Apple Making Serious Push Into Car Industry

By: Andrew Bindelglass    9/22/2016

Over the past two years, Apple has been seriously looking into entering the connected car industry, attempting to build its own electric vehicle that …

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Will Legacy Paper Save Us From Electronic Fraud?

By: Doug Mohney    9/21/2016

Voting in the 2016 elections may be under threat from hacking, with the FBI worried about interference by a foreign power. Every day, I and tens of th…

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Building Big Data Earth: Google, Planet Add More Imaging Satellites

By: Doug Mohney    9/19/2016

This month the skies became fuller with Earth observation satellites. Google added four new SkySat satellites on September 15, while Planet added eigh…

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iPhone 7: A Stepping Stone to Bigger and Better Smartphones

By: Alicia Young    9/19/2016

If a phone can fully understand its environment, this opens up a whole new world of opportunity for developers as well as advertisers and marketers-ju…

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A Creeping World of Voice-Enabled Cloud Surveillance

By: Doug Mohney    9/16/2016

We live in a world where Amazon will "use stocking stuffers to take over your home," in the words of a CNET article, on the same week FBI director Jam…

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Why HP Inc. is Moving to Consolidate Printer Market

By: Rob Enderle    9/13/2016

This week HP bought Samsung's printer business which may seem anything but a no-brainer because the printer market has been in decline for the last de…

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Reports Note That Banks Are Implementing, VCs Are Funding Blockchain

By: Paula Bernier    9/12/2016

Bitcoin and blockchain technology companies attracted $290 million in venture capital funding in the first half of 2016, according to a study from Jun…

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Have We Hit Peak Phone?

By: Doug Mohney    9/9/2016

If Apple's biggest excitement from the latest iPhone announcement this week is adding dual-cameras and ditching the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack, …

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The Darwinian Approach to Business Survival

By: Special Guest    9/8/2016

At its core, business mirrors evolution-it is survival of the fittest. In an economy that is uncertain and unpredictable, it is more important than ev…

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Corning Takes the Fight to Sapphire on Samsung Galaxy Gear S3

By: Rob Enderle    9/7/2016

The death match between Corning and Sapphire heated up last week when Corning, responding to both the threat and opportunity Sapphire has been explori…

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Apple Unveils iPhone 7, Apple Watch and iOS 10

By: Alicia Young    9/7/2016

Apple clued the world in to a tremendous number of updates today during its iPhone 7 launch. Presenters Phil Schiller and Tim Cook covered a wide rang…

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Broadband Satellite Provider LeoSat Finds First Enterprise Customer

By: Doug Mohney    9/6/2016

Today, September 6, startup satellite provider LeoSat Enterprises announced its first customer contract. A global financial trading company - not name…

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Intel Makes a New Lateral Move with Movidius Buy

By: Steve Anderson    9/6/2016

We all know that most of the major chipmakers and computing companies out there have been working on spreading their influence in a "post-PC" age. Tho…

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CAKE Provides Real Time Marketing Insights

By: Alicia Young    9/1/2016

As marketers, you know that the easiest customers to market to are happy ones. One of the key ways to ensure that your company is keeping customers ha…

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Google vs. Uber Saga Continues with New Ride-Share Service

By: Alicia Young    8/31/2016

There seems to be an ongoing battle between Google and Uber when it comes to providing the best car services. When Uber deployed self-driving cars in …

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Two for Two: Genesys to Buy Interactive Intelligence

By: Paula Bernier    8/31/2016

Today saw yet another acquisition in the contact center space. This one has Genesys purchasing Interactive Intelligence Group Inc. for $1.4 billion.

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Sound the Alarm on 911 Failures

By: Doug Mohney    8/30/2016

The District of Columbia - the Nation's Capital - lost 911 services for more than 90 minutes between late Saturday evening, Aug. 27 and Sunday morning…

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New Technologies that Debuted at the Rio Games

By: Special Guest    8/30/2016

When it comes to cutting-edge technology, this summer's Olympic Games didn't fail to impress. The weird - and really wonderful - tech advancements and…

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How to Buy a Laptop in 2016: Oh the Choices...

By: Rob Enderle    8/29/2016

Currently people are replacing their laptop computers about once every five years, and for those reaching that five-year due date, the next couple of …

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Wearable Camera Market Climbs to New Heights

By: Alicia Young    8/29/2016

Wearable cameras are becoming increasingly popular thanks to thrill-seekers. After all, it's much easier to record yourself skydiving or mountain clim…

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Ford's Autonomous Car Plan Implies We're Idiots

By: Rob Enderle    8/29/2016

According to CrashStats, about 18 percent of injury crashes, and 16 percent of all police reported crashes were caused largely because we weren't actu…

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Apple Goes Social with Video Editing App

By: Alicia Young    8/26/2016

The goal is to offer simple video editing with tools that appeal to millennials and upcoming generations-the people who grew up surrounded by social m…

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How Do the Year's Threat Predictions Match Reality?

