerce stores to make the most out of their resources. 

By using the best fashion plm software, for example, online stores can boost sales for clothing items and seamlessly lead prospects down their sales funnel. That being said, here's how modern technology has affected eCommerce.

AI-powered decisions

It's no secret that AI (artificial Intelligence) has played a pivotal role in helping online stores reach success and remain successful in a highly competitive market. As a matter of fact, AI in eCommerce helps online shops gather and analyze big data so that they can extract valuable insights from it. 

This information allows eCommerce businesses to predict future trends and changes in consumer behavior, as well as their purchasing habits, so that they can adapt and capitalize on the market shifts. 

Redefining user experience

The most evident way modern technology has had an impact on the eCommerce sector is through customer experience. Today, shoppers can tryout clothes or makeup in full 3D environment without having to visit a physical store. This is thanks to augmented reality (AR) and the latest 3D software technologies that are taking customer experience to the whole new level. 

This doesn't apply just for fashion items but also for furniture as consumers can use AR to "see" how a new couch may look in their home before they purchase it. These new technologies guarantee more engagement and more conversions down the line.

More efficient payment processing

Another way modern technology has affected the eCommerce industry is be revolutionizing payment processing. It's no longer about being able to pay for things online using credit cards or bank transfers. Today, consumers can use a plethora of different payment methods, such as eWallets, mobile cash and many others. 

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