Google Crosses Lines, Puts Google Assistant on iPhone

By: Steve Anderson    5/18/2017

Google threatens Siri's dominance on iPhone by offering Google Assistant on the device.

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The Six Best Cities in the World for Tech Jobs

By: Larry Alton    5/18/2017

While Silicon Valley gets all of the attention, there are plenty of other tech destinations here in the U.S., as well as abroad. Let's take a brief lo…

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India's Current Start-Up Scenario Compared to the US

By: Special Guest    5/16/2017

The burgeoning start-up scenario has undergone a paradigm shift globally. It has witnessed several shifts in the predominant trends throughout the las…

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Inmarsat Adds New Broadband Satellite to Global Xpress Fleet

By: Doug Mohney    5/16/2017

Kennedy Space Center, Florida - SpaceX successfully launched an Inmarsat communications satellite into orbit yesterday evening, May 15. Inmarsat-5 F4 …

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Wannacry Ransomware: The NSA's Fault, But the Attackers Did Us a Huge Favor

By: Rob Enderle    5/15/2017

Let's focus on the causes of the Wannacry attack and why, as bad as this was, the perpetrators might have done us all a huge favor.

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Inmarsat's Newest Satellite Launch: Business as Usual or Cusp of Change?

By: Doug Mohney    5/15/2017

Kennedy Space Center, Florida - Later today, May 15, 2017, SpaceX is scheduled to put an Inmarsat communications satellite into orbit. Is this a turni…

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Trump's Cyber Security EO Lacks Substance

By: Paula Bernier    5/12/2017

More than three months after President Trump was expected to sign a cyber security executive order he finally took pen to paper on this important topi…

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Six Resources for Startups Looking for Funding

By: Special Guest    5/12/2017

Whether you are a business that is just starting out, or already well on your way, there are plenty of online platforms that offer startups advice and…

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Nvidia, Toyota Get Together on Self-Driving Cars

By: Steve Anderson    5/12/2017

Toyota looks to Nvidia's Drive PX supercomputer, Xavier processor, to handle the heavy lifting on its upcoming self-driving car line.

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Verizon Grabs Straight Path from AT&T

By: Paula Bernier    5/11/2017

Less than a month after we got news that AT&T would be buying Straight Path Communications in an effort to expand its spectrum holdings to prepare for…

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Google's New Buy Boosts VR Gaming

By: Steve Anderson    5/11/2017

Google buys Owlchemy Labs, one of the leading VR gaming labs, in a move that should give it a huge new presence in the field.

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How Mobile Millennials are Shaping the Future of the Telecommunications Industry

By: Special Guest    5/10/2017

To determine exactly what millennials will want in their mobile service provider by the year 2022, CSG International recently conducted a survey that …

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How DellEMC's Pivotal Unit Could Keep Car Companies from Going Out of Business

By: Rob Enderle    5/9/2017

I'm at DellEMC World this week and one of the interesting talks was from Michael Dell in a break out talking about the coming autonomous car market an…

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SpaceX and Apple's Dreams of Satellite Broadband Billions

By: Doug Mohney    5/8/2017

Last week on Capitol Hill, SpaceX told a Senate committee about its plans to build a massive satellite constellation to provide broadband services aro…

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Tech Innovations that Will Change the Education System

By: Lindsey Patterson    5/4/2017

A lot of people today complain about the state of public education. They are concerned that student outcomes are getting worse over time. Thankfully, …

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Google Rolls out New Phishing Protection

By: Steve Anderson    5/4/2017

In the wake of a recent phishing scam built around Google Docs, Google releases some new protections against the illicit practice.

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Google Docs Phishing Scam on the March

By: Steve Anderson    5/4/2017

A recent phishing scam built around Google Docs is rapidly spreading online; here's what to watch for.

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The Microsoft Surface Laptop: Is It The One You Want?

By: Rob Enderle    5/2/2017

Today I'm at the Microsoft education announcement and they just did a Steve Jobs' Apple like hardware announcement of a new laptop. What makes a Steve…

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The Linchpin of Your Globalization Strategy is Localization

By: Special Guest    5/1/2017

More than ever before, mid-market companies are looking to move beyond the domestic marketplace and sell more overseas. The key to entering new, globa…

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What If You Could Speak to a Holocaust Survivor? Now You Can

By: Alicia Young    4/28/2017

The USC Shoah Foundation was founded by Steven Spielberg in 1994 to document first-hand accounts of the Holocaust for future generations. Since then, …

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Russian Hacker Receives Record-Breaking Prison Sentence

By: Alicia Young    4/27/2017

Roman Valeryevich Seleznev was sentenced to 27 years in prison last week in the U.S. for stealing millions of credit card details from businesses.

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Microsoft Brings New Talent to LinkedIn, Dynamics 365

By: Steve Anderson    4/27/2017

Microsoft gunning for a place in the human capital management sphere with new application, and the addition of Dynamics 365 to LinkedIn.

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Four Tips for Untouchable Intellectual Property

By: Anna Johansson    4/26/2017

Intellectual property is considered an intangible asset and can include things like recipe ingredients, articles, logos, and proprietary systems and p…

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Is it Time for Someone to Clean Slate a Gaming Console?

