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Virtual data rooms are used by lawyers, investment bankers, accountants, etc. to share large quantities of documents. There are several modern data rooms out there, including the UK’s top choice, Firmex.

People around the globe use the platform on a daily basis to secure and share confidential documents. Users are able to customize the Firmex VDR to suit their needs. The easy-to-use interface makes closing deals quick and efficient.

Before virtual data rooms, a lot of businesses used to store sensitive files in a physical data room. These were secured rooms, often located in the building where the company operates. Today, due to modern technology, most organizations have been using VDRs instead. Unlike a traditional data room, VDRs offer around-the-clock security. Using a reliable VDR like Firmex gives business owners, their employees, and their client's peace of mind.

The Cost

According to recent reports, investing in the VDR is both flexible and cost-effective. Users can pay a monthly fee to use the platform, and they can make adjustments to the different features and services to suit their needs. Each business can outline what they expect from the VDR and the different requirements they need. Being in control of your subscription can prove highly beneficial, especially for companies on a tight budget. You won’t have to worry about hidden fees and costs, because there aren’t any. The company is focused on making the cost of the platform as transparent as possible.

If you are thinking about taking Firmex on board, why not test the platform before spending your hard-earned money. The company offers potential clients a free trial version to see how it operates. This limited trial will allow potential customers 14 days of free access to the VDR. If you plan on introducing a new data room to your business, why not get a few staff members to try it out first. Ask employees who will be using the platform on a regular basis to test it to see what they think, and ask them for feedback.


Although Firmex doesn’t provide live face to face training sessions, nor Webinars, they do provide a live online training course, and plenty of detailed documentation so users can figure out how it works.

There are several Firmex video tutorials uploaded to well-known streaming services that are worth checking out, and there is plenty of information on their official site and other sites online.

Firmex provides its customers with constant support, so if you have any issues, you can speak directly to one of their team members. Unlike other VDRs, it is fast, and easy to use. The drag-and-drop feature makes it easy to complete tasks in a short space of time. 

Getting your head around the platform won’t take long, even if you don’t consider yourself a tech-savvy individual. Today, it is one of the most used VDRs on the planet due to the long list of features and it’s easy to use interface. They have employed a team of in-house experts that users can make contact with anytime of the day or night. 

The company will explain everything you need to know about the app, and the different features the app provides. Because it is easy to use, and they provide lots of training, you can spend your valuable time focusing on more important tasks.


There are several different options that will help you keep sensitive data secure when using Firmex. Here are some of the features that you can use to protect the information stored on the VDR:

  • Watermark your documents

  • Disable save

  • Lock to Computer

A lot of firms use all of these applications to ensure the documents remain secure. Users can easily customize the security settings if they like.

It's of vital importance that companies today use highly secure platforms when sharing confidential materials, and most people who use Firmex are satisfied with the security the platform provides. Sharing sensitive files with third parties without using a reputable VDR can put your company’s data at risk of being compromised.

The platform will give you and your employees straightforward assistance to help keep your data secure.

Which Operating Systems are Compatible with the VDR?

You can access the data room with almost any device. If your team is currently using devices that run Windows or Mac operating systems, you should have no issues accessing and using the platform.

Nowadays, a lot of folks use their smart devices to access work data, including a VDR platform. Firmex functions well on both Android and Apple mobile devices. So, if you use an iPad tablet for work, you should have no problems running the platform.

You can also take advantage of the web-based option too. Even if you are not running any of the operating systems mentioned above, you can go online to use the web-based version instead.

Presently, the platform is available in both French and English, but they might introduce new languages to the VDR in the near future.

Setting Permissions

Setting group level permissions will help boost the platform's security. You can decide on the users who can access certain files, and who can’t. There is a ‘View As’ feature that you can implement before anybody gains access to the data room. You can see who has opened the files stored in the VDR. You are also able to set permissions to only allow certain people to edit specific documents.

If a person takes a screenshot of the confidential files, they can send the copy to anyone they like. However, the platform allows you to disable the screenshot function.

What are the Advantages of using Firmex?

Here is a list of the advantages you can expect from using the platform:

  • You can preview each of the data rooms

  • Easily manage user access, and set permissions

  • Two-factor authentication to increase security

  • Managing documents stored in the VDR is simple

  • Top-notch data security

  • Around the clock customer service

  • Unlimited storage

  • Easy to control sensitive information

  • It has the ability to support document intensive business processes

  • Trial version available

Although most clients seem to be satisfied with the company’s customer service, there have been a few reports suggesting that the platform only provided them with limited security functionality and that their current customer service could be improved.


Today, multiple businesses across the globe use the platform to manage their confidential files, sensitive projects, and processes. In 2006, a lot of companies decided to stop using traditional data rooms because they were inconvenient, expensive to operate, and most data today was virtual instead of physical. Firmex began their journey as a small virtual firm but later expanded its operations. Their first clients were made up of law firms and several corporate organizations, but today, businesses of all sizes are implementing their platform, with several banks, healthcare organizations, and real estate agents hopping on board.

It's not surprising businesses throughout the UK and the rest of the world use the platform. Its data rooms are robust and highly secure, and they provide top-notch customer service for all of its users.

Currently, the customers who use the platform regularly open approximately fifteen thousand data rooms annually.

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