Aiming to Improve Communications and Collaboration Services, DSP Group and Alango Roll Out Extended Voice Solution

By Arti Loftus July 01, 2021

The adoption of virtual meetings continues to skyrocket in 2021, riding on the wave of remote working driven by the global pandemic and a growing demand by enterprises for not just virtual voice conferencing but high definition and super high-quality digital voice conferencing solutions.

DSP Group, a global provider of wireless and voice-processing chipset solutions for converged communications, and Alango Technologies, developer and licensor of front-end voice enhancement technologies, announced the availability of Alango’s Extended Voice Communication Package (eVCP) on DSP Group’s DBMD7 SmartVoice processor.

According to the companies, the combination allows providers of high-performance voice conferencing systems to quickly develop solutions for a rapidly evolving unified communications market that demands the best in voice clarity and system flexibility.

“Alango’s technologies allow our customers to leverage the full potential of the DBMD7 to bring high-end voice communication capabilities to speakerphones and other multi-zone voice communication systems—and get those products to market quickly,” said Ran Klier, Chief Product Officer at DSP Group. “This is especially important in today’s market where end-users have high-performance expectations for intelligibility across all their voice and unified communications tools.”

The DBMD7 processor is part of DSP Group’s SmartVoice family of audio and voice signal processing and edge AI solutions for applications ranging from conferencing systems to low-power edge devices. Features of the SmartVoice processors include scalability, low power, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to enable best-in-class voice-call performance in power-sensitive applications. The DBMD7 is a high-performance, fully-featured conferencing solution that supports up to eight microphones.

“High-quality voice processing is a requirement in the fast-growing communications markets, particularly in very noisy environments,” said Dr. Alexander Goldin, CEO of Alango Technologies. “Alango pre-processing technologies improve the clarity and quality of voice transmission. eVCP running on the DBMD7 is a computationally efficient solution for our customers. With support for 2, 4, and 8-microphone designs, large on-chip memory, efficient CEVA X2 DSP, low power consumption, and high clock rate, the chip allows us to cover a wide range of applications and microphone configurations. The support and technical resources DSPG brings to project engagements are outstanding.”

Alango’s eVCP was developed to enable hands-free voice communication in distributed-microphone and multi-zone voice communication systems. Typical applications include automotive cabins and conference room systems, where preservation of a single voice, or of all voices, may be desired at different times. For each transmit line, eVCP applies echo cancellation, optional dual or multi-microphone beamforming, noise reduction, equalization, and gain/signal level adjustment. The signals are combined in eVCP’s intelligent mixer block based on the respective background noise, signal quality, and voice activity in multiple frequency bands of each signal—resulting in a clean, noise-free, echo-free signal with the desired voices enhanced.

Arti Loftus is an experienced Information Technology specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the research, writing, and editing industry with many published articles under her belt.

Edited by Luke Bellos

Special Correspondent

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