By: Rob Enderle    4/24/2017

I've been looking at a lot of the comments on game review articles and forums of late, and gamers appear to be disappointed that the games aren't gett…

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For True Cybersecurity, Executives Must Become Hands-On

By: Special Guest    4/21/2017

Data security is so important that mishandling it can spell disaster for an enterprise. It is a potentially ruinous mistake for executives with non-te…

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Facebook's Latest VR Cameras Offer New Freedom

By: Steve Anderson    4/21/2017

Two new VR cameras from Facebook, of all places, add an impressive new level of freedom for users to shoot video.

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Facebook Working on Shocking New Interfaces

By: Steve Anderson    4/20/2017

A brain-computer interface? It may be coming soon from Facebook.

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A Time Traveling Telescope? VR Makes it Happen

By: Steve Anderson    4/20/2017

With a new virtual reality based telescope, users can see back in time, in this case to the Seine in Paris in 1628.

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Ex-Microsoft Execs Extend Bill Gates' Vision for a Better LinkedIn- One That Pays You

By: Rob Enderle    4/17/2017

One of the most interesting announcements last week was for a new service called Nextio (sounds like 'next to you'). This takes an idea that I first h…

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New Tech Puts Food Companies in the Business of Prevention

By: Anna Johansson    4/13/2017

For many years, businesses have taken the stance of responding to issues as they emerge. But with new advancements in technology, it's becoming clear …

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Business Lessons From Three Little-Known Entrepreneurs Shaping Our World

By: Special Guest    4/13/2017

Three little-known entrepreneurs in particular are shaping the emerging regions of the world in countries where many American entrepreneurs see tremen…

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Knowledge Workers: The Future is at Hand

By: Maurice Nagle    4/12/2017

Workfront CEO Alex Shootman asked the audience during his Tuesday Leap keynote, "What if I could tell y'all what you need to know to know the future?"

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Self-Driving Cars and Their Impact on Your Commute

By: Lindsey Patterson    4/12/2017

With the technology of self-driving cars, your daily commute in the future could be different compared to the current one. Gone will be the days of ha…

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Tesla Passes GM Because It Isn't A Car Company

By: Rob Enderle    4/11/2017

Let's chat about what it means to be a Tesla buyer and why the experience is not only different but generally better than with any other car company.

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Closing the Digital Divide

By: Special Guest    4/10/2017

There is a stark digital divide across the United States. Those without access to fast Internet services are at a disadvantage, unable to benefit from…

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Six Ways Video Tech Will Change in the Next Decade

By: Anna Johansson    4/7/2017

Video remains one of the most popular mediums for content consumption in the world, but like all technologies, video tech is undergoing constant forms…

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Google Announces Android O with Impressive Battery Life

By: Larry Alton    4/7/2017

If there's one thing that smartphone users always complain about, it's the battery life of their phones. Google thinks it may have found the solution …

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Keeping Your Business Information Safe

By: Lindsey Patterson    4/7/2017

By understanding the digital threat landscape and implementing security best practices, business managers can drastically reduce the risk of a serious…

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CoreDial to Channel Partners: Get Your Unfair Share

By: Doug Mohney    4/6/2017

CoreDial is encouraging partners to move upmarket, since a SME customer will have more seats and buy more value-added services - hence, generating mor…

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Binge-Watchers Rejoice: YouTube TV is Finally Here

By: Alicia Young    4/5/2017

YouTube TV launched today in a select few markets, and by the looks of it, this is a service both binge-watchers and casual TV fans alike are going to…

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Looking to Launch Your Digital Transformation?

By: Paula Bernier    4/5/2017

As with any journey, you have to start someplace. And a good place to start your digital transformation journey is by improving your communications so…

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Why Women Should Pursue Careers in Data Privacy

By: Special Guest    4/5/2017

As a woman in tech, I'm no stranger to the major gender gap in the industry. According to the AAUW, women only hold 26 percent of IT jobs - a number t…

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Blackberry and Argo AI: Will They Be Enough to Keep Tesla from Displacing Ford?

By: Rob Enderle    4/4/2017

Ford got a wake-up call yesterday morning; Tesla just passed Ford in valuation, making Tesla, with only two cars, more valuable on paper than Ford wit…

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Skype Users Be Warned: Ransomware Afoot

By: Steve Anderson    4/3/2017

New complaints on the rise about a breed of ransomware malware slipping into fake Flash ads on the Skype platform.

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Verizon Shuffles, Adds New Network Team Leader

By: Steve Anderson    4/3/2017

A restructuring at Verizon brings in the former CEO of Ericsson to run its network team.

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Amazon Vonage Acquisition on the Horizon?

By: Doug Mohney    3/30/2017

Amazon continues to roll the unified communications (UC) community. This week, it added call center services to its virtual offerings through Amazon W…

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Congress Passes Consumer Privacy Rollback

By: Paula Bernier    3/29/2017

Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted 215-205 to eliminate privacy rules aimed at protecting the browsing histories and data of U.S. broadband…

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How Enhanced Connectivity Benefits Analytics and Big Data

By: Lindsey Patterson    3/29/2017

Potential benefits of data analysis include enhanced marketing potential, the ability to improve overall efficiency as well as the means to track and …

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Think IT Can Handle Security On Its Own? Think Again

By: Special Guest    3/28/2017

One of the major fears of any IT department is losing control - of projects, of users, of applications. Yet, even with the best technology solutions, …

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Optane: Intel Builds a Supercharger for PCs

By: Rob Enderle    3/28/2017

Optane is Intel's brand name for 3D XPoint memory, a brand-new memory architecture which has speed a bit slower than DRAM but otherwise performs like …

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