Iceotope Reinforces Industry Leadership to Make the Most of Precision Liquid Cooling Solutions


Let’s talk about Iceotope.

Good for the planet. Great for the bottom line. A reimagining of data center cooling, from the cloud to the edge.

That’s basically a longer-form tagline for Iceotope, a provider of well-engineered precision liquid cooling technology solutions. In order to min-max its mission to sustainably reimagine liquid cooling – which, by the way, the data center liquid cooling market has experienced explosive growth as of late, according to MarketsandMarkets – highly configurable and scalable solutions must be brought to the fore by strong industry leaders.

This is why Iceotope’s precision liquid cooling solutions succeed.

Here’s a two-part context filler, for any unaware:

Firstly, precision liquid cooling eliminates the need for traditional air-cooling infrastructure. Essentially, a small amount of dielectric coolant is precisely targeted to remove heat from a server’s hottest components; no hotspots that slow down performance, no wasted physical space, and minimal water consumption needs. This leads to significant savings without compromise to serviceability. Iceotope cites that this “reduces energy use by up to 40% and water consumption by up to 96%.” (All with the same rack-based architecture as air-cooled systems, to boot.)

Secondly, (and to keep this short and sweet), curiosity-driven leadership that smartly empowers industry progress. This is precisely where the following news comes into play:

Earlier today, Iceotope announced that it is officially welcoming Christian Belady as its new Senior Advisor. Moreover a new U.S. headquarters has been established in the Research Triangle Park (RTP) in Raleigh, North Carolina, to open the door for greater collaboration opportunities with partners and customers. Tacked onto this expansion portion of the announcement are the additional appointments of Jason Low as Iceotope’s Regional Director for the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, and Rachel Canales as Vice President of Strategic Alliances.

Belady, who most recently served as the Vice President of Data Center Research at Microsoft, comes with high marks from David Craig, Iceotope’s CEO:

David Craig, CEO of Iceotope, said: “Christian is one of the most respected figures within the data center industry. His expertise in developing some of the largest data center footprints in the world comes at the perfect time for Iceotope. We see demand for liquid cooling exploding as data centers seek more efficient and effective cooling methods to accommodate advanced workloads and solve for higher rack densities and greater power demands. We are thrilled to have Christian join us on this journey.”

Overall, Belady is a seasoned data center industry vet – he also led in previous roles at the likes of HP, Texas Instruments, Convex Computers and IBM – who is ready to serve Iceotope well.

“Things like the demand for AI have reset the clock in the data center industry, and the emergence of new power and cooling solutions has become paramount to enable continued growth,” Belady explained. “Clearly, liquid cooling will play a role in this future, but the industry must work together and develop stronger standards.”

“Iceotope and its leadership team,” Belady added, “have a vision to do just that with their precision liquid cooling technology. Not only do they believe in a plug-and-play heterogeneous environment, but they also have a technology that can be used for servers, power supplies and JBODs to enable higher densities for all SKUs. I’m very excited to be a part of this effort.”

Notably, Iceotope is reportedly planning to roll out new technologies later this year (in tandem with the responsible growth of its global footprint), and we’ll keep y’all updated as we learn more.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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