What's Shaking up the Switch Market?

By: Special Guest    1/18/2016

Enterprises, data centers and service providers have unique drivers for higher capacity, more programmable switches.

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Deloitte: Cognitive Tech, Machine Learning Will Define Tech Innovation

By: Tara Seals    1/15/2016

Deloitte's 15th edition of Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) Predictions predicts that this year, 80 of the world's 100 biggest software co…

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Import.io Raises $13 Million in Series A for Web Data Analytics

By: Tara Seals    1/15/2016

Import.io, whose technology enables businesses to convert websites into usable data, has nabbed a $13 million Series A round of funding.

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PC Shipments Take a Nose Dive in Q4 2015

By: Oliver VanDervoort    1/15/2016

While most people probably assume that the consumer electronics market is as strong as it's ever been, some subsections of the industry are hurting pr…

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Spamhaus Calls Out Verizon for Routing 4 Million Stolen IP Addresses

By: John Casaretto    1/15/2016

Spamhaus is an organization dedicated to fighting spam. This international not-for-profit organization compiles block lists with the IP addresses of k…

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White House Appoints Sonus CEO Raymond Dolan to NSTAC

By: Kyle Piscioniere    1/14/2016

The White House today appointed Sonus President and CEO Raymond Dolan to the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC). Dolan wi…

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Windows 10, BYOD and IoT: New Strategies for Securing the Network

By: Special Guest    1/14/2016

The appeal of "free" is undeniable. Perhaps that's why Microsoft decided to offer Windows 10 as a free upgrade. Just as the free version 8.1 enjoyed h…

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Wheelings & Dealings: Envelop VR Hits Big in its Series A Funding Round

By: Steve Anderson    1/14/2016

We've heard a lot about virtual reality (VR) lately. It's not hard to hear about it, thanks to the Oculus Rift, the PlayStation VR and a host of other…

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How to Close the Innovation Gap

By: Special Guest    1/14/2016

Oracle discusses how feeding innovation funnel requires a balanced and steady stream of good ideas to meet challenges.

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Top 5 Security Risks in 2016 and How Middle East Organizations Can Combat Them

By: Special Guest    1/12/2016

With the blurring of network boundaries and the increasing number of connected devices, A10 Networks predicts even more attacks and vulnerability disc…

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SysAid CEO Talks IT Trends 2016

By: Stefania Viscusi    1/8/2016

IT professionals are faced with numerous challenges today, especially as businesses become more digital and rely heavily on technologies to complete t…

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Security Threats Don't Just Happen to Big Business, Says SimpleWan CEO

By: Peter Scott    1/7/2016

Unfortunately, I can vouch for the thrust of Erik Knight's message. Knight is CEO of SimpleWan, a VoIP service provider that, among other offerings…

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2016 Project Portfolio Management Trends

By: Special Guest    1/7/2016

The end of the year is a time for reflection, assessment and rejuvenation. In the Project Portfolio Management (PPM) cloud applications world, the end…

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Intel Has Huge Plans for the IoT

By: Rory Lidstone    1/6/2016

There has been a lot of speculation that 2016 will be the year that the internet of things (IoT) truly takes over and, not even a week into the new ye…

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Enterprises Are Going 'MAD' for Mobile

By: Special Guest    1/6/2016

This shift to mobile devices creates enormous opportunities for organizations in the Middle East to improve engagement with their customers, employees…

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Would-be UK Bombers Used Social Media to Ask for Potential Targets

By: Frank Griffin    1/4/2016

While art may imitate life, truth is stranger or more absurd than fiction. And at a time when just the mention of the word terrorism gets everyone on …

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What's Ahead for 2016: Top 7 Emerging Technology Trends

By: Mitch Maiman    1/4/2016

This time of year, forecasting the future is always intriguing, to take a look at what's ahead for technology. Product design firms like IPS tend to g…

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With the Calendar Turned to 2016, Will 'CIO' Become a Part of History?

By: Special Guest    1/4/2016

The CIO's role has actually been steadily evolving from "Keeper of IT Systems" who focused primarily on maintaining the IT infrastructure and operatio…

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Will Cord Cutting Define 2016?

By: Andrew Bindelglass    12/31/2015

We would be hard pressed not to dub 2015 as the year of streaming video. Many experts expected the popularity of video streaming services like Netflix…

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When Investing in an Enterprise CRM, Your 'Initial Launch Plan' is as Critical as Your Selection

By: Special Guest    12/30/2015

After overseeing a series of successful Talent CRM Strategy engagements, I have observed consistent trends in the process of implementing my unique "F…

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Fitbit vs. Apple Watch - Really a Contest?

By: Doug Mohney    12/30/2015

Like many this holiday season, I received a Fitbit (Charge HR) as a gift. There's a lot of media obsessing on how the Fitbit app hit the number one sp…

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La Technologie Francaise at CES

By: Doug Mohney    12/29/2015

Over 200 French companies will be exhibiting at CES when it opens next week in Las Vegas. Trade officials are billing France as the place for startup …

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Wheelings and Dealings: Intel Aims for IoT with Altera Acquisition

By: Rory Lidstone    12/29/2015

The number of CPU manufacturers-whether for PCs, servers and mobile devices-is pretty small. In the PC and server spaces, the majority of machines are…

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Pirate Bay's 'Hydra' Sites Shut Down by Registrars

By: Christopher Mohr    12/29/2015

According to VentureBeat, four website domains of the BitTorrent site The Pirate Bay (TPB) were recently shut down. Although no official reasons for t…

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Star Wars Technology

By: Special Guest    12/28/2015

When Star Wars first burst on to movie screens back in 1977 I was in the middle of college and my engineering studies. Now 38 years later we're waitin…

