Interesting Tech that is Elevating Education to New Heights

By: Special Guest    1/3/2017

We've seen technology changing different parts of our lives over the years. Technology is evolving so rapidly these days, which is why it is not surpr…

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The Myths and Legends of Artificial Intelligence

By: Special Guest    12/27/2016

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is the hot and trending topic everyone's been talking about these days. Industries like healthcare, manufacturing, tra…

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Autonomous Vehicles Gain Powerful Ally: The US Government

By: Lindsey Patterson    12/27/2016

Safety and lack of federal regulations seem to have a monopoly on the hampering growth of self-driving cars. The safety of self-driving vehicles has r…

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The Massive Changes of 2016

By: Rob Enderle    12/26/2016

Granted, it is hard to top the result of the U.S. Presidential Election where we ended up with the first true political outsider as a President in my …

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Online Games Shifting From Your Desktop to Your Pocket

By: Special Guest    12/21/2016

Pokemon Go, and its incredible popularity, touched on something that may be the future of mobile gaming, and entertainment in general, namely interact…

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Satellite-filled Sky for New Apps & Broadband in 2017 and Beyond

By: Doug Mohney    12/21/2016

Once an exotic tool for governments and the Fortune 500, satellites are now beaming back increasing amounts of information for the Internet of Things …

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Russian Cyberattacks Usher in New Age of Tech Espionage

By: Laura Stotler    12/21/2016

The alleged Russian election hacks signal a new age of technological espionage on a global scale.

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BlackBerry Becomes Software Services Company, Targets Secure Autonomous Cars

By: Rob Enderle    12/20/2016

2016 will be a year BlackBerry will be glad to look back on. It will likely do so with some pride because this was the year that BlackBerry completed …

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2017: Out with Maturing Technologies and In with New Cloud-Based Solutions

By: Donna Wenk    12/20/2016

As the year begins to wind down, it is time to examine where opportunity lies for the telecom channel in the upcoming year. The 2017 Spiceworks State …

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Tech Sector Changing the Face of Entrepreneurship

By: Stefania Viscusi    12/16/2016

Technology is leading the world right now and entrepreneurs, not just millennials, but every one who starts a business, is jumping into technology in …

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FCC Chairman Leaves as Trump Enters

By: Paula Bernier    12/15/2016

Tom Wheeler has announced that he plans to vacate his post as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission on Jan. 20, the same day Donald Trump …

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Will AI Revolutionize the Job Search in 2017?

By: Alicia Young    12/15/2016

TMC recently caught up with Ed Donner, Cofounder and CEO of untapt, to discuss his thoughts on the future of AI and his predictions for 2017.

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The Internet of Things: Four Predictions for 2017

By: Special Guest    12/14/2016

This year has seen the Internet of Things (IoT) grow immensely, but what can we expect from the IoT in 2017? Here are four industry predictions.

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Virtual Reality, AI Top Predictions for 2017

By: Alicia Young    12/14/2016

CEO of Appetizer Mobile Jordan Edelson reflects on 2016 and talks with TMC about his predictions for tech in 2017.

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How Self-Driving Cars Will Kill Car Companies

By: Rob Enderle    12/12/2016

Nvidia just started testing its market leading self-driving car technology in California on real roads. I'm a fan of self-driving cars largely because…

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Is The Lenovo Yoga Book The Most Innovative Windows LapLet

By: Rob Enderle    12/9/2016

Sometimes you run into a product that redefines a segment. In cars it was things like the 240Z and Miata, in Smartphones the BlackBerry and then the i…

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From Forecast to Fact: The Top Security Threats and Targets of 2016

By: Special Guest    12/9/2016

In early 2016, we shared our predictions of key security threats likely to hit us this year. As predicted, cyber espionage, ransomware, insider threat…

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Pebble Drops Race, Moves to Fitbit

By: Steve Anderson    12/8/2016

Pebble offers confirmation that it's pulling up stakes in the wearable tech race, and moving lock, devs and software to Fitbit.

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SoftBank CEO Cozies Up to Trump

By: Paula Bernier    12/7/2016

SoftBank Group founder and CEO Masayoshi Son, who is also Sprint's chairman, told President-elect Donald Trump he wants to create 50,000 new U.S. jobs…

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Predicting the FCC's Path Forward Under President-Elect Donald Trump

By: Special Guest    12/6/2016

President-elect Donald J. Trump will become the 45th President of the United States of America on January 20, 2017. Many in the tech, media and teleco…

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From Social Media to Sour Media in 2016

By: Doug Mohney    12/5/2016

Lost all patience with re-written news with misleading headlines? How many people have you un-friended over the last twelve months on Facebook? Been a…

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The Five Core Components of Proactive Cybersecurity

By: Special Guest    12/5/2016

As technically astute and often well-funded hackers continue to deploy new, constantly evolving techniques, organizations are too often focusing their…

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How Real Time Visibility and Data Analysis are Driving Innovation

By: Special Guest    12/5/2016

The IoT has enabled everything from improved efficiency for global shipping networks to devices that receive environmental feedback from home applianc…

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Top 5 Most In-Demand, Highest-Paying Tech Jobs in 2017

By: Special Guest    11/30/2016

So while tech may be automating a whole lot of traditionally analog jobs, the tech sector is also responsible for a good deal of the job creation in t…

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Look for PC Price Wars in 2017

By: Doug Mohney    11/29/2016

A steady movement of everything to the cloud and brutal competition to hold onto existing market share is likely to drive mainline manufacturers such …

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Will Self-Driving Cars Ruin New York?

