Tony Rizzo


Tony Rizzo joined TMCnet following a stint as the Editor in Chief of Mobile Enterprise, which he took on following an almost two year stretch on the mobile vendor side of the world. As Tony puts it, “Sometimes you have to cross the line and get your hands dirty in order to effectively and knowledgably communicate to end users and the enterprise what’s going on in the vendor community.” Before crossing the vendor line Tony spent five years as the Director of Mobile Research for research analyst firm The 451 Group. There he lived through both the early stages of enterprise mobility and the first steps of the enterprise mobility consumerization phenomenon following the release of the original iPhone.

Prior to his jump into mobility Tony served as the Editor in Chief of Internet World, as the Editorial Director of an Ernst & Young Financial Services Web Advisory project, as a publishing consultant for CMP Media, as the Editor in Chief of NetGuide (the first Internet magazine), as a founding editor and Editor of Network Computing Magazine, and as the founding Technical Editor of Microsoft Systems Journal (as a very early employee of Microsoft back in the days of OS/2).

Prior to his business technology publishing adventures Tony was at New York University, where he developed extensive technology training programs ranging from mainframes to the early years of C, Unix and PCs. He has owned an original IBM PC, an Apple II and a BlackBerry circa 2000, and wonders to this day why he didn’t hold on to any of them. He is also proud to admit that he was a pioneering user of email back when the Internet was known as Arpanet during his NYU days.


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