Ed Silverstein

Ed Silverstein is an award-winning reporter and editor, who has written for newspapers, national business magazines and online news sites. He has covered technology, business, legal issues, national politics and several other topics. He received a master’s degree in public administration from Harvard.


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With Management Changes at HP, China Remains Important for Company 06/19/2013
Questions Abound as Rumors Flow about a Major Reorganization at Microsoft 06/06/2013
World Trade Organization Could Work Successfully to Eliminate Duties on Tech Products 05/31/2013
Industry Organizes Renewed Effort to Prevent Abuses by Patent Trolls 05/23/2013
Apple's Tax Practices in Ireland Draw Ire of Some UK, European Politicians 05/23/2013
Twitter Releases New Authentication System to Reduce Risk from Hackers 05/23/2013
U.S. Senators Push Apple for Details on its Irish Subsidiaries, Taxes it Owes Worldwide 05/21/2013
Did Violent Video Games Lead Adam Lanza to Commit Brutal Acts of Mass Murder? 05/21/2013
Tech Sector at Odds with US Unions on Immigration Reform Proposal 05/20/2013
Georgia Residents to Invest in Equity through Online Crowdfunding 05/17/2013
Georgia Residents Start to Take Advantage of Rule Which Lets Them Invest in Equity through Online Crowdfunding 05/16/2013
Significant Cloning Advancement Reported by Oregon Research Team 05/16/2013
Quarterly Profits Increase at Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica despite Problem-Plagued European Economy 05/08/2013
German Court Says Apple's Privacy Policy Conflicts with National Data Protection Law 05/08/2013
Apple Has Historic Bond Sale with Investors Highly Eager to Purchase Debt 05/01/2013
Comments Expected on Google's Proposal to Avoid Massive Fines over Antitrust Allegations from Europe 04/26/2013
Lawmakers Plan to Review Current U.S. Copyright Law 04/26/2013
Consumer Advocates Rally in Connecticut Against Pro-Business Phone Service Proposals 04/24/2013
Associated Press Twitter Account Suspended after Hacking, False Tweet Led to Temporary Drop in Dow Jones Average 04/23/2013
ValueAct Capital Has Taken Close to $2B Stake in Microsoft 04/23/2013
Historic Fine Imposed on Google by German Authorities for Privacy Issue 04/22/2013
Twenty-Seven Sites Subject of Domain Crackdown in Italy: Report 04/17/2013
Seeking Refuge in Social Media after Boston Marathon Bombing 04/17/2013
Display Ad Revenue Continues to be a Challenge for Yahoo despite Profit Increase in Q1 04/17/2013
Eastman Kodak Will Sell Assets To Raise $210M; Trying To Work Itself Out of Bankruptcy 04/16/2013
Venezuela Gets New President after Close Election Marked by Hacking, Possible Voting Irregularities 04/16/2013
Foursquare Gets $41M from Investors, Needs to Prove Itself Soon 04/12/2013
President, IRS Want to Crack Down on ID Theft Related to Tax Returns 04/11/2013
Apple, Yahoo Meeting for Discussions but No Deal Forthcoming Soon: Report 04/10/2013
Four Suspected Members of LulzSec to Be Sentenced in May for Roles in Illegal Hacking Spree 04/10/2013
Chinese Cyber Attacks against US Hurt China Economically, US Diplomat Claims 04/10/2013
Apple Wins Another Legal Victory in Continuing Battle with Samsung 04/08/2013
Britain Doesn't Want to be Included Under Proposed EU 'Right to be Forgotten' Rule 04/05/2013
Anonymous Takes Over Several North Korean Websites 04/05/2013
Mixed Reaction to SEC Decision to Let Businesses Announce Key Info via Social Media 04/03/2013
Six European Nations Could Take Action against Google for Not Complying with Privacy Directive 04/02/2013
First Petaflop Supercomputer Now Semi-Retired in Los Alamos 04/01/2013
Concerns Arise over Increased Frequency, Power of Cyber Attacks 03/28/2013
Crowdsourcing Helps to Organize Inboxes Despite Confidentiality Concerns 03/15/2013
Concerns Arise over Proposal to Give US Spies Access to Secret Banking Database 03/14/2013
Motorola Mobility Sees Additional Layoffs Under Google Ownership 03/08/2013
Some 100 Employees Could be Let Go at T-Mobile USA Headquarters 03/07/2013
Freezing a Smartphone for Hour to Circumvent the Encryption System? 03/07/2013
Bitcoin Prices Jump Again, Now Accepted by Namecheap 03/05/2013
IBM Will Make Cloud Services, Software Based on Open Standards 03/04/2013
Illinois Officials Issue Cease and Desist Order Against Square 03/01/2013
SpaceTop 3-D Desktop Demonstrated by Young Inventor in California 03/01/2013
Bitcoin Price Sets Record, US Market Targeted 03/01/2013
Earlier Version of Stuxnet Malware Identified 03/01/2013
Founders Repurchase DailyDeal from Google as Future of Online Coupon Sector Is Scrutinized by Analysts 02/25/2013
Apple Hiring More Staff to Improve iOS Maps 02/25/2013
EU Citizens Get New Telecom Rights 02/22/2013
Elasticsearch Raises $24M from Investors, Reaches 2M Downloads 02/20/2013
More U.S. Low-Income Households Targeted for Internet Access, Training 02/15/2013
Friday's Asteroid will Miss Satellites, Earth but Captures Curiosity of Earthlings 02/15/2013
New Concerns Arise over Google's Attitude Toward Users' Privacy 02/14/2013
Reaction is Mixed to President Obama's Cyber Security Plan 02/13/2013
Obama May Soon Release New Executive Order on Cyber Security 02/12/2013
New Software Revives Dead Languages 02/12/2013
Cyber Criminals Stealing Info Online Are as Young as 11 02/08/2013
More European Businesses Would be Required to Report Cyber Incidents under New Proposal 02/07/2013
Nasdaq May Pay $5M Fine for Troubled Facebook IPO 02/06/2013
Microsoft Reaches Out to Growing Africa Tech Market via '4Afrika Initiative' 02/05/2013
Could Be Partisan Bickering over Who Will Replace Leibowitz on FTC 02/04/2013
China Eager to Acquire Foreign Companies 01/31/2013
U.S. Cyber Command May See Massive Increase in Personnel 01/28/2013
Exxon Mobil Tops Apple as Most Valuable U.S. Company Based on Market Cap 01/25/2013
Thousands of US-Based Companies Warned to Increase Protection of Computers Used in Conjunction with Power Plants, Utilities 01/11/2013
Aereo Expanding to 22 Cities, Raises $38M from Investors - Despite Legal Challenges 01/08/2013
U.S. Tech Companies among Opponents of Proposed Import Ban in India 01/08/2013
India Tax Officials Raid Nokia Plant and Offices as Nation Cracks Down on Alleged Tax Evasion 01/08/2013
Christmas Nightmare for Nook Sales at Barnes & Noble 01/04/2013
Google, FTC Reach Agreement Over Search Practices, Antitrust Issues 01/03/2013
Popular Tune Gangnam Style Surpasses 1B Views on YouTube 12/21/2012
National Websites to Mark Moment of Silence to Honor Victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy 12/21/2012
Facebook Lets You Send Message to Unknown Person for a Dollar in New Test 12/20/2012
NYSE Likely to be Acquired by IntercontinentalExchange for About $8.2B 12/20/2012
U.S. Joined by Other Nations in Refusing to Sign and Follow ITU Agreement on Internet Rules 12/14/2012
New Technology Helps to Reduce Number of U.S. Highway Deaths 12/11/2012