The reasons why you need to switch to cPanel plans

By Special Guest
Mahmood Ahmad
September 28, 2018

cPanel is an easy-to-use interface for the maintenance and administration of your website, data, files, domains, sub domains, certificates, and many other features. Currently cPanel is the most popular web hosting control panel available. Even someone new to web hosting can easily manage their website with it. With the cPanel hosting interface, you will have complete control over your website.

When looking for a hosting plan, cPanel is a good thing to search for before anything else. The most known and reliable web servers usually provide web hosting plans that are managed by the cPanel control panel. In addition, cPanel hosting plans mainly support PHP and MySQL, Email and sometimes Softaculous.

Which version you should deal with?

With cPanel, you will have access to many useful statistics, such as the use of disk storage, the use of bandwidth and count of sub domains. The current version of cPanel is cPanel 64, which gives you full control of every aspect of your account. Hosting packages that come with cPanel are a very cost effective solution, since it allows you to host several websites in the same account. Essentially, what cPanel does is group the dozens of common commands needed to complete a task, all with a single click.

Choose the cPanel plan that brings a wide range of online building tools

cPanel takes care of tedious and complicated tasks, such as a simple change in the content of your web page, the protection of passwords of your website or the elimination of a table in one of your databases. All this can be done easily with a small registry of end users.

For webmasters who require assistance in building websites, some hosting companies also offer cPanel with a wide range of online building tools – and the customers can use these tools to create, configure and launch their website with Softaculous in just one click. Based on our experience, we can recommend KnownHost cPanel hosting plans because the plans offer so many tools without leaving the beginners stranded on their own. They will be guided step by step to use cPanel hosting as much as possible and fully supported with managed services along the way.

Don’t limit yourself anymore!

Other available control panels usually restrict your ability to manage your website to only basic functions, such as creating email addresses, managing files and adding sub domains. cPanel provides much more than these basic tasks, allowing access to the most advanced functions, such as MIME types, Cron-based jobs, OpenPGP keys, Apache handlers, additional domains, password protected directories and much more.

If you are a basic user

For basic users, cPanel enables easy administrative tasks to be managed without difficulty, such as adding or deleting email accounts, viewing website statistics, installing different PHP / MySQL scripts, accessing mail online via Webmail and much more. Some other functions of cPanel are to create a POP or default e-mail account, auto responders, create sub domains and custom error pages. You can also create a MySQL database and manage it by redirecting a URL, redirecting emails, creating an additional domain, creating an FTP account and a password-protected directory. Commonly, these programs usually come with tutorials to help novice users, especially to ensure that the use of cPanel is a facility.  Plus, help is close at hand via tech support, the forums, wiki and the blog.

What are you waiting for?

In short, cPanel is an integrated program that combines the requirements of basic users with advanced ones in a user-friendly interface. It will definitely save you a lot of time and the hassle of completing your tasks manually. Something really remarkable is that it is directly linked to Softaculous which allows users to access a multitude of programs that are extremely useful for managing websites – all with 1-click installers.

Are you ready? A web hosting package including cPanel as a control panel is the best option to manage your website, so get moving, now!

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