Facebook Goes After Periscope with Live Mobile Video Tab

By: Rory Lidstone    4/6/2016

Social networks, being still relatively new entities, are constantly trying out new features in pursuit of new revenue streams, while eliminating any …

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Twitter To Stream Thursday Night NFL Games

By: Andrew Bindelglass    4/6/2016

In a groundbreaking deal for both sides, it was announced April 5 that Twitter has secured a deal with the National Football League to stream ten of t…

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NVIDIA's GTC: The Five Key Technologies Launched

By: Rob Enderle    4/5/2016

NVIDIA's GTC launches this week. This is a huge conference and it has doubled in size since the inaugural event in 2012. There are five big announceme…

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Individualized Customer and Employee Experiences Key to Success says Oracle Study

By: Peter Bernstein    4/5/2016

While it may have taken some time for organizations to realize the full impact of being more customer-centric, including the empowerment of their empl…

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As Mass Market Beckons, Oculus Rift Opens the Door for VR

By: Tara Seals    4/5/2016

As the Oculus Rift makes headlines for snagging big-time consumer interest, the annual investment in augmented and virtual reality companies has hit a…

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Wheelings & Dealings: Brocade Plans Big Buy of Ruckus Wireless

By: Steve Anderson    4/4/2016

Network service provider Brocade recently made a move to step up its Wi-Fi operations, purchasing Ruckus Wireless for around $1.2 billion in a mix of …

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Creating Secure Mobile Interactions for Online Banking

By: Special Guest    4/4/2016

Banks have a lot more to lose than money if a security measure fails. These financial institutions strive to create a relationship built on trust with…

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Hello Voice My Old Friend, Goodbye PSTN

By: Doug Mohney    3/31/2016

After a hiatus, voice is back. And IP continues to push the public switched telephone network to the dustbin, but the line has moved a matter of inche…

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Google Fiber Goes Triple Play with Home Phone Service

By: Rory Lidstone    3/30/2016

It seems that the home phone is practically a relic of the past at this point, at least among Millennials, but Google Fiber decided to challenge this …

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FBI Accesses San Bernardino Shooter's iPhone Without Apple

By: Rory Lidstone    3/30/2016

No one expected the San Bernardino terrorist attack to result in a court battle between the U.S. Justice Department and Apple, but that's what happene…

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Holoportation: Microsoft Has It Exactly Wrong, They Accidentally Created Time Travel

By: Rob Enderle    3/29/2016

If you look at how Microsoft is positioning Holoportation, including the name, it looks like this is a form of teleportation. But if you watch the vid…

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Highway Communications Sees an IP Transformation with IP/MPLS

By: Peter Scott    3/28/2016

Intelligent transportation systems need the ability to set quality of service guarantees and parameters based on service type.

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The Future of Apps Lies Within Live Streaming

By: Special Guest    3/28/2016

Live, linear content only happens once, unfolding before our eyes, in the moment and is generally something that must be immediately viewed, given its…

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Nokia Addresses 100G Transport with Enhanced Photonic Switches

By: Paula Bernier    3/22/2016

Expansion of Nokia 1830 photonic service switch portfolio highlights growing need for automation, elasticity and 100G and higher speeds.

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Apple Event: Apple Is Transitioning Into a Solutions Company

By: Rob Enderle    3/21/2016

Apple is changing into a firm more focused on solutions which should allow them to dovetail better with both IBM and Cisco as they flesh out those par…

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Google Selling Boston Dynamics: Robotics Ambitions Abandoned?

By: Steve Anderson    3/21/2016

Robotics was the hot topic on many lips for a long time, but now there's some evidence that the market is in remission as Google was recently spotted …

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Amazon Looks to Patent 'Pay by Selfie' Technology

By: Tara Seals    3/17/2016

Call it a mobile payments idea for the Kardashian age: why not use selfies for payment processing? Amazon thinks it's the way to go: The e-tailer is l…

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GM, Ford Make Moves to Fast-Lane Self-Driving Cars

By: Tara Seals    3/16/2016

And indeed, car manufacturers obviously represent the fastest path to rollouts (no pun intended) at scale, especially if the conversion technology wor…

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New Security Efforts by OTT Providers Continue Despite Wiretap Concerns

By: Paula Bernier    3/15/2016

Popular online entities like Facebook, Google and Snapchat continue to advance the security they deliver around their services and capabilities, and w…

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AMD Gets Serious About Virtual Reality

By: Rob Enderle    3/15/2016

For years at the Game Developer's Conference, AMD's event looked like a visit to your poor relatives. In the midst of huge presentations by AMD's comp…

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5G Use Cases Drive Innovation

By: Tara Seals    3/10/2016

There's no question that wireless networks are on the verge of obsolescence if they don't innovate. For one, the Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly e…

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Avaya Aims to Address the OTT Threat, Declining PBX Space with Zang, Breeze

By: Paula Bernier    3/10/2016

Avaya is taking a page from GENBAND and Kandy in an effort to stay relevant in a rapidly changing communications environment. The PBX leader this week…

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Latency and the Coming Internet Reboot

By: Doug Mohney    3/9/2016

Best effort Internet only goes so far when it comes to real-time applications. As service providers talk up the magic wonders of software defined netw…

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How Far Away Are We from Putting Computer Chips Underneath Our Skin?

By: Lindsey Patterson    3/8/2016

Today, microchip implants are already being used by pet owners to keep track of their dog or cat and in 2004 the FDA approved a computer chip for impl…

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Will Autonomous Boats Become a Thing?

