Tech Will Effect The Health And Happiness Of Your Family

By Special Guest
Jonathan Brown
December 31, 2018

Ah…life with the family. Dirty clothes on the floor, the empty toilet paper roll, etc., can become a source of stress that builds into true discontent. But did you know that technology is ready, willing and able to help see you through?

In today's world of high-tech games and gadgets, fun and stress relief go hand-in-hand. However, don't discount some low-tech solutions either. They can be just as effective and give you and your family a break from electronics.


First of all, take care of you. If you are ill or too stressed out, you won’t be any good to anyone else. When you feel that stress tightening your shoulder and neck muscles, it is time to step back and breathe. You might even want to try a neck track device that will take some of the pressure off your neck. It will also give you a few minutes to decompress while you use it. While it's not an electronic gadget, it is pretty high-tech in its design.


You should also ensure that everyone in the household is healthy. Stress can lead to illness and illness can lead to stress. Your partner and kids need to have their regular checkups. Pets need to have that too – if you've ever had a sick dog you didn't know how to help, you understand the meaning of stress. There are so many things that can go wrong. Leukemia in cats and kidney disease in dogs, for example, are more common than you'd like to think.

One way to ensure that your family is getting the exercise they need is to get them one of the fitness wearables that are on the market. These can track how much they move, calories burned, heart rate, and more depending on the type you get. They even have them for your dog! And don't forget to stay hydrated too. A smart water bottle will remind you when to stop and take a drink whether you are exercising or working at your desk.

Happiness. There are easy ways to reconnect with your family in order to create a dynamic that is positive and healthy. Here are a few more ways to add some happiness to your family life:

Fun family meals. Eating together as a family can do things like boost achievement for children, lower the chances for eating disorders, and lower rates of depression. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that these meals need to be serious. Simple rituals that are humorous are the things that your kids will cherish into adulthood. Try things like a backward day once a month – where you serve breakfast at dinner time and vice versa, or while you are having breakfast on the weekends turn on some cartoons. These silly things that cost you nothing will go a long way toward making your family closer and happier.

If meal planning isn't your forte, look for one of the meal planning apps or websites to get a little help.

Stay home. Make a note and tape it to your phone. It should simply say “NO.” This will serve as a reminder to not spread yourself too thin and add to your stress. Also, keep in mind that staying at home to watch movies on your smart TV with the help of Alexa or Siri can be way more meaningful to the family than going somewhere all the time. One of the best things about these services is that each person can have their own "playlist" and you can take turns watching a favorite from each one.

Another fun way to spend time together is having a family game night, whether it's board games or the latest craze on Wii or Playstation, as long as you're all together, that's what counts. Just try and make sure there's a controller for everyone and that the games promote fun and not frustration.

Blow off some steam. Take good care of yourself by talking it out with your therapist or a friend. Did you know you can even get counseling help on your smartphone or computer? This can be a game-changer instead of finding time in your schedule for appointments. 

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