FM Radio in Norway Gone After 2016

By: Steve Anderson    4/20/2015

If the headline sounds shocking, it's likely because FM radio has been a technological staple for decades. We turn to it for news, weather reports, an…

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Verizon FiOS Makes the First Real Move Toward A La Carte

By: Tara Seals    4/20/2015

The move to a la carte television-where customers choose what networks to have in their subscription packages-has been a hot topic for a couple of yea…

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Drunk on Authenticity

By: Special Guest    4/20/2015

Millennials are drinking. That in and of itself might come as a shock to those of us a bit more long in the tooth. While the older end of generation X…

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Sprinting Toward Productivity with WPaaS

By: Erik Linask    4/20/2015

The workplace is changing before our eyes. It is no longer about a physical environment. Getting up and going to work in the morning no longer means p…

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Relationship, Retention, and Revenue in the Fitness Industry

By: Special Guest    4/17/2015

The first time I ran a marathon I was unprepared. I was 23, had a full-time job, and didn't want to give up my social life on weekends to recover from…

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March Madness: The All-Important 'Missing' Stat

By: Bob Wallace    4/17/2015

March Madness 2015 was a success in terms of many metrics including ratings, ad revenue, audience size and live stream volume - all of which should co…

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European Union Files Antitrust Suit Against Google

By: Joe Rizzo    4/16/2015

After years of investigation and three attempted settlements, Google is facing formal antitrust charges. The EU's former competition commissioner, Joa…

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Nokia Acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent is Confirmed

By: Peter Bernstein    4/15/2015

It turns out that the characterization of talks between Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent yesterday as being "advanced" and "critical" were true. The two telec…

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Enterprise Security Trends that Will Rule 2015

By: Special Guest    4/15/2015

From 3D printers that can replicate the intricate details of the human heart to wearable technology that tracks everything from blood pressure to inco…

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Project Fi and Nova: Google's Secret Plan to Take out the iPhone and Dominate Cell Phones

By: Rob Enderle    4/15/2015

I ran into an interesting piece over on the somewhat obscure site "Android Police" this week by Cody Toombs. It looks at a secret Google program calle…

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Just How Important Are Customer Experiences?

By: Special Guest    4/15/2015

In 2015, mature markets like North America and Western Europe saw Internet penetration exceed 80 percent (with the United States nearing 90 percent). …

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Is Nokia the Endgame of the Alcatel-Lucent Shift Plan?

By: Peter Bernstein    4/14/2015

Alcatel-Lucent (ALU) and Nokia have confirmed that they are in discussions for the Finnish company to buy its French rival. And, while valuation of Al…

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Facing Digital Cannibalism, Operators Can Consider Mobile-TV Ad Approaches

By: Tara Seals    4/14/2015

While digital consumption of TV content continues to grow, advertising is following suit. Analyst group Forrester predicts that digital spending will …

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Sprint Unveils Plans for Home Delivery of Cellphones

By: Dominick Sorrentino    4/13/2015

Following the implementation of its "Cut Your Bill in Half Event!"-which started earlier this year and featured commercials of wireless customers usin…

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Ransomware Strikes Lincoln County Sheriff's Office; Sheriffs Pay Up

By: Steve Anderson    4/13/2015

It was only a week ago we found out that, when confronted with cybercrime, around 30 percent of victims would negotiate with attackers, offering payme…

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How to Recover When Hackers Invade Your Email

By: Special Guest    4/13/2015

Hacking is everywhere in the news these days, and for good reason: it is more prevalent and damaging than ever before. Just ask Anthem, the United Sta…

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Microsoft Expands Container Support with Stripped-Down Server OS

By: Joe Rizzo    4/10/2015

As technology evolves and continues to move forward all the supporting pieces need to do the same or they will fall by the wayside. Microsoft is one c…

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6 New Tech Startups Making A Splash

By: Drew Hendricks    4/10/2015

In a world where thousands of businesses are started every year, only a few actually make it big. There are plenty of success stories, especially in t…

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GrubMarket: Farm(ers Markets) to Table

By: Drew Hendricks    4/10/2015

Forget "urban farms"-that's low-tech compared to the likes of GrubMarket, which delivers all the goods of a farmers market directly to your doorstep. …

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The Collaboration Gap

By: Special Guest    4/10/2015

Perfect collaboration. Microsoft should do it; they claim they do. But the March 2014 issue of PCWorld magazine got it right: Neither Microsoft nor an…

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Wheelings & Dealings: LinkedIn Will Acquire

By: Joe Rizzo    4/9/2015

Today, April 9, 2015, LinkedIn announced that it was entering into an agreement to acquire This is a privately held online education compan…

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OTT and Broadcast: A Cord-Cutting Dilemma

By: Tara Seals    4/9/2015

Over-the-top (OTT) operators are proliferating-and offering consumers an ever-greater opportunity to cut the cord, i.e., to ditch their pay-TV subscri…

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Living, Learning, Working and Playing in the Digital Age

By: Special Guest    4/9/2015

We live in a Digital Age. Access to the Internet is now seen by most governments as a basic right for citizens, just like education. In 2009, France w…

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Feeling Depressed? Get Rid of Your Facebook

By: Stefania Viscusi    4/8/2015

Depression is a serious illness that affects many and includes consistent feelings of sadness and even a loss of interest in the things that once brou…

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Facebook's 'Businesses on Messenger' Announcement : Is it Great for Business?

