The Revolutions at Computex 2016: Best 2-in-1, Wearable & Non-Homicidal Robot

By: Rob Enderle    6/9/2016

Computex is the huge technology show that kicks off in Asia this time of year, and typically is a showcase of interesting products set to launch befor…

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Five Technology Trends Peaking in 2016

By: Drew Hendricks    6/9/2016

The sheer vastness of technology's presence in today's world is enough to make anyone's head spin, even if you are keeping up with the news on a regul…

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Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Sees IP Traffic Near-Tripling by 2020

By: Peter Bernstein    6/7/2016

As resources that tend to become the gold standard as references for what lies ahead, there are few that can rival the Cisco Visual Networking Index (…

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The Oncoming Tectonic Shift in Telecom

By: Special Guest    6/7/2016

Carriers competing on connectivity have created a massive overabundance of supply. This "race-to-zero" for both wired and wireless connectivity is tur…

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How to Improve Productivity in the Office: Don't Have One

By: Special Guest    6/7/2016

Yes, you read that right. If you want to increase efficiency in your company, the best decision that you can make right now is to eliminate your offic…

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Has Verizon Jumped the Shark on 5G, 6G?

By: Doug Mohney    6/6/2016

I'm not sure exactly when I started losing respect for Verizon, but standing on my front porch in a Northern Virginia neighborhood two weeks ago and h…

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Samsung Launches New Fitness Wearable

By: Andrew Bindelglass    6/6/2016

However, there is one major difference between the Gear Fit2 and its competitors. This wristband features three different tracking modes for running, …

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An AI-First Approach to IT Operation Analytics

By: Special Guest    6/3/2016

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is finally coming of age after many a false start. The days of runaway robots are still futuristic, but the time has come…

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Affectiva's Series D Shows Great Value Ahead for More Emotional Robots

By: Steve Anderson    6/1/2016

While many companies contemplate the move from paying human employees to using a slave labor battalion of machines, the shortcomings of said machines …

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Virtual Reality's Dirty Little Secret

By: Rob Enderle    6/1/2016

Actually, I could likely write this as a reusable piece and just do a global find and replace on the words that define the technology. For instance th…

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The Sharing Economy Means Big Cash Ahead

By: Steve Anderson    5/27/2016

It might seem like a misnomer, as the "sharing economy" has previously been thought to mean "getting stuff for free". A new report from Juniper Resear…

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The NFL and Twitter Just Put Fans in Charge of the Future of Sports Viewing

By: Special Guest    5/26/2016

Ask ten people you know what the last thing they viewed live was and eight of them will tell you, a sporting event. The others may cite the occasional…

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10 Tech Tools to Get You Through 2016

By: Drew Hendricks    5/24/2016

A great example of how simple tech innovations can make even the smallest things in our lives a little easier, the Oombrella, developed by Wezzoo, is …

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The Bigger Picture Behind Facebook's Bias Accusations

By: Special Guest    5/23/2016

Facebook recently followed up with a stern position that there was no biased manipulation of presented topics in its 'Trending Topics' section.

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Tamiami Angel Fund II Adds 10th Company to Investment Roster

By: Steve Anderson    5/19/2016

The Tamiami Angel Fund II (T2) has been busy in recent months, adding a slate of new investment targets to its roster. T2 recently added one new opera…

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Artificial Intelligence is no Longer Science Fiction, It's a Reality

By: Special Guest    5/18/2016

Talend Chief Evangelist says rather than being frightened by the perceived threat of AI, it would be wise to embrace the possibilities.

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Tor Creator Coming into FBI Focus

By: Maurice Nagle    5/18/2016

Tor is a free download that provides its users' anonymity on the Internet, initially designed to protect U.S. intelligence communications, is today be…

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Google Continues Campaign to Repeat Every Major Microsoft Mistake

By: Rob Enderle    5/17/2016

The latest, which ironically is the one that Google actually helped with when Microsoft originally made it, is an anti-trust ruling that tops the one …

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Streaming's Impact on the Cable Industry

By: Special Guest    5/16/2016

Some say change is constant. Others resist change, sometimes to their detriment. Whether you embrace shift or resist it and need motivation in a 'Who …

Read More $7 Billion Patent Attack Against Apple, Verizon and AT&T

By: Doug Mohney    5/11/2016

Voip-Pal says its patent suite is "fundamental to modern telecommunications using internet protocol." It has a total of ten issued U.S. Patent & Trade…

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Windows 10 Free Upgrades Ending: Correcting One of Microsoft's Biggest Mistakes

By: Rob Enderle    5/10/2016

Back in the early days of Microsoft the company made a critical strategic error that didn't come back to bite them in the butt until last decade. They…

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Can a Mobile Device Reduce Distracted Driving?

By: Lindsey Patterson    5/10/2016

Distracted driving is a major problem in the U.S. In 2014, as many as 30,000 people died, and more than 430,000 were injured as a result of car crashe…

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The Dark Web: How Bad is It?

By: Stefania Viscusi    5/9/2016

Scary cyber attacks on company networks threaten the personal information of many. It's a frightening thing and it's become our unfortunate reality.

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Cortana/Siri vs. Alexa & The Road To Robotic Post Smartphone Era

By: Rob Enderle    5/3/2016

Last week Microsoft made it clear that Cortana would only work with Microsoft's browser and search products making people question its cross platform …

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Looking For The Next iPod/Echo

By: Rob Enderle    4/29/2016

The Amazon Echo, not the Apple Watch, became the last iPod-like product largely because of a far more accessible price point, a more compelling name, …

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Apple Needs Reset, Not Elon Musk

By: Doug Mohney    4/29/2016

Apple's 13 percent sales decline and subsequent stock price drop this week has lead to the usual crazy talk about how to "fix" the company. Vivek Wadh…

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Is the Apple Bubble Finally Bursting?

