NETGEAR'S New Pro Router Delivers Network Solutions for Both Residential and Commercial Installations


Networking hardware giant NETGEAR has a habit of turning ideas into real, innovative products that connect people and power businesses. Operating an SMB with mile-long dreams? Delegating teams from an established enterprise to new tasks? In both cases, NETGEAR can help you share data (and the appropriate access to it) safely, connect key remote locations, and provide next-gen tools for handling networking, storage, and security challenges.

That’s what today’s fast-paced digital era calls for; especially a reliable, high-performing network, as is the case with most residential and commercial buildings. So, this is why NETGEAR – as of this morning – is debuting its latest product, designed with residential and commercial installers in mind:

The NETGEAR PR460X Multi-Gigabit Dual WAN Pro Router with Insight Remote Cloud Management subscription. (The PR460X, for short.)

This NETGEAR router offers extremely fast speeds, as well as uninterrupted connectivity capabilities and hassle-free network management. (Also, it bundles with NETGEAR Pro Wi-Fi Access Points and select Smart Switches to deliver future-proofed experiences across the board.)

At a glance, the PR460X:

  • Features 10G/multi-gig throughput, multiple Ethernet ports, and an SFP+ port
  • Enables extremely fast data transfers and accommodates multiple connected devices (e.g. smart TVs, PoE speaker systems, at-home conference setups and security systems, etc.)
  • Guarantees connectivity even during critical moments via dual-WAN failover protection (i.e. for online services, streaming, and smart devices)
  • Looks sleek in an AV rack with rear-facing ports, given it was engineered with a rack-mountable design

Additional PR460X technical specs, for those interested, include:

  • 8 VLANs for network segmentation for more secure and efficient use of network resources
  • 8 DHCP servers enable multiple Layer3 independent networks for higher level of security and better intra-network manageability
  • Up to 30 VPN tunnels for businesses to connect remote workers, branch offices, and partners to a main corporate network

Sold exclusively through authorized integrators, the NETGEAR PR460X Multi-Gigabit Dual WAN Pro Router comes with a four-year Insight subscription. To learn more, click here.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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