Liberating Wireless Workers, Arroe and Ingram Micro Introduce Smart Charging Technology

By Arti Loftus June 28, 2021

With the majority of companies struggling as a result of COVID-19, there have been exceedingly few avenues to prosper from the pandemic. Despite this, one international market of connected consumers still brought prosperity for companies, including ARROE, a startup founded during the global pandemic with a focus on negating battery limitations for the mobile workforce. Having obtained $1m from the equity crowdfunding platform Crowdcube, ARROE have partnered with tech distributor giant Ingram Micro and are now launching on Amazon Launchpad in the US as well as Best Buy. 

“This is a perfect match for ARROE, with more companies wanting to create workspaces in offices and beyond. The digital workforce needs the right set-up for success, and the ARROE Smart Charging System is ideal for business travelers and mobile workers.” Said Eoin Cooney, Co-Founder & CEO.

Through multiple lockdowns and factory shutdowns, the team of four manufactured the first connected charging solution in the world, targeting the millions of mobile workers in the new remote work economy. Combined with this, they have developed the ARROE mobile and desktop apps and launched a revolutionary product with three of the biggest channel partners: Amazon US, Best Buy, and Ingram Micro.

Combining software with hardware, ARROE is creating a new product category: smart charging. By licensing their battery management technology to the world’s leading consumer brands, they can help the world build better battery-powered products and reduce electronic waste. Offering the first portable charging solution that can safely charge any device through the use of proprietary technology and customizable voltage via the ARROE app, the ARROE smart charging solution offers a variety of beneficial key features, including:

  • Fast Wireless Charging across all major brands
  • Interchangeable battery cartridge system
  • Pass-through charging enables all devices to be charged from one plug socket
  • Automatic updates via the ARROE app
  • Extended lifespan for devices with optimized charging recommendations
  • Approved for airline carry-on
  • Various reminders and notifications can be enabled to receive charging notifications and reminders

ARROE Co-Founder & CEO Eoin Cooney stated, “ARROE´s mission is to give you the freedom to work from anywhere, any time, and the ability to use your devices however you want without battery limitations.” He continued. “What we have achieved this year is a case study of how the modern company can excel while working from anywhere when you have key work strategies in place. With the explosion of mobile and remote work, people need solutions to help them stay connected and be productive in new settings. The ARROE Smart Charging System is the first portable charging solution that can safely charge any laptop make or model using our proprietary technology.”

Arti Loftus is an experienced Information Technology specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the research, writing, and editing industry with many published articles under her belt.

Edited by Luke Bellos

Special Correspondent

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