By: Anna Johansson    3/8/2016

It may be awhile before anyone will trust autonomous aircraft, but boats are another story. In fact, there have already been several innovations in th…

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For Mom-Execs, Results Matter. Hours Don't

By: Special Guest    3/8/2016

Leading security industry executive reflects on work-life balance and how being a mom contributes to a more thriving enterprise.

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PC Taken in Different Directions by HP, Huawei

By: Doug Mohney    3/3/2016

Hardware manufacturers HP and Huawei used this year's Mobile World Congress to expand beyond their stock template and into new territory. HP is taking…

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Watson: IBM's (and IT's) Biggest Breakthrough Since the PC

By: Doug Mohney    3/3/2016

Can you escape IBM's latest innovation, Watson? Big Blue is hammering the cognitive technology into as many avenues as it can.

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What to Watch in Wearables This Year

By: Special Guest    3/2/2016

Over the past couple of years, wearables have hit the news headlines and the wrists of many consumers looking to monitor their vitals and ultimately, …

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Open and Sustainable Telecom Infra Project Reflects Telecom Networking Evolution

By: Laura Stotler    3/2/2016

The big players in today's telecom world simply can't afford to hold onto legacy, proprietary network components and technologies. The Internet of Thi…

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Apple's Showdown with the Feds Gains Steam with Brooklyn Decision

By: Tara Seals    3/2/2016

U.S. magistrate judge James Orenstein in Brooklyn ruled this week that the tech giant is under no compulsion to hand the Justice Department access to …

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Bewildering Lag In Connected Car Security Showcases Looming IoT Issues

By: Tara Seals    3/1/2016

As the Internet of Things (IoT) revolutionizes the way consumers interact with hardware in their daily lives, security has come to the forefront-with …

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HoloLens Goes to Developers: The Near Term Future of Altered Reality

By: Rob Enderle    2/29/2016

This week Microsoft released HoloLens for order to developers to be shipped at the end of March. This is a very different device than a 3D Headset or …

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Apple's March 21 Event Packed With New Releases

By: Steve Anderson    2/29/2016

For Apple fans, March 21 is shaping up to be one spectacular day, as a major event is scheduled that should reveal a host of new products. Not only ar…

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Nissan LEAF Open APIs Start the Hackers' Engines

By: Tara Seals    2/26/2016

Completely unauthenticated APIs for the mobile app that goes with the Nissan LEAF have opened the door for hackers to remotely control the world's bes…

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The Dark Side of the Web

By: Peter Bernstein    2/26/2016

It may be because of the popularity of horror films, or the Oscar-bound The Revenant, but there are times when you go to the movies and sit there with…

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CafeX Delivers on the Promise of WebRTC without WebRTC

By: Erik Linask    2/25/2016

CafeX eliminates obstacles to adoption of real-time video-based conferencing and collaboration with new Chime solution.

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5G Hype - Where's the Fiber?

By: Doug Mohney    2/24/2016

The greatest outrage from Mobile World Congress this week is the sheer amount of hype surrounding 5G. Hardware vendors and service providers are offer…

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Why Business Continuity is the Biggest CIO Consideration

By: Special Guest    2/23/2016

The first and last job for every CIO is to ensure a network infrastructure that is always available. As Internet assets increase in importance not onl…

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Data Science: The 21st Century's 'Plastics'

By: Special Guest    2/23/2016

Data scientists meet growing need to bring structure to large quantities of formless data and glean actionable insights.

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Mobile World Congress: The Powerful, Exact Opposite of An iPhone

By: Rob Enderle    2/22/2016

I've always been a tad fascinated with Panasonic as the first computer I bought myself was a Panasonic, as was one of the first cell phones I owned, a…

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Apple Says No to Feds Over Compromising its iPhone Security

By: Peter Scott    2/19/2016

Apple put its foot down when a federal court ordered Apple to create what amounted to a backdoor that would give access to the encrypted iPhone used b…

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The Ever-Increasing Role of Technology in the World of Philanthropy

By: Drew Hendricks    2/18/2016

At its most basic level, the purpose of technology is to improve some aspect of the human experience. For example, wearable tech was developed with th…

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2016: Social Media's Plateau?

By: Doug Mohney    2/17/2016

LinkedIn and Twitter both reported flat growth this month, leading to the typical Wall Street stock battering. Both companies are making more noises a…

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Web Conferencing Sucks and Everyone Knows It

By: Special Guest    2/17/2016

ScreenMeet is changing the face of web conferencing with mobile first capabilities for the mobile workforce.

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Your Toaster May Eventually Spy On You, and Your Camera Could Kill Your Kid

By: Rob Enderle    2/16/2016

This is what came out of testimony in the US Senate on Tuesday. The point is that, as we increasingly network our devices without wrapping them with a…

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President Obama Outlines Plans for Greater Protection of U.S. Interests from Cyberthreats

By: Peter Bernstein    2/12/2016

President Obama, in a commentary piece in the Wall Street Journal, has laid out what is described as "Our new national action plan includes $3 billion…

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Self-Driving Car Update: The Human Driver Is No Longer a Risk

By: Rob Enderle    2/11/2016

This week, the NHTSA made a decision to designate the computer in a self-driving car the driver. This means, in theory, that you can now build a car t…

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Artificial Intelligence: Man's New Best Friend

By: Special Guest    2/11/2016

Roll over dogs, there's a new human companion in town and it's smart, omnipresent and perhaps best of all, hair-free.

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Tech Ethics (And Where They're Lacking)

By: Kayla Matthews    2/11/2016

The late Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart once said, "Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do…

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