Smartphone: Killer of All Other Devices

By: Doug Mohney    11/3/2015

The smartphone has emerged as the true "all-in-one" device. Stop for a minute and think about the sheer number of stand-alone devices and services the…

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Juniper Research: eSports to Beat NFL Viewership by 2020

By: Steve Anderson    11/3/2015

It's come a long way since the earliest days, but eSports are finally gaining ground with viewers, impressing advertisers, and showing off the kind of…

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The Fake And Real Risks Of Self Driving Cars

By: Rob Enderle    11/3/2015

Recent concerns about self-driving cars have focused on the ethics of crashes. However, there is one huge problem with self-driving cars we aren't tal…

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Watch Out for the Inside Job-It's Worse than the External Attack

By: Special Guest    11/2/2015

Insider attacks on digital assets are on the rise, the costs are staggering, and behavior analytics can reduce the risks.

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Nintendo: Is Mario Ready for Mobile?

By: Maurice Nagle    10/30/2015

This week Nintendo announced its initial play in the world of mobile gaming with 'Miitomo.' The smartphone app is free and allows users to create a Mi…

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TechnologyAdvice Spotlights ITEXPO

By: TechZone360 Staff    10/28/2015

ITEXPO wrapped up a few weeks ago, and those of us who were there are still processing the insights we had at the live event in Anaheim. If you didn't…

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The Death of Ownership May Be Killing Art (And Amazon's Bottom Line)

By: Steve Anderson    10/28/2015

Apple and Amazon-and a host of other content providers-have a growing problem. People aren't buying media any more.

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Europe Gets Net Neutrality-Sort Of

By: Tara Seals    10/28/2015

The European Parliament has approved rules for Net neutrality-but has left enough loopholes as to make the legislation almost moot.

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Apple Earnings: The Devil in the Details

By: Rob Enderle    10/28/2015

Apple released earnings this week, and while they out-performed at the top and bottom impressively, the devil is in the details.

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Microsoft Hardware: Surface and Beyond

By: Doug Mohney    10/27/2015

It's time to speculate on what Microsoft will be rolling out in the months to come.

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How to Land Fortune 500 Customers

By: Special Guest    10/26/2015

Landing a Fortune 500 client changes everything. And once you land the first, the next one isn't far off.

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Closing the Digital Divide Means Policy, Technology Modernization

By: Tara Seals    10/26/2015

While the FCC has worked on many policies that have real effects on the market-notably the Open Internet Order-the Commission is now focused on crafti…

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5G by 2017: Is it Possible?

By: Ed Fox    10/23/2015

Recently, Verizon announced that it will begin trials on 5G (or fifth-generation) wireless technology within the next 12 months. This came as a surpri…

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YouTube Going Freemium

By: Andrew Bindelglass    10/23/2015

YouTube, the world's most popular streaming video service, announced early this week that they are bringing a new premium paid feature to their platfo…

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Nation-State Hacking Becomes the Norm

By: Tara Seals    10/22/2015

The nation-state aspect of cybersecurity reads like something out of James Bond: it's the stuff of a spy novel, where the weapons of espionage are wor…

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Don't Hate Microsoft for Getting into PC Hardware

By: Doug Mohney    10/21/2015

There's been grumblings and speculation that Microsoft's move into hardware is a major faux pas, annoying its OEM partners, specifically, HP, Dell and…

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The Microsoft v Dell Drama at Dell World

By: Rob Enderle    10/21/2015

At the end of the opening keynote at the Dell World conference there was an interesting moderated discussion between Michael Dell and Satya Nadella. W…

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The Role of Backend Services (BaaS and MBaaS) in a Post-App World

By: Special Guest    10/21/2015

This post from guest writer Rich Mendis looks at what created the demand for BaaS in the first place, and hypothesizes where we are likely to go from …

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With Connected TVs Increasing, Cable Must Adapt

By: Kyle Piscioniere    10/20/2015

Parks Associates has found that 45 percent of Western European households equipped with broadband own a smart TV. Widespread adoption of the connected…

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G.Fast, Gigabit Connectivity and the Glass Gap

By: Doug Mohney    10/20/2015

G.Fast and copper can only go so far. The future is clearly fiber. The question is how long it takes to get there.

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Analog Devices in Talks to Acquire Maxim

By: Tara Seals    10/16/2015

Analog Devices meanwhile supplies the supplies the touchscreen controller that powers Apple's Force Touch in the Apple Watch, and is rumored to supply…

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Square Officially Files Its IPO

By: Oliver VanDervoort    10/16/2015

The company has released plans to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol, "SQ" and Goldman Sachs is going to be the lead und…

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Five Companies Helping to Create More Work From Home Jobs

By: Drew Hendricks    10/16/2015

It seems that a growing trend in the American workplace is the rise of the entrepreneur. Everyone in the workplace wants to start a business and revol…

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Tech Mergers Suck

By: Doug Mohney    10/15/2015

Dell is doing a mega-deal to acquire EMC for $67 billion. Activist investors are talking up the glory of putting together Mitel and Polycom. To both I…

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Microsoft Patches Critical Security Flaw Affecting All Versions of Windows

By: Tara Seals    10/14/2015

Microsoft has issued a critical patch for all supported versions of Windows, to address a remote code execution flaw in Internet Explorer.