By: Lindsey Patterson    11/28/2016

Self-driving cars have the potential to completely reshape our transportation system, but the big question for New Yorkers is how they will affect the…

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Microsoft Surface Phone= HP Elite X3 + Blackberry DTEK 60 + Panasonic FZ-X1?

By: Rob Enderle    11/28/2016

Next year Microsoft is rumored to release the Surface Phone which, ideally, should learn from all of the current Blackberry, Panasonic and HP business…

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Making Sense of SpaceX, Boeing and Other Mega Satellite Broadband Projects

By: Doug Mohney    11/22/2016

SpaceX's plan to put a whopping 4,425 satellites into low earth orbit (LEO) is the boldest plan for adding global non-terrestrial broadband capacity, …

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The Abysmal Pace of New PC Tech

By: Doug Mohney    11/22/2016

While storylines of the death of the PC have been running since the release of the iPad and the wave of tablets, it is clear that style has overtaken …

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Five Ways Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Customer Experience

By: Special Guest    11/22/2016

AI is transforming the way companies interact with customers. That's good news since the ability to consistently deliver an excellent customer experie…

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How AI Could Make You a Much Smarter Looking Person

By: Rob Enderle    11/21/2016

While some people fear artificial intelligence (AI), companies like Intel are embracing it to help people look smarter and make better decisions.

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Symantec Locks in LifeLock in Nine-Figure Deal

By: Steve Anderson    11/21/2016

Symantec purchases LifeLock in $2.3 billion deal, adds new cybersecurity options to its operations.

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How Secure is the Internet of Things?

By: Lindsey Patterson    11/21/2016

People are already concerned about network security when it comes to devices such as their computers and smartphones, so the IoT understandably has so…

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Virtual vs. Real: Both Count When Selling

By: Doug Mohney    11/16/2016

People have been predicting the end of "real" interaction to buy things for decades. Virtual trade shows were supposed to kill real ones, e-commerce s…

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The Amazing Jaguar I-Pace: Using VR to Sell a 2018 Electric Wonder

By: Rob Enderle    11/15/2016

The world of 2020 will look massively different on the road and in the dealership than it does today thanks to virtual reality (VR).

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The Bio-T: The Biometric Internet of Things

By: Special Guest    11/11/2016

Expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) is surging. A recent Gartner report predicts IoT spending to increase to $2.5 million a minute, with 1 milli…

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Post-Mirai: Managing the Attack Surface of a Smart City

By: Special Guest    11/11/2016

Smart cities offer several benefits, including real time traffic information and coordinated energy control. However, the technology is still in the e…

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Trump Elected and Tim Cook Assures Apple Employees

By: Maurice Nagle    11/10/2016

The nation can move forward together or continue on its torrid path of division. Don't be fooled, I'm not pro-Trump, I'm pro-America. And, lest we for…

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The Blackberry DTEK60: Almost Perfect Secure Phone

By: Rob Enderle    11/10/2016

The Blackberry DTEK60 is one of two phones I'm testing using the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset and matching radio. The common core features are …

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PC Back from the Dead: Jeff Clarke, Dell Technologies & the Zombie PC Apocalypse

By: Rob Enderle    11/9/2016

I'm at DellEMC World this week in Austin and there have been a number of executives speaking to us to start off the event. Jeff Clarke is the Vice Cha…

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LinkedIn May Have New Competition With Facebook Job Listings

By: Steve Anderson    11/9/2016

For a while, Facebook was seen as one of the great new advances in free background searches as companies demanded passwords of applicants in a bid to …

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How the 2016 US Election Showcases the Need for Content Governance

By: Special Guest    11/8/2016

Two hundred and forty years after the U.S. officially became an independent country, we are watching a presidential election unfold under the influenc…

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Periscope Data's New Funding Points to Interest in Data Visualization

By: Paula Bernier    11/7/2016

Data visualization company Periscope Data has announced $25 million in additional funding led by existing investor DFJ. Prior to the latest funding, t…

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Optical Fiber Makes an Impact at Cable-tec

By: Special Guest    11/4/2016

At Cable-tec this year, cable telecom engineers and executives gathered to discuss the latest innovations happening in the space. One of the most pres…

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Telecom Chip Merger Madness Running Against Open Hardware Tide

By: Doug Mohney    11/2/2016

Putting together semiconductor companies is the fad of the season, but success may be fleeting. Multi-billion dollar mergers rarely yield the sorts of…

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Tech Lessons Learned From The Election: Is Tech Making Us Dumber?

By: Rob Enderle    11/2/2016

As we enter the last week here in the U.S. before what is likely to be an election where the majority of voters will think the outcome is rigged regar…

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Russian Hackers Linked to New Attacks Exploiting Windows Vulnerability

By: Laura Stotler    11/2/2016

Russia has repeatedly made headlines in the upcoming U.S. election, with government-sponsored hackers allegedly responsible for accessing Democratic P…

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Things Even Self-Driving Cars Need To Learn

By: Rob Enderle    10/31/2016

This last weekend I had a chance to participate in the Mercedes Advanced Driver class at Laguna Seca Raceway near Monterey California. This was a powe…

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CenturyLink Lands Level 3 Communications for $34 Billion

By: Steve Anderson    10/31/2016

Easily one of the biggest developments in the merger and acquisition space this month, news recently emerged about CenturyLink, who agreed to purchase…

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Google Fiber to Gigabit Google to Gone (Maybe)

By: Doug Mohney    10/31/2016

The writing on the wall for Google Fiber taking a "pause," had been hinted out for months, with the movement of the broadband access division broken o…

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