By: Special Guest    8/24/2016

Last year, Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs global threat research team made a series of predictions about cyber threats in 2016. We are now halfway through…

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Automakers Invest in Wearable Tech Pilot Programs

By: Lindsey Patterson    8/24/2016

The advent of wearable technology has recently generated a number of creative products. Consumers check for email messages using "smart" watches and i…

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AI's Major Role in EU's New Data Privacy Regulations

By: Special Guest    8/23/2016

Earlier this year, the European Union passed the General Data Protection Regulation - landmark legislation addressing data protection and privacy conc…

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Broadband Delivered by Fiber Proves Better than Alternatives

By: Doug Mohney    8/23/2016

We're a couple years out on an unprecedented boom in broadband, with new wireless schemes, 5G, high-flying drones and constellations of satellites cov…

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BYOD Could Mean Bring Your Own Disaster

By: Special Guest    8/22/2016

As adoption of wearables becomes more mainstream in the Middle East, it brings added complexity to BYOD in an enterprise. One of the more interesting …

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Uber Self-Driving Cars Leave Google in the Dust

By: Alicia Young    8/19/2016

Everyone at Uber seems to be excited to get the ball rolling. Uber Chief Executive Travic Kalanick told The Wall Street Journal, "The technology is go…

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Blackberry DTEK50: The Smartphone for a Hostile World

By: Rob Enderle    8/17/2016

There are certain things I'll probably never understand. One of them is how the entire market moved from phones that were secure and built for busines…

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Intel Project Alloy: The End of Monitors As We Know Them

By: Rob Enderle    8/17/2016

Intel showcased a headset that is in direct competition with Microsoft's Hololens, but likely would be better for things like gaming. Meanwhile Micros…

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Municipal Broadband Future Problematic, FCC State Preemption Order Nixed by U.S. Appeals Court

By: Peter Bernstein    8/12/2016

For those of you who follow my various postings on TMCnet, you are hopefully aware of my interest in municipal broadband, aka "community broadband." W…

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New Chip-and-Pin Cards Have Shocking Security Flaw

By: Steve Anderson    8/11/2016

Remember the furor over chip-and-PIN cards? How these were so much safer than magnetic strip cards and how we'd all be so much better off once we put …

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The Second Shift: Blockchain is Back for Even Further Disruption

By: Special Guest    8/11/2016

Blockchain has revolutionized many industries?- and is poised to do so again. We've seen it happen to smartphones, the cloud and digital disruption, w…

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3D Print Custom Interfaces for Your Home Appliances

By: Drew Hendricks    8/10/2016

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a popular buzz term in the tech industry right now, and rightfully so. Our world becomes increasingly enhanced, effici…

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CBS Sports Site Has Hiccup

By: Maurice Nagle    8/10/2016

We are in the heart of fantasy baseball season, while many of you fantasy athletes have hung up the cleats for now impatiently waiting for football, I…

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Broadband (and Tech) Boom Predicted by ADTRAN CEO

By: Doug Mohney    8/10/2016

Gigabit connectivity is surging, says ADTRAN, with plenty of reasons driving carriers to build out fiber over the next five years. During his version …

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Hulu Ends Free Streaming Service, Partners with Yahoo

By: Alicia Young    8/9/2016

The move to being a subscription service results from Hulu's need to compete with other services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. The upcoming plans wil…

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Pizza ATM Becomes Instantly Popular with College Students

By: Alicia Young    8/8/2016

That's right; pizza is now coming out of a machine that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All pizza, all the time. I can hear your sighs of …

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Amazon Takes Delivery Speeds to New Heights with Prime Air

By: Alicia Young    8/5/2016

Have you ever wondered how Amazon delivers packages so quickly? It certainly seems like magic, but it's actually thanks to cargo planes.

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Xbox One S: Getting It Right the Fourth Time

By: Rob Enderle    8/2/2016

The Microsoft Xbox has been a fascinating product to watch; it was really a showcase of Steve Ballmer's Microsoft and it reflected its highly reactive…

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Personal or Business: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Stays One Step Ahead

By: Erik Linask    8/2/2016

From a physical perspective, the Galaxy Note 7 bears a striking resemblance to the GS7 Edge, with similarly customizable Edge functionality, which pro…

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Oracle to Purchase NetSuite for $9.3 Billion

By: Paula Bernier    7/28/2016

Oracle this morning revealed plans to buy cloud company NetSuite for $9.3 billion. The deal is expected to close later this year.

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Windows 10 Free Upgrade Ends This Week: Rethinking Microsoft's OS

By: Rob Enderle    7/26/2016

At the end of the week the free upgrade window for Windows 10 closes. This has been an interesting experience because Windows 10 for the most part ste…

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Ericsson CEO Leaves the Company

By: Paula Bernier    7/26/2016

The move from hardware- to software-based networking solutions, along with the fact that our still recovering economy has kept many businesses cautiou…

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3D Printing Helps Unlock Phone's Secrets

By: Alicia Young    7/25/2016

Recently, the police's ability to access someone's phone has been a hot topic in American news. I'm sure we all remember the ordeal involving Apple an…

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Verizon Snaps Up Yahoo: A Yahoo! Or Yah Boo!

By: Peter Bernstein    7/25/2016

The sale of Yahoo's core assets to Verizon for a reported $4.83 billion, leaving Yahoo shareholders with roughly a $41 billion investment in Chinese I…

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Four Most In-Demand Programming Languages and Frameworks For Wearables

By: Drew Hendricks    7/25/2016

It's no secret that development and programming are very highly sought-after skills these days. Various tech jobs are consistently among the highest p…

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Dell and Intel Future Study Technology Trends Shaping the Modern Global Workplace

By: Peter Bernstein    7/25/2016

This is the year in which millennials became the majority of the working population around the world. And, while there have been several studies about…

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Chief Data Officers: The New 'Oil' Barons

By: Special Guest    7/22/2016

One hundred years ago, oil changed the economic, technological and political landscapes at every level of society. Going forward, the importance of da…

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Facebook Reaches One Billion Messenger Users

By: Alicia Young    7/21/2016

Many of us who have been on Facebook for several years remember the glory days before the social media platform turned into the gargantuan beast that …

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