By: Special Guest    4/8/2015

Facebook recently announced that it will soon enable businesses to communicate with customers using its "Businesses on Messenger" service. This will a…

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Brooklyn Woman Uses Facebook to Serve Divorce Papers

By: Joe Rizzo    4/7/2015

While the circumstances are somewhat unique, a Manhattan Supreme Court Justice, Matthew Cooper, has granted permission to a woman to file divorce pape…

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HBO Now Premieres on Several Platforms

By: Steve Anderson    4/7/2015

For years, the only way to get HBO programming was to pay ridiculous amounts of money every month for not only access to HBO, but also access to the s…

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Google Ventures Joins In $12 Million Funding Round For CoreOS

By: Steve Anderson    4/7/2015

Web applications are becoming an ever-larger part of the Internet. But Google Ventures has just put down a pretty substantial bet-part of a $12 millio…

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Google May Soon Offer Its Own International Calls and Data Plans

By: Joe Rizzo    4/7/2015

People who travel outside the U.S. often see their mobile phone bills take a huge jump. This is because most carriers have arrangements with local car…

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Dell Venue 8 7000 Tablet: More Magical Than an iPad

By: Rob Enderle    4/7/2015

I got the Dell Venue 8 7000 tablet in last Thursday and have been using it along with the 11" Kindle I typically carry. The Kindle is the new HDX vers…

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Surface May Spell the End for Mac OS

By: Rob Enderle    4/6/2015

Surface Pro 3 and the latest iPad Air have been out for a while and they have recently been supplemented with the new MacBook and Surface 3. In lookin…

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Federal Agencies Coming Around to Digital Tools' Value, But Doubts Remain

By: Steve Anderson    4/6/2015

It's been a little over two years since the White House announced a new kind of plan to bring more digital tools into normal government operations in …

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Forget Mobile. Experience-Ready is The New Standard for Doing Business

By: Special Guest    4/6/2015

Remember, the experience web relies on contextualization. It can mold content into any format. Choose a platform that allows for easy, hands-off langu…

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OTT Extravaganza: An Explosion of Choice Should Put Cable on Notice

By: Tara Seals    4/2/2015

As more and more mainstream content providers offer over the-top (OTT) streaming options, consumers are mulling in ever-greater numbers the value of c…

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VoteTocracy Chrome Extension Gives Citizens Access to US Congress and Chance to Weigh In

By: Peter Bernstein    4/2/2015

There is an interesting company named VoteTocracy. It bills itself as, "The online citizen voting site for bills in Congress." They have a nice taglin…

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Post 'Clintongate': 3 Ways to Mitigate Shadow IT

By: Special Guest    4/1/2015

What can enterprises learn from 'Clintongate'? The first lesson is that unapproved use of technology within organizations is known as "shadow IT," and…

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President Obama Details Better Protection Against Cyber Threats

By: Steve Anderson    4/1/2015

Cyber threats present some of the most dangerous scenarios that can be endured by any person, or by any nation. Why? Because the threats not only rend…

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Chrome OS Gets Major Push from Google

By: Joe Rizzo    4/1/2015

Android, Google's mobile operating system and Apple's iOS have about the same market share in the U.S., however in emerging regions, Android is poised…

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Final Four Tips for Password Security

By: Peter Bernstein    4/1/2015

If you are like most people in the U.S. the past few weeks, you have been caught up in what is known here as "March Madness." This is the annual ritua…

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Surface 3: Third Time's A Charm

By: Rob Enderle    3/31/2015

You can also update hardware with the new operating system and even though Surface sells initially with Windows 8 it will get an update to Windows 10 …

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Five Lessons March Madness Teaches Us About Gamification

By: Special Guest    3/31/2015

Where does this mass hysteria over the NCAA come from? Its not just about a widespread love of basketball. Its popularity is the result of the tournam…

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Acronis Survey Examines Importance of Digital Responsibility

By: Peter Bernstein    3/30/2015

Reader alert! This is no pre-April Fool's Day item. In fact, the organizers of World Backup Day have been careful to schedule their event for March 31…

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Financial Services: Investing in Data Security Risk Mitigation

By: Ryan St Hilaire    3/30/2015

In the words of the late Peter Drucker, "What gets measured gets managed". This also holds true in today's cyber threat landscape.

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Frame Brings CAD Windows Apps into the Cloud

By: Peter Bernstein    3/27/2015

CAD Windows apps can now be moved to the cloud thanks to Menlo Park, California-based startup Frame (formerly MainFrame2). This represents what is lik…

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Facebook's Internet-for-All Drone Set to Take Flight

By: Tara Seals    3/27/2015

Internet for the billions of underserved around the globe continues to get closer to reality. The latest is Facebook's plan to trial a version of its …

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Tech, Media & Entertainment: 4K TV, Live Sports & Sony's Vue

By: Bob Wallace    3/27/2015

With change a constant in the technology, media and entertainment (TME) sector, it should come as no surprise that this past week alone saw important …

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Study: Software 'Robots' Improving Business Operations

By: Casey Houser    3/26/2015

A recent study from Cognizant, a provider of information technology and business process outsourcing services, concludes that software "robots" are ha…

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Google Fiber Moves Beyond the Novelty Phase

By: Tara Seals    3/26/2015

Google Fiber is gearing up to expand to one more metro area-Salt Lake City. The Utah capital will join the Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville and Raleigh-D…

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Global Pay-TV Market to Rocket to 1.1 Billion Subs in 2020

By: Tara Seals    3/26/2015

Much has been made of the cord-cutting phenomenon, brought on by an increasing adoption of over-the-top (OTT) video services like Netflix and Amazon P…

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YouTube Announces Plans to Revamp Live Streaming

By: Dominick Sorrentino    3/25/2015

With March Madness in full swing, and millions of viewers turning to online streaming to watch the games, YouTube's newest announcement could not have…

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