Frank Segarra


I am a 26-year communications technology industry veteran with in-depth experience managing intricate solution sales, developing top-performing sales teams & providing hands-on leadership. I've been recognized for my ability to break down barriers, creatively solve problems, and close new business amidst long complex sales cycles. My career success has been driven by the positive and lasting business relationships established across a variety of industry channels.

I was recruited in 2001 by the founders of a new start-up collaboration hardware/software company called Sonexis where I was the first sales employee hired. This was an exciting time for me to make an impact in a budding industry that was overwhelmingly controlled by the likes of Cisco and Avaya. My mission with Sonexis was to develop and execute a sustainable (VAR) partner program as well as an aggressive go-to-market strategy QUICKLY as our VC's were looking for rapid growth then an exit to cash out. My 16-years at Sonexis were a huge success and I recently heard a customer say I was a major part of putting Sonexis on the map. As the technology landscape evolved and morphed into a “cloud computing” world, and seeing there was limited growth potential I left Sonexis. After a few bumps in the road I decided to continue with my passion, so I started ConnexiCore. In retrospect, the knowledge I gained during a period of technology transformation allowed me to experience an industry progression from analog, to digital and VoIP telephony, to the virtualization of nearly every communication platform available. Today, I see the cloud becoming the dominant provider of unified communications, and a catalyst for all Internet-of-Things (IOT).