LEDSSPORTS Making Sporting Events Interchangeable


As our spaces get a little more cramped, it can be hard to find enough room to actually play our favorite sports. While most gyms these days have been built so that you can play two or more sports in the same area, there is generally some time consuming conversions to go through. Even when you have finished the conversion you are still dealing with the possibility of having different painted lines that can cause confusion. 

A new company based in the Netherlands is showing us just how much technology can aid the sporting world. We’ve seen some abstract combinations of technology and the sporting world with the use of Twitter when it comes to promoting specific UFC fighters. The NFL is starting to embrace the use of Twitter to bring the action and their fans closer together. However, that kind of integration doesn’t really hold a candle to what LEDSSPORTS has managed to come up with. Using the company’s technology you can literally have several different kind of playing fields at the same location with the push of a few buttons.

The secret is that instead of painting the lines onto the floor for the tennis, or soccer, or volleyball or basketball court, the lines are made with LED lines. This allows you to finish up the nightly league’s basketball game just five minutes before the volleyball game starts with nary a worry about line confusion. The LED lines are bright enough that they are just as visible as the regular paint or tape lines that currently reside in most gyms. These particular lines allow people who are implementing them to both avoid confusion with several lines and the sloppiness that can come from trying to play several different spots in one area. 

We’ve already seen that more gyms are installing basketball hoops that actually raise up into the ceiling when the game is over, this is simply a progression of that sort of removable accessory. The company has apparently also come up with a complete projected LED scoreboard, meaning that you don’t need to invest in an individual scoreboard for every sport you want to play as well.

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Edited by Jennifer Russell
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