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Dell's $67B EMC Offer Only a 19% Premium on Market Cap

By: Tara Seals    10/14/2015

EMC Corp. is planning to look for other suitors, even though its $67 billion merger with Dell is officially announced. But could EMC command more? The…

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The Problems and Promise of Amazon Echo

By: Rob Enderle    10/14/2015

I've been using Amazon Echo for several weeks now. There is little doubt that Amazon Echo is a picture into the future when we'll use our voice to com…

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10 Biggest Technology Trends of 2015

By: Drew Hendricks    10/13/2015

Technology changes faster than people can keep up with. From the rise of remote work to the death of cable, it's hard to keep up. With so much new inf…

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Wheelings & Dealings: Dell Makes Ambitious Bid to Acquire EMC

By: Joe Rizzo    10/12/2015

Dell, once only a provider of PCs, has acquired EMC Corp. in a landmark deal.

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Microsoft Band 2 vs. Apple Watch

By: Rob Enderle    10/7/2015

This week Microsoft launched the anticipated replacement for its first smartwatch-like offering and it is like night and day compared its first effort…

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Microsoft Out-Pencils Apple, Adds Laptop

By: Doug Mohney    10/7/2015

If the stylus is the standard by which business tablets are now to be judged, Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 clearly one-upped Apple's iPad Pro and pencil.…

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Microsoft Introduces the Surface Book, Newest Surface Pro and Lumia Models

By: Joe Rizzo    10/6/2015

Microsoft revamped their lineup at this morning's NYC demonstration, with a clear challenge to Apple. Here are the most notable additions to the Micro…

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Parks Associates Study Sheds Light on SMD Viewing Habits

By: Kyle Piscioniere    10/6/2015

Recent Parks Associates research has determined that U.S households with a streaming media device (Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, etc.) consume four more…

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Dorsey Named Twitter CEO a Second Time

By: Christopher Mohr    10/6/2015

Twitter announced recently that Jack Dorsey, who had been serving as the company's interim CEO the past three months, will continue in the same role o…

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Who Will Save Sprint?

By: Doug Mohney    10/5/2015

Sprint has been on the skids for a while, a long slow decline due to a combination of bad decisions. Currently owned by SoftBank, it's an open questio…

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Amazon Pulls Apple TV, Google Chromecast from its Store

By: Kyle Piscioniere    10/2/2015

The move is a blow to all three companies; Apple and Google lose the retail giant's highly visible sales platform, while Amazon loses the valuable ins…

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Google and Microsoft Settle Patent Disputes

By: Doug Mohney    10/1/2015

Google and Microsoft have agreed to end a group of 20 smartphone and video game lawsuits in the U.S. and Germany. The battles started in 2010 over roy…

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After Embroiled CEO Search, Twitter Expected to Reappoint Dorsey

By: Kyle Piscioniere    10/1/2015

Jack Dorsey, current founder and CEO of the payment company Square and founder of Twitter, is expected to retake the helm as Twitter's CEO without res…

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Google Dives into RCS, Buys Jibe Mobile

By: Doug Mohney    10/1/2015

Rich Communications Services (RCS) is a controversial topic in net purists' circles and the discussion just got hotter: Google has purchased Jibe Mobi…

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Carriers Play Critical Mobile Finance Role

By: Tara Seals    10/1/2015

More than 68 percent of consumers have yet to use mobile financial services, but that number is changing as mobile broadband continues to roll out glo…

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Virgin America Takes Netflix to New Heights

By: Steve Anderson    9/30/2015

Virgin America has heard the cries of travelers and has recently started offering free Netflix streaming on some of its flights.

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Google Updates Flagship Nexus Models, Introduces 'Marshmallow' Operating System

By: Kyle Piscioniere    9/29/2015

While the hardware updates are certainly impressive, Google's new software updates stole the spotlight. The innocuously-named Marshmallow operating sy…

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Apple TV: Coming Soon To Your Living Room?

By: Special Guest    9/29/2015

Last week Apple launched its next foray into the world of television, announcing a complete overhaul of their Apple TV platform. Apple's new vision, a…

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A Cautionary Tale On Apple And Warnings On Bad Technical Support

By: Rob Enderle    9/28/2015

This week I got a troubling email from an Apple customer who had been wronged by the company. While this is only a sample of one there have been rumbl…

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Terabit Networks in 2020

By: Doug Mohney    9/25/2015

Gigabit is the new 100 Mbps for this decade, with everyone from AT&T and Google to the Obama Administration onboard with the idea of "ultra-high-speed…

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10 Tips To Design A Mobile Friendly Website

By: Drew Hendricks    9/25/2015

It's 2015 and the world is going mobile - even more so than it already has. So there's no time like the present to make sure you have the best mobile …

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Kubi from Revolve Robotics Integrated into Zoom Video Conferencing

By: Peter Bernstein    9/24/2015

As the headline says, robotic telepresence company Revolve Robotics recently announced the integration between the controls of its Kubi robotic telepr…

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An Endpoint Has Been Breached - Isolate to Minimize the Damage

By: Ryan St Hilaire    9/23/2015

If you look around any organization, it is clear that the number of endpoints and applications in use are growing exponentially. Data is being accesse…

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Apple/Qualcomm and the Problem with Smartwatches

By: Rob Enderle    9/23/2015

There are two companies that appear to have the most power in the new Smartwatch space: Apple and Qualcomm.

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Tempest in an Email Server: Hillary Clinton and the Politics of IP Addresses

By: Special Guest    9/23/2015

Ken Simpson, CEO, MailChannels explains in the context of current news how it is all about securing the outbox.

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