Tech Innovation in iGaming


iGaming is one of the fastest growing industries on the internet. For those who may not be aware, iGaming refers to online casinos, online slots, poker, and sportsbooks. Basically, anything that can fall under the umbrella of online gambling can aptly be placed in the “iGaming” category.

Of course, online casinos would not be possible without the incredible advances in digital technology that we’ve seen in the past three decades. However, a lot of people believe that this is where it ends. In reality, that is not true at all.

Tech is constantly improving, so it wouldn’t surprise us to see a future iGaming industry that is much more vibrant than it is today. In this article, we would like to take a look at how technology will change iGaming, and may even lead to a better casino online standard.

Virtual Reality

One of the most impressive developments in the gaming world is the addition of virtual reality. Thanks to films like Tron, the Matrix, and Ready Player One, most people are already familiar with what virtual reality is. For the uninitiated, VR is basically a fully-digital world, created from scratch. The goal is to create an immersive experience and improve the quality of gaming.

VR casinos are already available at many online gaming platforms. However, most are social casinos. Due to legal restrictions, online game shops are not allowed to sell real-money casinos. Which means that, at least for now, players who want a fully immersive experience will have to settle for fun and social interaction, over wagering.

Augmented Reality

Somewhat related to virtual reality, augmented reality casinos are also gaining traction. For those who may not be aware, augmented reality is not the same as virtual reality. Though the two are related, AR is simply digitally imposed images over the real world. On the other hand, VR is a completely original, digital world, built from scratch.

Augmented reality casinos are also available on many gaming platforms. However, much like VR, they are not real-cash casinos. The question that we have is whether VR and AR casinos will be a big thing in the future? Many experts believe that with time, VR gambling sites will become a thing, and once that happens, they will completely overtake both the land-based and online gambling industry.

Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is a hot button issue in our current society. One of the most impressive subsections of AI is machine learning. By creating algorithms that adapt and change over time, online casinos can create a much better experience for the average user. Just how would this work?

By utilizing machine learning to analyze a player’s activity, online casinos can create a much better, personalized game selection. The AI could discover which games the gambler enjoys, and find similar games based on their taste.

But, it doesn’t end there. Machine learning could also be utilized to detect security breaches, irresponsible gambling, and even problematic gambling. All in all, the tool could be used to create a much better and safer industry.

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