'Big Changes' May Be Coming to Google

By Ed Silverstein February 07, 2011

There could be very “big changes” at Google – according to a report from TechEye.net, based on online comments from a Google employee.

Some of the changes may relate to improvements to the Ad Sense feature on Google.

The Google employee, who just goes by the screen name “Moultano,” posted: “At the organizational level, Google is essentially chaos.” He claimed that once a Google employee can show they can work on their own, “you're pretty much free to work on whatever you think is important.” Moultano continued by saying, there is no mechanism in place for shifting priorities.

When it comes to Ad Sense, Moultano stated, Google has been upgrading it and made some progress.“You can expect some big changes here very shortly,” Moultano added.

The improvements relate to keeping ad quality high while still ensuring they are on the topic, Moultano predicts. Moultano adds, Google would also “dramatically” change how it uses links. The comments were made on YCombinator.com, according to SearchEngine Roundtable.

A comment on SearchEngine Roundtable says that Google’s “content farm algorithm” may be “released soon and possibly that is what this Googler is talking about.”

In other recent company news, TechZone360 reports that Google’s Android operating system has replaced Nokia as the top smartphone platform, according to shipment data on the fourth quarter 2010.

Canalys reports in a press release, shipments of Android-based smartphones totaled 32.9 million, while devices based on Nokia’s Symbian platform were at 31 million.

In 4Q 2010, volume of Google OS-based smartphones – which include Android OMS and Tapas – increased by sales from vendors such as LG, Samsung, Acer and HTC, reports TechZone360. The sales volume for each of these four companies increased 4,127 percent, 1,474 percent, 709 percent and 371 percent, respectively, when comparing year-over-year amounts, according to TechZone360.

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