Rory Lidstone

Rory Lidstone is a graduate of the Professional Writing program at York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He loves to write about all things tech, food and pop culture.


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Sites Take Away Comment Anonymity in an Effort to Raise Discourse 12/27/2013
Microsoft Recruits Help to Tackle ZeroAccess Botnet 12/06/2013
Windows Phone Breaks 10 Percent Market Share in Europe 12/02/2013
Tablet Shipments to Match PC Shipments in 2014 11/27/2013
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NSA Has Been Accessing Google, Yahoo Data Between Data Centers 11/26/2013
LTE RAN Market Up Almost 60 Percent in Q3, Total RAN Market Down 11/25/2013
France Launches Probe into Apple's Contracts with Phone Suppliers, Operators 09/27/2013
Skype Working on 3D Support, Held Back by Current Technology 08/29/2013
Spindle Acquisition May Lead to Improved Location Features for Twitter 06/20/2013
Sony Posts Full Year Net Profit for the First Time in Half a Decade 05/09/2013
Open Garden and IntegriCell Collaborate on Secure Wireless Mesh Solution 04/29/2013
Washington AG: T-Mobile's Advertising Has Been Deceptive 04/26/2013
Windows Tablets Made Up 7.5 Percent of the Market in Q1 04/25/2013
No Skype For the Saudis? 03/28/2013
HP Labs Creates New Hologram 3D Display Technology 03/27/2013
Microsoft Given $733M Fine by European Union for Failing to Provide Browser Choice 03/06/2013
Facebook Acquires Atlas Advertiser Suite from Microsoft 03/01/2013
Twitter for Firefox OS Confirmed, Features Exclusive Web Activities and Photo Sharing 02/26/2013
Google to Include Touch in Next Wave of Chromebooks 02/21/2013
US Gov't to Decide on More Aggressive Responses to Cyber Attacks 02/20/2013
Google Details Success in Reducing Account Hijackings 02/19/2013
Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin Spotted Wearing Google Glass on NYC Subway 01/22/2013
Gadget Graveyard Voters Predict Demise of the CD-ROM in 2013 01/18/2013
Analysys Mason Makes Predictions for the Telecom Industry in 2013 12/19/2012
CEO at Egnyte Predicts Major Themes for the Cloud Market in 2013 12/13/2012
Observint Technologies Acquires Infinias for its Access Control Solutions 11/08/2012
TriQuint Releases Next-Generation Power Amplifier 09/21/2012
Stage 2 Networks Appears on Inc. 5000 List for Third Consecutive Year 08/23/2012
Google Ventures Joins DocuSign's Series D Funding Round 08/07/2012
Cisco Lays Off 1,300 Employees to Compensate for Low Quarterly Revenue 07/24/2012
Google Runs Out of 16GB Nexus 7 Stock 07/23/2012
Autodesk Acquire Socialcam for $60M 07/17/2012
Google Submits Proposal to European Regulators in Antitrust Case 07/03/2012
Is There Room in the Market for Anything but the iPad? 07/02/2012
U.S. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Injunction Latest Development in Apple v. Samsung Legal Battle 06/27/2012
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Barnes & Noble Won't Be Involved in Microsoft Tablet Announcement 06/18/2012
Dell Innovators Credit Fund Looks to Fund Innovation, Create Jobs 06/07/2012
2012 Expected to Be Android's Peak Year for Market Share 06/07/2012
SMS will Retain Popularity Over Third-party Messaging Apps for the Next Five Years 05/29/2012
Half of Americans Say Facebook is an Overvalued Fad: Poll 05/15/2012
Nokia Accuses Apple of Tampering with Siri After Naming Lumia 900 Best Smartphone 05/15/2012
Bing to Intro New Social Sidebar to Search Results with Facebook, Twitter Content 05/11/2012
Yahoo Replacement CEO to Step Down Due to Thompson Scandal 05/09/2012
Acacia Research Corporation Acquires Digital Imaging Patents Once Owned by Polaroid 05/03/2012
Intel Buys Patent Portfolio from Aware, Includes Wifi and LTE Patents 04/27/2012
Google is on the Cloud: Google Drive Integrates all Google Applications 04/24/2012
Claim Filed Against AT&T Alleging Accessory to Theft, Unfair Trade 04/13/2012
Boxee Denies it Has Only Sold 200K Boxee Boxes, Cites Two Million Users 04/13/2012
PC Shipments Beat the Odds for 1st Quarter 04/12/2012
Google Leads in Popularity, According to Recent Poll 04/11/2012
Analyst Suggests RIM May Be Losing Money on Hardware Sales 04/11/2012
Gmail Stats Claim its Anti-spam System is Better than Hotmail's 04/11/2012