5 Specific Ways You Can Protect Your Customer's Data

By: Anna Johansson    9/15/2017

When a customer gives you his data, he expects that you're going to use it wisely and safeguard it against those who shouldn't have access to it. But …

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Self-Healing Technologies Too Futuristic To Believe

By: Kayla Matthews    9/15/2017

Now imagine for a moment a world in which nothing breaks-or rather, nothing stays broken. Too good to be true? Not quite. Self-healing technology is b…

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Addressing the Security Risks of the Mobile Internet of Things

By: Special Guest    9/14/2017

As the number of connected things has grown, so has the determination of cybercriminals to exploit them. Businesses might not think about the cybersec…

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Data Is King: How to Unleash Its Full Potential

By: Special Guest    9/6/2017

If data is king and integration is the glue that binds an enterprise together, then data integration is the building block that can make or break an o…

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This Digital Catapult Can Launch Jets

By: Lindsey Patterson    8/22/2017

A new technology for launching aircraft from U.S. Navy aircraft carriers has now been making headlines, too. This new technique demonstrates a fundame…

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4 Biohacking Facts You Should Know About in 2017

By: Special Guest    8/18/2017

When it comes to biohacking, a more recent development in science, it involves combining the idea of hacking with biology. In today's world, biohackin…

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Rest Your Weary Fingers: Voice Activation is Coming to a CRM Near You

By: Special Guest    8/9/2017

We spend a lot of time talking to our gadgets these days. Whether we're seeking directions from Siri or weather updates from Alexa, speech is quickly …

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Kevin Kennedy Stepping Down, Will New Leadership Help Guide Avaya Back into Prominence?

By: Erik Linask    8/7/2017

After more than eight years as Avaya's chief executive, Kevin Kennedy will be stepping down from that role as of October 1, 2017. He'll be replaced by…

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Micro-CT Scans Allow Researchers to Study Live Insects in 3D

By: Kayla Matthews    8/7/2017

The things we don't know about the natural world could fill textbooks. That's why excitement is the most appropriate response when we discover new way…

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Gogo Making Air Travel More Productive

By: Erik Linask    8/4/2017

Gogo created tremendous hype when it first enabled in-flight connectivity on American Airlines, back in 2008. But, anyone who has used in-flight Wi-Fi…

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Can We Run Out of Internet?

By: Special Guest    8/3/2017

As little as ten years ago, you couldn't discover new things like you can today. Whether you consider this to be a curse or a blessing, the content av…

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Tech Makes it Possible to Work Entirely from Home

By: Anna Johansson    8/2/2017

The number of people who work from home has grown substantially over the past decade. Nearly 50 percent of Americans say they work from home at least …

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Cyber Extortion: Is Your Business Software At Risk?

By: Special Guest    7/31/2017

2017 looks set to be the year of global ransomware attacks - a type of malware that blocks access to a computer and demands money to release it. In re…

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Mitel Finally Gets ShoreTel, Puts UCaaS Market on Notice

By: Erik Linask    7/28/2017

Mitel announced yesterday that it's acquiring ShoreTel, after all. Three years after a failed attempt at the same deal, Mitel gets a discount in the n…

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Machine Learning & EHSQ: An Overview

By: Special Guest    7/21/2017

No matter what industry you work in, you've likely been hearing about the importance, and prevalence, of machine learning and analytics. But what do t…

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10 Announcements From WWDC That Impact Mobile-First Businesses

By: Special Guest    7/20/2017

With several announcements made during Apple's annual WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDC), here are the top 10 that mobile-first businesses should …

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How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Travel Experience

By: Special Guest    7/20/2017

In tech circles and beyond, AI is the mot du jour lately, often thrown around in speculative conversations as the magical key that will unlock previou…

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Attacking Democracy: Should DDoS Be Considered a Legitimate Form of Protest?

By: Special Guest    7/19/2017

It used to be that news about DDoS attacks was largely limited to tech websites and other specialized information sources, where the focus was on atta…

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How AI is Changing the Way We Invest

By: Special Guest    7/14/2017

According to Investopedia, algorithmic trading already comprises 70 percent of daily trading. As trading becomes more automated, the need for human an…

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Meet Your Company's New Data Scientist: The CFO

By: Special Guest    7/11/2017

Big data is a huge trend in business today, with companies across industries gathering, tracking and analyzing hordes of new metrics to improve their …

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Becoming a Software Company Only Keeps You in the Game

By: Special Guest    7/10/2017

Over the past several years, we have witnessed how critical it is for traditional enterprises in many industries to become software companies to not o…

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Pokemon Go Paves the Wave for More AR

By: Special Guest    7/6/2017

In the world of virtual reality and augmented reality, the latter has been perceived as the less-glamorous cousin. However, with the stunning populari…

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US Action Against Microsoft Could Ruin The Fourth Industrial Revolution

By: Kayla Matthews    7/5/2017

Throughout human history, new technologies have been delivering us from inconveniences great and small. Right now, one of the most significant new tec…

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Ransomware is a C-Level Problem, Not a Hacker Issue

By: Special Guest    7/5/2017

CEOs, CIOs, CROs and business owners: listen up for a minute. If you have never been in the situation where your entire IT infrastructure is down, it'…

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SoftKinetic Delivering Big New Mobile Solutions

By: Steve Anderson    6/30/2017

SoftKinetic's latest work in facial recognition, augmented reality may mean some exciting new mobile tools to come.

