Top 5 Apps for Communicating With Friends and Colleagues in Quarantine


COVID-19 Disrupted the Whole World

The ongoing quarantine has put its toll on every society around the world. This pandemic caused lots of countries to go into a state of lockdown thus severely limiting all kinds of social interactions. In some countries, it can be restricted to gather in large groups at public places, work in co-workings and offices, and even go to educational institutions.

As a result, the major part of human interactions has moved online. Although this is quite severely affecting peoples’ mental state, online communication has evolved to a pretty impressive state. highlights:

  • Social networks;
  • Messengers;
  • Media sharing apps;
  • Blogging platforms;
  • Lifestyle apps;
  • Forums.

 An abundance of different methods of communication that are supported by either instant messages, voice calls, or video calls. Some apps and websites provide access to all three of them! So, this list of the top 5 apps for communicating with friends and colleagues during quarantine will come in handy.

#1: Skype

Everyone’s heard of Skype. This Microsoft-owned platform is great for chatting and performing voice/video calls. The app also allows exchanging files. All you need to do is download a client to your PC, laptop, or smartphone. Creating an account takes mere minutes and you’re good to go. 

The app is free, although some premium features such as the ability to call mobile phones and landline numbers come at a price. Skype is perfectly compatible with all the major operating systems - Windows, Android, and iOS. This is a great option for both personal and business communication.

#2: Zoom

This app became one of the favorites among those engaged in educational activities, although it was originally created for businesses. Teachers and professors around the world are actively and effectively using Zoom to teach their students even in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, Zoom allows creating quite impressive lobbies to host numerous people with the ability to communicate via chat as well as audio and video calls. 

            However, the free version is somewhat limited. First of all, free users are limited to a 40-minute limit per call. Secondly, there have been some concerns over the security and privacy of Zoom calls. So, keep these factors in mind when making a decision on where to hang out with friends or communicating with colleagues.

#3: Signal

Recently, Facebook-owned SnapChat kind of compromised itself. Otherwise, it would have been on this list but the app updated its data policies that left the users wondering about the privacy of their data. So, Signal is the third entry in this list of best apps for communicating. It is available for Windows, Android, and iOS; so, there’s no difficulty in getting a hand at this app.

When it comes to functionality, Signal provides users with one-to-one and group chats, the ability to exchange files and send voice notes. A pretty standard set for a messaging app. However, it is an encrypted messaging service that ensures the security and privacy of its users without gathering their personal data. Privacy matters and we need to remember this. 

#4: Discord

This application is especially popular inside various gaming communities that use it for effective communication. Nonetheless, it’s a great app for those who want to just communicate with their friends or create a group chat for colleagues. It’s quite versatile when it comes to compatibility as it runs on Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, and even in web browsers.

Discord is free to use and features no ads, which a lot of users find attractive. The list of features is immense: it is possible to create a whole community with different channels, participate in private and group chats, exchange files, as well as make voice and video calls. A great bundle of communication options available in only one app.

#5: Houseparty

The last entry on this list is more for leisure time with friends rather than work-related stuff. The app itself is compatible with all mainstream operating systems like the previous entries. However, it is kind of “sharpened” for informal social interactions between people.

While Houseparty provides standard one-to-one and group chats, it also allows sharing screens and purchasing in-app games for members. Still, the number of people who can participate in a group chat is limited to eight.

Final Thoughts

All-in-all, COVID-19 has left the world in a wreck but people still find a way to be together. Modern technologies create solutions to this issue and there is quite an impressive number of options to choose from. So, when thinking of what app to use to connect with your friends and colleagues, think of what truly matters to you. This may be the convenience, a free-to-use policy, privacy, or security. Whatever you pick, all of the entries above proved to be effective to provide their users with high-quality communication channels.

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