7 Click-Worthy Email Personalization Trends For 2022


Email marketing is famous, but it is never easy. It follows proper measurements such as email writing, mismanagement of customer data, and more. Marketers are implementing the appropriate measures for effectiveness, and Email marketing is one of the most prominent ways to boost return on investment.

According to Statista, implementing the right email marketing strategy can help to promote a higher email open rate of 18.8%. Therefore, you must consider enabling email personalization that can help to promote good business.

Why is email personalization important?

Email marketing is mainstream and can help to generate the proper revenue. The open rates and click-through are the most prominent things to notice. Furthermore, proper email personalization can help with customer retention, individual sale, click-through rate, etc.

It is 2022, and email marketing is still one of the most prominent ways to promote your business. Some of the common ways through which email personalization can be helpful include the following:

1.Customers love personalization

According to the reports by Statista, customers love personalization. If you personalize the email for customers, the open rate will eventually increase.

2.Tracking is easier

With email optimization and personalization, tracking will become significantly easier. Email marketers need to undergo various challenges, but personalization is the key to solving many of them.

According to Hubspot, personalization can help to enhance email engagement by 20%. Since customers love the personalized email market, things have become significantly easier.

Email Personalization Trends To Look For in 2022

Email marketing trends are constantly changing, and therefore, personalization is one of them. Some of the common email personalization trends that can be helpful for you include the following:

1.Have a strong email list

One of the key ways to maintain email personalization is to keep a robust email list. The quality of your email personalization list will impact the quality and open rates. When creating the email list, you need to ensure that you invest time in it.

It would help if you had a substantial lead generation strategy to build your email list. The best thing to do is to time your social media strategy. Consent is one of the essential things in email marketing.

2.Use BIMI

Not enough stress is laid on how helpful BIMI can be. BIMI stands for Brand Indicators for Message Identification, and these play an important role in email marketing. With BIMI, brand logos can help build trust and eventually increase the open rates for emails.

BIMI will help determine if the particular is relevant to the recipient. It helps to add a visual element that can help to increase brand recognition. BIMI is more than standard text. Brands prefer it because it helps improve personalization.

3.Go for minimalism

Gone are the days when people wanted everything shiny. Nowadays, people look for a more minimalist style, even for emails. According to Adobe, 67% of consumers feel that brands should automatically adjust content with context. The touch of personalization without minimalism will not help to achieve results.

One of the most prominent email personalization trends in 2022 is minimalism and simplicity. Minimalistic emails tend to generate better results. When you have a cluttered email body, it will affect the attention span of customers.

Implementing simplicity in email personalization can help in the following ways:

  • Receive a straightforward course of action
  • Better readability because of less clutter
  • Prevent fatigued choice

4.Get zero-party data

Zero-party data stands for self-declared data that the customer provides. One of the most prominent things to note is that marketers can't interfere with the zero-party data.

Since the customer gives zero-party data, it can play an essential role in winning customers' trust. The zero-party data can also help keep up with future marketing experiences.

5.Implement customer experience

Email marketing is all about customer experience. Email marketers need to understand how customers interact outside a channel. Episodic communication is crucial as it helps understand what the customers want.

Implementing customer experience can help to improve brand hospitality. Customer engagement is one of the most prominent things to notice that will help to build brand hostility. Over the years, with the increase in customer experience, the traffic and open rates will improve.

6.Get interactive content

In 2022, interactive content is one of the most prominent things to note. Whether it is marketing gamification or social media, the implementation of engaging content will play an important role in email marketing.

Some of the everyday things that you should implement for the personalization of emails include the following:

  • Animated CTA
  • User-generated content
  • Product slideshow

While promoting your brand, you should include a message that conveys what your brand is about. The right interactive content will play an essential role in defining the customer experience, and it will help cater to the needs of existing and new customers.

7.Behavioral messaging

Behavioral messaging is one of the most prominent trends to look forward to in 2022. You may be familiar with event triggers such as CRM, email automation software, etc. Implementing these can play an essential role in improving efficiency and enhancing personalization techniques.

Through behavioral messaging, you should work on understanding the customers' behavior patterns. Sending out emails as per the behavior can help achieve relevant results, and it will also help improve the chances of upselling.


Email marketing is one of the most prominent types of marketing. Implementing personalization can help you achieve noticeable results. Trends are constantly changing and can help achieve better results. It is time to improve your email marketing list to receive higher traffic and open rates.

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