Open Fiber Selects Nokia for Rural FTTH Building in Italy

By Special Guest
Sunil Gupta
January 31, 2019

Fiber of the leading countries when it comes to the adoption of fiber technology is the Italy nation. According to recent reports, the Open Fiber of Italy will use the fiber broadband transmission equipment from the Nokia brand in FTTH (rural-focused fiber-to-the-home deployment).  The service providers, who are the only open broadband network infrastructure operator in Italy will use the FTTH gear from Nokia in two of all the four ‘clusters.’ The Italian governing authorities have established this as part of their national FTTH network. It is among the best innovative uses of fiber all over the world.

Open fiber, which is under the joint ownership of the state-lender Cassa Depositi and the state run utility Enel expects use Nokia’s equipment to support gigabit broadband services. This technology company will supply its FX-4 and 7360 ISAM FX-16 access node, the tiny form factor 7362 Dense Fiber- 16GW access node, 5520 AMS Element manager and the 7368 ISAM ONTs. You will agree that this is one of the most significant contributions to this project. According to the establishment by the Italian government, Open Fiber is planning to utilize the FTTH systems from Nokia in the D and C clusters. These regions that are known as white areas have comparatively lower FTTH infrastructure installed and are widely undeserved and rural. You can have better insights on this by viewing the Open Fiber extend and Italtel ultra-broadband network partnerships for Italy’s undeserved areas.  It is one of the best areas of bringing development to these areas that are still rural. Fiber is the only technology that can transform them and bring them to the desired standards. The B and A clusters have more populated regions that continue to enjoy higher infrastructure investment. It is good to make sure that the underserving regions also gate their share of the national cake when it comes to infrastructural development. This project will see Italy achieve new heights especially when it comes to improvement in infrastructure.

According to the Italy government, they have chosen Nokia as the main supplier in clusters D and C to deliver giga services and prepare the way for future evolutions in the ultra sound technology. The implication is that this project is simply laying a foundation for future development. The government is sure that the extensive experience that Nokia owns in the fixed networks will enable them to build a highly efficient network that will utilize the best-of-breed technologies and components. One of the components that Nokia will be using greatly to improve the infrastructure is guy grip dead end. You cannot install a fiber system without using some of these materials to make it great. Stefano Paggi, who is an operations and network director at Fiber, has appreciated the great experience that Nokia has in fixed networks and expressed confidence that the brand is up to the task.  According to him, Nokia’s solutions will assist them to deliver services up to 10 Gbps and expand to 40 Gbps in future on access network. It will also give them an exclusive opportunity of adopting SDAN or software-defined networking paradigm and hence maximize the potential of current generation access network that has high programmable, automation, and integrated with the cloud environment. 

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