By: Andrew Bindelglass    4/28/2016

Over the past 13 years, Apple has been one of the most successful companies in the world of tech, posting sales growths in 51 straight quarters. That …

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Facebook Wants More Sharing, Building New Camera App to Drive It

By: Steve Anderson    4/28/2016

One of the great downsides to having a lot of content in any one place is that, after a while, it starts looking downright pointless to add more.

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Shared-Space Providers (Airbnb) Poised to Beat Ride-Sharers (Uber)

By: Steve Anderson    4/28/2016

Travel may be starting to make a bit of a comeback, as a new report suggests that shared-space providers like Airbnb and WeWork are on the rise.

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Comcast Targets DreamWorks Animation for Acquisition in Multi-Billion Dollar Deal

By: Steve Anderson    4/27/2016

A new and unsettling movement is taking place in the content markets, and it's focused around one of America's most hated companies: Comcast.

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How Much Is Internet Access Worth to You?

By: Maurice Nagle    4/26/2016

In sports there are many tales of epic heroism, from Madison Square Garden erupting when Willis Reed walked out of the tunnel in game 7 of the 1970 NB…

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Cable, 5G Break the Big Telco 'We can't invest due to FCC' Myth

By: Doug Mohney    4/25/2016

It has been a year and change since the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) declared stronger rules for the Internet by reclassifying broadband ac…

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Verizon's Tightrope Between Burning Copper Bridges and Building New Fiber

By: Doug Mohney    4/25/2016

If municipalities like Alexandria build their own fiber network, Verizon will be at the mercy of the local government to purchase access for connectin…

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#Election2016 : It's a Numbers Game

By: Maurice Nagle    4/22/2016

Unless you have been living in a cave for last several months, you have been inundated with political rhetoric. Both Blue and Red candidates are assau…

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Elon Musk's Latest Company Wants to Stop a Robot Apocalypse

By: Anna Johansson    4/20/2016

OpenAI, Musk's latest venture, doesn't describe the problem in such ridiculous terms, but does center on controlling the development of artificial int…

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Yahoo Reports Losses as It Vets Offers from Verizon, Others

By: Paula Bernier    4/20/2016

Yahoo reported its first quarter financials this week, at the same time the company is considering offers from organizations that want to buy the stru…

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The Internet is Broken

By: Special Guest    4/20/2016

Cato Networks CEO says deep restructuring in the fabric of the Internet and core routing are required moving forward.

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From Carried to Worn: How Wearable Tech is Changing Sports

By: Lindsey Patterson    4/20/2016

Wearable technology has remained a quiet revolution focused on athletic training applications few other devices can emulate. Ever since the first acce…

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What Happens When Data Drives Politics?

By: Maurice Nagle    4/20/2016

A political campaign is much like the enterprise today in that data is an invaluable resource. As more firms deploy analytics solutions, more benefits…

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How Google Will Use VR to Displace iPhone

By: Rob Enderle    4/19/2016

YouTube is moving aggressively to host virtual reality content on their service, and folks are struggling to understand why since few people are equip…

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WebRTC: The Big Missing Piece in Polycom/Mitel Merger

By: Doug Mohney    4/18/2016

Analysts and pundits seem to be happy about Mitel acquiring Polycom. I'm not giddy about the merger. Call me a cynic or jaded, but I feel there's a lo…

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TWDM-PON Is Transforming Networks by Making Them More Flexible

By: Rory Lidstone    4/18/2016

TWDM-PON enables service providers to more quickly and easily monetize network investments while accelerating fiber deployments.

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Why Telepresence Robots are the Future of Education

By: Special Guest    4/18/2016

In higher education, universities are utilizing "hybrid learning," a concept pioneered for graduate classes at the School of Education at Michigan Sta…

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Wheelings & Dealings: Mitel Acquires Polycom Creating New UC Industry Giant

By: Rory Lidstone    4/15/2016

It appears the rumors of a Mitel acquisition of Polycom were true as the two companies today announced that they have entered a definitive merger agre…

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The Business Case for Onshoring Technology Support Services

By: Special Guest    4/13/2016

Advice on the difficult question of onshoring or offshoring tech support services faced many of today's CIOs.

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Logitech Lands Jaybird, Adds Accessories to the Roster

By: Steve Anderson    4/13/2016

Logitech recently landed Jaybird for $50 million and potential other payouts to follow. With Jaybird's acquisition, Logitech lands a new line of acces…

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Toyota: Can You Build A Fun Autonomous Car?

By: Rob Enderle    4/12/2016

Last week I was at NVIDIA's big developer event where there was a closing keynote (recorded) by Gill Pratt, CEO of Toyota Research on self-driving car…

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SpaceX Reusable Rocket Now a Reality

By: Doug Mohney    4/12/2016

Last week, SpaceX and Blue Origin marked new milestones in building reusable launch vehicles. SpaceX successfully landed a Falcon 9 first stage on a d…

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Don't Become a Victim of a Hacker: 10 Tips Every Customer Should Know

By: Special Guest    4/12/2016

Maintaining security when using a computer is not a new idea. It is something that has been talked about for a long time. Despite the signs that hacke…

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Five Tips for Middle East Enterprises to Become Mobile-First

By: Special Guest    4/11/2016

It's time to dispel the old myths surrounding mobile app development being to costly, complex and lengthy. Enterprises need to be aware that today's t…

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