Oliver VanDervoort

Oliver has been writing for over four years and in that time has written for two major technological blogs. Oliver has covered everything from politics to entertainment to technology but continues to come back to gadgetry and the all things technical.


Latest Articles

PC Shipments Take a Nose Dive in Q4 2015 01/15/2016
Square Officially Files Its IPO 10/16/2015
Obama Administration Wants To Crack Down On Fruits Of Hacking 01/19/2015
Roku Continues To Lead Steaming Media Device Market 12/05/2014
Google Announces Products to be Aimed More at Kids 12/05/2014
Amazon Drops Fire Phone Price to 99 Cents 09/10/2014
Microsoft Could Be Opening First Madison Avenue Store 08/08/2014
Facebook Changes How Developers Incentivize Apps 08/08/2014
US Leads World in Spam 08/08/2014
FTC Files Complaint Against T-Mobile for Text Messaging Bill Cramming 07/02/2014
Facebook's Emotion Study Comes Under Fire 07/01/2014
Amazon App Store Inventory Tripled in 12 Months 06/19/2014
Google Struggling to Find Balance After EU "Right to be Forgotten' Ruling 06/09/2014
Yahoo Admits To Heightened Data Encryption in Wake of NSA Scandal 04/07/2014
IBM Posts $3.8B Profit in Second Quarter 07/19/2013
Chrome Introduces Cloud-Based Spell Check 04/01/2013
Facebook Reinforces Timeline with Purchase of Storylane 03/11/2013
Lenovo Unveils 27-Inch, Multi-User Table PC 01/07/2013
TeamViewer Launches App for Windows 8 10/30/2012
Nokia Siemens Improves CEM on Demand Portal 10/12/2012
DNSChange Malware Set to Boot Thousands off the Internet Today 07/09/2012
Apple's CEO May Have Footed the Bill for Apple's Patent Lawsuit Loss in China 07/09/2012
Malware May Boot Thousands from Internet Next Week 07/06/2012
iPad Mini Mass Production Set to Begin 07/06/2012
Facebook Sticking With Nasdaq Despite Friction in Relationship 07/05/2012
Nokia Announces Plans to Lay Off 10k Employees 06/14/2012
Mobiflock Announces My Life, My Child for Parental Controls on Kids' Smartphones 05/29/2012
Mobiflock Announces My Life, My Child for Parental Controls on Childrens' Smartphones 05/29/2012
140k Apple Computers Still Infected with Flashback Virus 04/18/2012
Joomla 2.5 Looking to Be More Attractive to Enterprise and Corporate Users 01/25/2012
Reddit Announces Planned Blackout on January 18 to Protest SOPA 01/11/2012
Dell Getting Back Into Tablet Business with New Streak 01/11/2012
Volkswagen Instituting Mandatory Blackouts of Company Blackberry Use 12/28/2011
RIM Stock Shares Soar Powered by Rumors of Takeover 12/22/2011
Online Holiday Shopping Rockets up 15 Percent over 2010 12/19/2011
Twilio Unveils Brand New SMS API for Canadian Cell Phone Users 12/13/2011
Farmers' Markets the Latest Industry to Add High Tech Advancements 12/12/2011
Texting While Driving Rates Continue To Rise 12/09/2011
Apple TV Allows Episode Purchases in UK, Canada and Australia 12/08/2011
Wal-Mart Launches Gift Suggesting Facebook App 12/02/2011
Microsoft Celebrates 10th Anniversary of the Xbox 11/15/2011
New Laser Eye Surgery Can Change Brown Eyes to Blue 11/04/2011
Nintendo 3DS Adding Hulu Plus and 3D Movie Recording Capabilities 10/21/2011
MC Hammer Announces New Search Engine WireDoo 10/20/2011
MIT Researchers Invent X-Ray Radar System 10/19/2011
Study Shows Tablets are Top Notch Delivery Devices for Daily News 10/14/2011
MapQuest Launches Neighborhood Ranking Site mqVibe 10/13/2011
eBay Set to Announce New Paypal Service and Relationship with Facebook 10/12/2011
AT&T Announces Five New Android Phones 10/12/2011
New York Puts WiFi in Five Public Parks Across the Boroughs 10/12/2011
Steve Jobs Biographical Graphic Comic Offered on Nook and Kindle 10/07/2011
Google Earth Surpasses 1 Billion Downloads 10/06/2011
Dell Looking to Wow with New All-in-One Computer 10/06/2011
Republican Task Force Encourages Incentives to Businesses Who Beef up Their Cyber Security 10/06/2011
Sony Announces Exclusive Games With 'Only on PlayStation Network' Program 10/03/2011
Microsoft Looking to Patent 1.4 Gigapixel Digital Camera 09/30/2011
Audi Is Offering Keys for a Day to Lucky Twitter Users 09/30/2011
Sony Announces Mini-Upgrade To Playstation Home Prior to Re-Launch 09/29/2011
Best Buy Announces $200 Price Cut on Blackberry Playbooks 09/29/2011
Sony Announces They Will Stop Paying For 3-D Movie Theater Glasses 09/29/2011
Group Hacks Goldman Sachs, Posts Personal Information of Company's CEO 09/28/2011
New York Subway System Finally Getting Some Cell Coverage 09/28/2011
President Obama to Hold Town Hall Conversation on LinkedIn 09/22/2011
Cell Phones Playing a Part in Getting Aid to Famine Stricken Somalia 09/21/2011
Microsoft Announces Extension of Shape the Future Program for Low Income Students 09/20/2011
Easy Steps to Take to Protect Information on Your Smart Phone 09/20/2011
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Available for Pre-Order On Best Buy.com 09/15/2011
Facebook Adding Subscribe Button for Twitter-Like Following of Strangers 09/14/2011
City of Chicago Putting 10 Years Worth Of Crime Data Online 09/14/2011
LEDSSPORTS Making Sporting Events Interchangeable 09/14/2011
New Study Shows Social Networkers Do Their Shopping Online 09/13/2011
Facebook Giving Account Notification Summaries a Try 09/13/2011
Amazon Looking Into Launching the Netflix of Books 09/12/2011
Project Gutenberg Pioneer Michael Hart Dies at Age 64 09/08/2011
Pirated Software Now in Nearly Half of all Homes Across the World 09/07/2011
Best Buy Announces Third Party Marketplace Website 09/07/2011
Twitter Launching Ads in the UK in October 09/07/2011
McAfee Issues Warning of Potential Car Hacking 09/07/2011
Facebook Making It a Smaller World With New Translate Function 09/06/2011
Skype Ups VoIP Wars With Launch of Two New Devices 08/31/2011
Sony Launches Individual HMZ 3-D Helmet 08/31/2011
American Farms Embracing Technology at Ever Growing Rate 08/26/2011