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Looking Ahead To CES: Be Afraid; Be Very Afraid

By: Rob Enderle    12/28/2015

I used to really look forward to CES, but the show has gotten so big that instead of enjoying the event, attendees have to survive it. However, based …

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The Next Generation of Drones Could Save Your Home

By: Rob Enderle    12/22/2015

I'm now starting to wonder how long it will be before a consumer can buy an armed drone. But until that happens Secom has announced they now have the …

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Netflix to Boost Streaming Quality While Reducing Bandwidth Needs

By: Rory Lidstone    12/22/2015

For those that remember the early days of media streaming on the internet, today's smooth access to high-quality, high resolution video is borderline …

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SpaceX Successfully Returns Falcon 9 to Flight with ORBCOMM

By: Doug Mohney    12/22/2015

If Elon Musk ultimately fulfills his dream of making mankind a multi-planetary species, historians will look back on the evening of December 21, 2015 …

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Five Things to Look Forward to in 2016

By: Special Guest    12/21/2015

It's time for annual predictions. Rather than trying to consult a crystal ball, I will instead offer up five things I see today that I believe will sh…

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Fun with Numbers: 'Adjusted' Dot-Bomb Financials Return to Wall St.

By: John Casaretto    12/18/2015

They say history repeats itself, but the signs coming out of Wall St. are reminding analysts of a history many don't want to repeat. Adjusted financia…

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OTT Video Primed for Christmas, But May Not Last

By: Steve Anderson    12/16/2015

Over-the-top (OTT) television has been a big topic for a long time. It's shaping a lot of the entertainment landscape and turning companies like Netfl…

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Comcast's Data Caps Enrage Customers

By: Steve Anderson    12/16/2015

The latest round of data cap information emerging from Comcast isn't sitting well with the customer base. Over 13,000 complaints have been filed with …

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Tech Products of 2015 That Kicked Butt

By: Rob Enderle    12/15/2015

As we approach the end of 2015 a number of products jump out as being far better than we'd anticipated they'd be. It is kind of an eclectic mix of ver…

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Holiday Online Shopping is in Full Force - Is Your Network Prepared?

By: Special Guest    12/14/2015

The online shopping holiday frenzy is upon us and will stretch all the way to New Year's Day. In fact, the National Retail Federation says that almost…

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4K TV Market Awaits New Differentiators

By: Tara Seals    12/14/2015

The market for 4K Ultra HD (UHD) TV services is ramping up, and most industry-watchers think it presents an effective way for cable operators to diffe…

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Insights into the Future of Technology Innovation: ITEXPO Presenter Shares Expertise

By: Susan J. Campbell    12/10/2015

In a world where technology plays a role in nearly everything we do, it's tough to take a step back and recognize whether or not this is a healthy app…

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Mozilla Offers New 'Content Blocker' for iOS 9 Users

By: Brian Carey    12/8/2015

Mozilla recently launched a "content blocker" for iOS 9. In spite of the name, the app is actually designed to only block ads that are trackers.

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Google Accused of Tracking Student Internet Activity

By: John Casaretto    12/8/2015

Low-cost notebooks have enjoyed a popular partnership with schools for some time. It should surprise no one that Google's Chromebooks are included in …

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Yahoo's Board is to Blame for Marissa Mayer's Failure

By: Rob Enderle    12/8/2015

This week folks are again focused on a failing CEO, and this one that has a severance package which falls between $160M and $60M, regardless of how yo…

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2016: Privilege the Good Customer and Fraud Reveals Itself

By: Special Guest    12/7/2015

My top prediction for 2016 is that adoption of passive behavioral biometrics for user authentication will increase. Why? Two reasons. We continue to s…

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Seven Reasons Why BPM and ACM are Essentially the Same Thing, or Should Be

By: Special Guest    12/4/2015

Why Business Process Management (BPM) and Adaptive Case Management (ACM) should be considered the same.

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YouTube, Still Unprofitable, Will Expand into Streaming Market

By: Kyle Piscioniere    12/3/2015

YouTube is looking to acquire licensed content for its streaming service, and cable companies should be terrified. Undisclosed sources told The Wall S…

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Under Construction: Next Era of U.S. Manned Spaceflight

By: Doug Mohney    12/3/2015

NASA Kennedy Space Center, Florida: the last manned flight from this location occurred in 2011. Today, diverse projects and new hardware by commercial…

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Saying 'I Do' to Resilience-10 Potential Barriers to Business Bliss

By: Special Guest    12/3/2015

10 factors to consider when building a risk-aware program for resilient organizations and communities.

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Zuckerberg Pledges to Donate 99 Percent of Stock in Generous, Shrewd Philanthropy

By: Kyle Piscioniere    12/3/2015

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has pledged to donate 99 percent of his Facebook shares - currently worth $45 billion - before his death. The generou…

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The Amazon Echo is a Bigger Initial Success than the iPod

By: Rob Enderle    12/2/2015

Every year we look for what will be the true breakout product for the holiday season. With the latest reported numbers from Amazon, it looks like the …

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Amazon Echo Now Understands 'Hunger Games,' Adele References

By: Rory Lidstone    12/1/2015

Tech gadget junkies probably already know everything there is to know about the Amazon Echo. Much like Google's short-lived Nexus Q, the device is mor…

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Toy Company VTech Left Millions of Parents, Children Vulnerable to Security Risk

By: Kyle Piscioniere    12/1/2015

A Chinese toy manufacturer's loose security has led to a massive breach of user data for both children and parents. VTech's lax security measures not …

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Top Cyber Monday Tech Deals

By: Kyle Piscioniere    11/30/2015

Here's some big news: over Thanksgiving weekend, more shoppers went online than to retail stores. This information comes before we see Cyber Monday da…

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