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Let's start the week's review off by taking a look at several decidedly 21st century topics. Do you ever wish every once in a while that you had an actual keyboard on your touchscreen device? Perhaps you need to type something that is just a bit more than you want to deal with on that virtual keyboard? Well, there will no longer be a need to wonder if a certain startup has its way with the mobile device manufacturers. Tactus now offers an amazing and magical touchscreen 3D keyboard. It pops up when you need it and completely disappears like magic when you don't.

If that isn't space age enough for you, how about the notion if Star Trek-like teleportation and invisibility clocks? It turns out these fantasies have moved a step closer to reality. If you want something a bit less space age, we'll also point out that the government is now turning to Twitter to predict the future.

Another step toward the future is Facebook's latest brainstorm, its new Graph Search technology, which the company announced this week with a press event initially covered in mystery. Once the mystery was unveiled, however, the real mystery became one of why this new feature was cloaked in mystery in the first place. It is interesting search technology that also has an almost unmarketable name (Graph Search). It allows you to discover all sorts of information that is lurking within the endless data of all of your friends that you network with on Facebook.

Here's the good news to go with all this boundless new Facebook data. We now have DeleteMe - the shredder machine of the digital age at our disposal. Along with the Facebook Graph Search announcement, online users are now thinking of their privacy settings more than ever. DeleteMe launched for iOS devices on Monday and it aims to strip personal data, such as your contact, personal and social information and photos of you, your family and your home, from many of the largest websites that collect and sell that information, including Spokeo, a “people search engine,” and Intelius, a provider of background checks and public records services.

Of course a step into the future wouldn't be quite so interesting if we had nothing to contrast it with. Or if we had nothing in hand from our past that we might now point to as finally heading the way of the dinosaurs. Gadget Graveyard voters now predict the demise of the CD-ROM in 2013. Of course it's entirely possible that you already thought it was extinct. We can also use mobile technology to take us backward in other ways - for example, perhaps you remember using walkie-talkies as a kid, pretending to be G.I. Joe. Thanks to GroupVox now you can…sort of. The company has unveiled a completely free walkie-talkie app that can be utilized on Android and iOS devices, as well as on the Web and social media mega-site Facebook. Roger that, over and out.

Just to ensure that it is absolutely clear that the mobile lifestyle is now truly an increasing part of online life, Verizon Wireless and WCG recently conducted a survey that shows just how far this mobile lifestyle concept has advanced and the results are quite telling - it turns out its true. Following up on this is Gartner, with its own new report that assures us there is now a bona fide structural shift in the PC market as PC shipments begin a rapid decline. You would be correct to think that they are being replaced by mobile tablets.

Here is an interesting example of living in this world - Kaazing and Ekito are now powering real-time mobile crowdsourced 'Social Art.' It doesn't end there. The next logical step for mobility is of course wearable technology and that is now here as well, with projections that the mobile wearable technology market will reach sales of nearly 70 million devices by 2017.

Technology is also settling in with the student population, although this certainly wasn't unexpected. It is clear now based on a new Scholastic report that eBooks are finally gaining serious ground among students. And following right on the heels of that news is that we can now have our libraries online as well - let us introduce you to BiblioTech, the first public bookless library.

Don't let any of this scare you. It just so happens however that if you aren't all that happy with this notion, there are plenty of new vacation destinations that will help you to relax without the technology.

There is a great deal more going on, so please make sure to check out TechZone 360 directly.

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