Home Sweet Smart Home: The Perks of Arlo's Subscription Plans


Last week (ahead of Mother’s Day), we had peace-of-mind smart home solutions news to cover, courtesy of security company Arlo Technologies. Arlo’s teams are driven to protect every customer with, as the company describes “perfected security and privacy measures that are easy to set up and monitored by professionals so your ‘everything’ remains connected.” This is a smart statement in its own right; not solely because we’re discussing smart-enabled technologies, but because – call it an understatement – the prioritization of protecting our homes and loved ones really is ‘everything’ to so many of us.

And when I say “many of us,” that isn’t simply a broad-sweeping statement; as of this quarter, Arlo’s security subscription plans have surpassed a milestone of 2 million total paid subscribers.

That’s definitely “many,” I’d say.

Per Matt McRae, Arlo’s CEO, the company’s success speaks to the “ongoing innovations of its brands and the robust ecosystem of comprehensive and award-winning software, hardware and services. From customizable smart notifications from devices to reliable 24/7 Emergency Response and Professional Monitoring, Arlo makes it simple for users to protect their everything with the utmost peace of mind.”

Now, if that were all this news entailed, we’d be at a great wrapping-up point for this piece. However, McRae shared more Arlo-wise.

“After adding 189,000 paid accounts in 2022’s Q4,” McRae added, “Arlo continued to see new subscribers in this year’s Q1, acquiring subscriptions that led to the doubling of our paid accounts in just five quarters and reaching 2 million subscribers total. This success illustrates the value we provide customers as we help them stay protected both on the go and, of course, at home.”

So, comprehensively, what has incentivized Arlo subscribers to hop aboard the official Arlo Secure and Arlo Safe subscription platforms for their protection needs?

A ton of truly-secure features, to say the least.

Arlo Secure includes:

  • Advanced Object Detection – Arlo processes and filters roughly 50 million total events each day using its “proprietary computer vision and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize people, packages, vehicles and animals,” which adds key context to higher-priority notifications and reduces unwanted alerts.
  • Smart Interactive Notifications – Users can take quicker action by responding to rich notifications or by viewing an animated preview of a notification video through the lock screen on their smartphone (or other smart device, e.g. tablet).
  • Smart Activity Zones – Users can also reduce unwanted pings! by highlighting specific areas on their property where they want motion to be detected most.
  • 4K Cloud-based Video Recording – 30 days of motion event recordings remain viewable to users (with up to 4K resolution stored remotely Arlo's SmartCloud platform).
  • 24/7 Emergency Response with Direct Dispatch* (Arlo Safe & Secure Plus Subscriptions*) – This enables a one-touch dispatch user feature to hail fire, police or medical first responders directly from Arlo's mobile app in the event of an emergency. Arlo's Emergency Response team can also provide critical location information to responders en route to better prepare them (such as gate codes, medical conditions of family members, pet details and more).
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring* (Arlo Safe & Secure Pro Subscriptions*) – This entails professional monitoring for Arlo's Security Systems provided around the clock by award-winning and UL Listed call centers that provide full emergency support.
  • Priority Care & Support – Subscribers get priority technical support through the in-app Help Center with omnichannel access to phone, chat, community and self-help articles.

Arlo Safe includes:

  • Personal Safety Response – This provides one-touch access to real-time emergency help via the Arlo Safe application or Arlo Safe button accessory.
  • Crash Detection & Response – Advanced impact detection expedites emergency response in the event of a vehicle accident by sharing appropriate location and medical information with first responders.
  • Family Safety (Family Plan) – A family’s home is, in a sense, its command center. Thus, families should never miss a moment when it comes to safety; this Family Safety features provides the ability to determine where opt-in family members have been, to see their current location(s), or to send help directly to them in the event of a crisis.

For Arlo Secure and Arlo Safe monthly or annual pricing information, click here.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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