January 09, 2012

iPad 3 and 4 in 2012?

Looks like we’ll get to see two new iPads this year, at least that is what’s circulating in the news this morning.

DIGITIMES has a report that says that Taiwanese industry sources have leaked release details for Apple’s (News - Alert) iPad 3 and iPad 4 devices.

This info is thought to come from Taiwanese component suppliers which say the iPad 3 coming with an QXGA resolution display (1536 by 2048 pixels) and better battery life compared to the current-generation iPad 2.

As for the iPad 4, the rumors state that it will have a 9.7 inch screen, upgraded hardware, and integrated “power applications”.

March is the supposed month of the arrival of the iPad 3, with the 4 coming sometime in October, which, according to the report, is when Microsoft (News - Alert) will release its Windows 8.

iLounge‘s Jeremy Horwitz' says the next generation iPad will feature a front-facing FaceTime (News - Alert) HD camera, and the rear camera will be more “iPhone 4S-like.” 9to5Mac also heard Apple was prepping an 8-megapixel camera for the iPad 3 last summer.

The iPad 2 will have its price slashed due to the new device from Apple, claim the reports, allowing the company to compete with cheaper tablet makers. The cheapest of the newer versions will be around $499.

The iPad 2 will likely see its price dropped to $399, or even $299 if Apple decides to sell a previously unheard of 8 GB version of the tablet.

In other iPad news, a new case for the device has hit the market and, according to its recent marketing video, it can survive a fall from the sky.

In the video, the testers wrapped their latest generation G-Form case around a fully operational iPad and sent it up 100,000 feet in the air using a weather balloon. A GoPro (News - Alert) video camera strapped to the side of the case was on the entire time to record all the action as the balloon popped and the tablet computer plummeted back down the earth.

After recovering the iPad at a site roughly 70 feet away from where it was launched, the testers showed that it still powered up and worked just fine.

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Edited by Jennifer Russell