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Remote Work: The Future of IT

By: Special Guest    6/28/2017

Remote work opportunities are on the rise thanks to innovative technology that makes telecommuting and virtual collaboration more effective than ever …

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WannaCry? No, It's Worse in New Ransomware Attack

By: Steve Anderson    6/28/2017

A wave of ransomware attacks strikes computers across much of the planet, leading some to wonder if WannaCry has made a return.

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Surface Pro, Surface Book, Surface Notebook: The Choice Is Surprisingly Easy

By: Rob Enderle    6/27/2017

I've been using Microsoft's latest versions-or, in some cases, the only versions-of its Surface PC line of products. Each is very different in terms o…

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Two Technologies That Showcase Good VR Could Cost $20K

By: Rob Enderle    6/23/2017

This month, there were two interesting product announcements. The first was in regard to very high-resolution displays that should arrive in VR headse…

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Popularity of Voice Recognition Gadgets Highlights Need for Speech Analytics

By: Kayla Matthews    6/21/2017

Voice-activated personal assistant platforms such as Amazon's Alexa continue to grow in popularity, making lives easier in all sorts of ways. As such …

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Can Machine Learning Defuse the Ticking Time Bomb of Open Recalls?

By: Special Guest    6/20/2017

Did you know that 150 million vehicles have been recalled in the USA since 2014? That's 38 percent of all the cars in America. And, according to Recal…

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Technology and Ties: 5 Reasons Gen X is Taking Over in Business

By: Special Guest    6/20/2017

The generational clash in the workplace between Millennials and Baby Boomers gets all the hype. It reminds me of the debate over who would win - Muham…

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For Amazon-Whole Foods' Future, Look to Zappos, Not Robots

By: Doug Mohney    6/19/2017

Amazon's bid for Whole Foods is obvious and brilliant. There's a lot of crazy talk about how Whole Foods will get turned into people-less stores like …

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Know the Rules and Tools for Stronger Financial Services Cybersecurity

By: Special Guest    6/19/2017

How can cybersecurity solutions help financial services organizations meet requirements and stay compliant? Let's take a closer look at some of the ex…

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Telecom CEOs Face Personal Risk When Reputational Attacks Occur

By: Special Guest    6/19/2017

When corporate reputations are damaged in today's unforgiving culture, individuals in corporate leadership take the heat as stakeholders seek satisfac…

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Women-Owned Agency Tells Its Culture Story

By: Paula Bernier    6/16/2017

Primitive Spark Inc. is a digital design agency with experience in applied technology, content strategy, digital strategy, enterprise user experience,…

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AI Systems Increasingly Taking Jobs from Millennials

By: Steve Anderson    6/16/2017

Those looking for work, particularly millennials, are going to have to face off against artificial intelligence systems that can do the same jobs.

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Malware Caused 2016 Ukrainian Power Outage

By: Paula Bernier    6/14/2017

Malware called CRASHOVERRIDE or Industroyer was likely to blame for last year's power grid attack in the Ukraine that left Kiev in the dark for an hou…

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IoT Brings Inmarsat to a World Beyond Satellite

By: Doug Mohney    6/14/2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the factors moving Inmarsat from a satellite connectivity company into technology solutions.

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Why the Smartphone Market Works and Why Apple Wants to Kill It

By: Rob Enderle    6/12/2017

The smartphone market has been vastly different largely because, like the PC market before it, it has always been vendor rich. Yes, Apple has a big pa…

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Music Tech: Big Things Coming Down the Pipeline

By: Anna Johansson    6/12/2017

For years, the music industry was largely left alone by tech innovators. However, it seems as if we're in the middle of a boom. New ideas are being br…

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A Closer Look at Honda's Autonomous Vehicles

By: Steve Anderson    6/9/2017

Recent reports emerged about Honda's plan for cars that don't require drivers, putting it in the autonomous vehicle game completely.

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AI Poised to Take All the Jobs, Says Musk, Experts

By: Steve Anderson    6/8/2017

Elon Musk, backed by 352 experts, projects a rapid advance for AI to the point where humans are unemployable by 2136.

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You're About to Be Screwed if You Drive a Tesla

By: Rob Enderle    6/5/2017

AAA is planning to raise insurance rates for Tesla drivers by a whopping 30 percent because they are tracking 40+ percent higher claims and twice the …

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How Machine Learning is Impacting the Way We Test Software

By: Kayla Matthews    6/5/2017

You may have heard the phrase "machine learning" without understanding what it means. Essentially, machine learning refers to computers or software pl…

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Governmental Entities Bringing Financial Cybersecurity to Center Stage

By: Special Guest    6/2/2017

By now, it's no secret that cybercriminals have targeted, and continue to target, the financial services industry with advanced attacks that are desig…

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How Too Much Data Could Spell Trouble for Consumers

By: Larry Alton    6/1/2017

For most intents and purposes, data is a good thing. Having more information about the world around us helps scientists and engineers solve bigger pro…

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Core Wars: AMD's Threadripper Takes On Intel's i9

By: Rob Enderle    5/31/2017

Boy, it's starting to feel like summer in the tech market because the competitive fights are really heating up. And the most amazing part is that all …

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OneWeb Satellite Broadband Service: Big Win in Alaska?

By: Doug Mohney    5/31/2017

Broadband cloud satellite provider OneWeb has signed up its first reseller in Alaska. The company may have a winning combination of features to give i…

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The Biggest Takeaway from the WannaCry Ransomware Attack

By: Special Guest    5/30/2017

This month's ferocious ransomware attack, known as "WannaCry," spread across the globe with astonishing speed and breadth, freezing more than 300,000 …

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