Codemantra Introduces Calabrai, a New Brand For Their CX-One SaaS IDP Platform


As enterprises begin to swiftly adopt new technology amidst the start of the digital age, many are quickly learning that the abundance of new devices and applications also comes with more content across more mediums than ever before. Businesses are now looking for ways to organize, categorize, and, most importantly, digitize the myriad of content and data now readily at their fingertips. For many, the answer to their content crisis has come in the form of intelligent document processing (IDP) applications.

IDP is an advanced technology solution that uses AI and enables organizations to digitize and automate unstructured data originating from various documentation sources. These include digitized document images, PDFs, word-processing files, online forms, and more. IDP uses AI-based technologies from machine learning, natural language processing, and workflow automation to mimic human abilities in identifying, contextualizing, and processing documents.

With the world continuously becoming more digital, the need for IDP is rising rapidly, with experts predicting growth at a CAGR of 32.9 percent. This would bring the IDP market value from $1.75 billion to a whopping estimation of $12.81 billion by 2030. The growth comes as no surprise, given that IDP offers a powerful means to significantly improve operational efficiency and drive down costs while also positioning businesses to garner strategic insights from data that comes from all sources, including their customer base.

However, with innovation regularly pushed to its limits thanks to the explosion of technology, these market numbers may surely grow beyond expert predictions as enhanced IDP applications continue to roll out in order to meet the ever-growing content needs of enterprises in nearly all industries.

Recently, codemantra unveiled its new brand, Calibrai, focused on driving software-powered innovation and automation, addressing the content transformation needs of enterprises across the globe, leveraging AI/ML and Gen AI technologies.

Calibrai’s CX-One is a holistic solution for tackling static content, streamlining manual processes, and the management of unstructured digital files. CX-One offers a comprehensive solution for content extraction, content conversion, metadata management, and integration, customized to each organization’s business rules.

The offering for enterprises takes content transformation to the next level. CX-One allows enterprises to:

  • Convert unstructured and unmanageable content into structured formats such as HTML5, XML, ePUB, and more at-scale
  • Manage content more efficiently, including the creation of metadata and business rules
  • Remediate content ensuring accessibility and compliance guidelines, including Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), American Disabilities Act (ADA), and others
  • Extract insights and automate manual tasks with Gen-AI-powered knowledge assistants
  • “Talk to content” using chat, voice, and other modalities to interact with information that was previously locked into an unstructured format

The benefits of Calibrai and software-enabled IDP offerings will be available directly to enterprise customers as well as leveraged internally for codemantra’s own service delivery.

With seamless distribution of content through customizable rules, the platform is positioned to drive unprecedented value given its advanced capabilities, including content transformation, extraction of insights, metadata management, and content remediation.

Furthermore, given the sophistication of the software platform, balanced by the simplicity of accessing and using the application, publishers, and enterprises across all varieties of industries, whether manufacturing companies with technical manuals or higher ed institutions transforming their libraries with intelligent, interactive books, now have new ways to sell to and serve their markets.

Calibrai is a one-stop solution for content transformation and remediation. Calibrai’s AI/ML-powered CX-One platform, coupled with strong HIL (human in loop), automates digital document accessibility compliance, captures and extracts actionable insights along with associated metadata, and transforms documents into any desired digital format.

With CX-One, data extraction from content, previously considered impossible, becomes achievable and compliant with accessibility standards and industry regulations.

“The CX-One platform from Calibrai represents the future of intelligent document processing,” said Sajeel Hussain, Chief Business Officer, codemantra. “Our advanced IDP platform optimizes the value of content that has until now been locked into traditional forms, turning unstructured data into structured data at scale, which can be analyzed and made available to other applications, not just end users.”

Along with the announcement of CalibrAI CX-One, codemantra reassured that they will continue to focus on Service offerings with a focus on key verticals, especially publishing, while the focus of Calibrai offerings will be software-powered IDP automation via the CX-One platform and associated services.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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