Tara Seals


Tara Seals has over 15 years experience as a journalist and editor in the communications and technology space. She is also a regular contributor to a range of industry publications and has deep background in mobile networks and infrastructure, devices and applications; and video infrastructure, content and broadcast models.


Latest Articles

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Closing the Digital Divide Means Policy, Technology Modernization 10/26/2015
Nation-State Hacking Becomes the Norm 10/22/2015
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Dell's $67B EMC Offer Only a 19% Premium on Market Cap 10/14/2015
Carriers Play Critical Mobile Finance Role 10/01/2015
IBC 2015: The 4K Ultra HD Pieces Begin to Fall into Place 09/18/2015
Broadband Providers: FCC Regulation Threatens Network Investment 09/18/2015
Wireless Embraces Social Customer Engagement for Loyalty 09/04/2015
Apple TV Resurfaces Amid Media Jitters 08/20/2015
Cellcast Debacle Indicates Investor Scramble to Read Google's Alphabet 08/18/2015
Google's Android Platform Gets Stagefright, But It's Safer Than You Might Think 08/17/2015
UK Comms Spending Finally Rises, But There's Trouble in Paradise 08/12/2015
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Black Hat Drives Connected Car Hacking Awareness 08/07/2015
Apple Preps for Future-Thinking Initiatives 08/07/2015
Worldwide Tablet Market Declines as Apple, Samsung Lose Steam 08/04/2015
AT&T Launches First Joint DirecTV Bundle, with Wireless 08/03/2015
Comings & Goings: Citrix CEO Steps Down as Company Gears for an Overhaul 07/29/2015
AT&T-DirecTV Merger May Benefit Consumers in a Big Way 07/24/2015
Symantec, Frost Data to Fund Cybersecurity Tech Incubator 07/20/2015
Darkode, the Dark Web Haven, Shut Down by the Feds, Europol 07/17/2015
5G Gets Underway for Real with Industry Buy-In and Research 07/17/2015
Netflix Beats the Street on Subscriber Adds, But Margins Worsen 07/16/2015
4K Has Come a Long Way, Has Farther Yet to Go 07/09/2015
Mobile is the Next Great Front in Digital Video Monetization 07/07/2015
1Gbps Broadband Boosts Economy, Home Prices 07/02/2015
Facial Recognition Talks Break Down Over Marketing Opt-In 06/17/2015
Release the Hound: Voice Assistant App Chews Siri Up 06/05/2015
DDoS Attacks Spike in Volume, Heralding Changes in Tactics and Strategy 06/04/2015
Digital Ad Viewability: The New Metric for Monetization 05/28/2015
Charter Springs Big for TWC with $78.7Bn Offer 05/26/2015
OTT Growth to Carry the Pay-TV Market Forward 05/26/2015
Twitter, Google Kick Off Search Integration 05/22/2015
Network Shifts to Support Video Distribution 05/21/2015
Cablevision Grabs the OTT Ring and Goes for It 05/08/2015
Apple Collaborates with Scientists to Collect DNA 05/08/2015
Sky Sues Skype for Trademark Infringement in the EU-and Wins 05/08/2015
Digital Content and OTT to Hit $154 Billion by 2019 05/08/2015
Apple Catches Fire in Q1 Sales 05/07/2015
Security, Capturing Growth Opportunities Are Main Challenges for Small Biz 05/07/2015
Advanced Threat Sophistication Drives Fresh Detection Methods 05/05/2015
Social Media, Context and the New Face of Threat Intelligence 05/04/2015
Comcast-TWC Demise Points to Online Video's Ascendency 04/27/2015
Verizon FiOS Makes the First Real Move Toward A La Carte 04/20/2015
Facing Digital Cannibalism, Operators Can Consider Mobile-TV Ad Approaches 04/14/2015
OTT and Broadcast: A Cord-Cutting Dilemma 04/09/2015
OTT Extravaganza: An Explosion of Choice Should Put Cable on Notice 04/02/2015
Facebook's Internet-for-All Drone Set to Take Flight 03/27/2015
Google Fiber Moves Beyond the Novelty Phase 03/26/2015
Global Pay-TV Market to Rocket to 1.1 Billion Subs in 2020 03/26/2015
Global Pay-TV Market to Rocket to $1.1 Billion Subs in 2020 03/26/2015
Everything Is Hackable as Crime Goes High-Tech 03/23/2015
Everything is Hackable as Crime Goes High-Tech 03/23/2015
Huawei, NXP Ink Chinese IoT Development Pact 03/20/2015
VoLTE, VoWiFi Set the Stage for Carriers to Take on OTT 03/11/2015
Mobile Video Begins to Challenge the TV Status Quo 03/06/2015
Sony to Spin Off Smartphone Division, Focus on Gaming and Media 02/19/2015
Obama's Executive Order Sparks Privacy Concerns 02/17/2015
Tech Incubator Earmarks $3.8 Million for Three IoT Startups 02/17/2015
OTT Video Set to Top $6 Billion in 2019 01/29/2015
Corporate Video Usage Widens and Gets Creative 01/22/2015
White House's Sweeping Cybersecurity Package Already Sparks Debate 01/16/2015
CES: 4K Gets Ready for Its Close-up 01/09/2015
2014 Was the Year of the Data Breach, But 2015 Could Be Worse 12/17/2014
The 'Unstoppable' Era of Cloud TV 12/11/2014
HBO CTO Resigns Amid Streaming Platform Shakeup 12/10/2014
'Third-Platform' Innovation to Dominate 2015 Opportunities 12/03/2014
Aereo Files for Bankruptcy 11/21/2014
FCC Mulls a New Dawn for OTT Operators 10/29/2014
Apple Pay's Biometrics Open a New Security Era for M-Payments 10/22/2014
Lackluster Content Choices May Hamstring Cable Cord-Cutting 10/21/2014
Netflix Flails Amid Q3 Subscriber Results, But Content to the Rescue? 10/16/2014
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Cybersecurity Evolves to Destruction 10/10/2014
Workplace Snapshot: Digital Skills Sorely Lacking as Company Innovation Suffers 10/07/2014
Google, Amazon and Other Internet Giants Spend $33B per Year on Infrastructure 10/01/2014
Online Video Investment Set to Double Amid Consumer, Enterprise Thirst 08/27/2014
NETGEAR Lets Fly the Nighthawk X6 Wi-Fi Router 08/12/2014
VOD, Time-Shifting Has Big Implications for Dynamic Ad Insertion 08/05/2014
UK White Space Trial Gets Underway in London 07/28/2014
TV Everywhere Gains Momentum, But Making Money is Elusive 07/18/2014
Programmatic, Targeted Ad Buys Drive New Investment 07/15/2014