Human Carrying Drones May Arrive in 2017

By: Rob Enderle    2/21/2017

There are a couple really big problems that will likely make human carrying drones more of a tourist attraction than a real solution for some time, bu…

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PayPal Acquires Bill Management Company

By: Andrew Bindelglass    2/17/2017

Paypal has acquired TIO Networks, an online bill payment company, in a $233 million deal.

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Yahoo! Mail App Helps Fight Hackers

By: Alicia Young    2/16/2017

Yahoo! sent out several emails yesterday to users it believes were hacked through the use of forged cookies. Here's how the Yahoo! Mail app can help p…

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Social Media is More Than Making Bird Noises

By: Erik Linask    2/16/2017

It takes more time and resources than simply posting product offers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, but the value of two-way social interactions …

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SoftBank Drops $3.3 Billion on Fortress Buy

By: Steve Anderson    2/15/2017

SoftBank steps up its options with new business investment, picking up the Fortress Investment Group in a deal valued at $3.3 billion.

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4 Ways to Be the Brady and Belichick of Business

By: Special Guest    2/14/2017

In an NFL era defined by parity, their success over 17 years is worth examining for business leaders. After all, Brady is not the most physically gift…

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ITEXPO 2017: An Amazing Week in Review

By: Erik Linask    2/13/2017

The 2017 edition of ITEXPO has come and gone and, from my perspective, it was easily one of the best I've seen since our first Ft. Lauderdale show bac…

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8x8, RingCentral, BroadSoft Discuss Future of UC

By: Paula Bernier    2/9/2017

Cloud-based unified communications were the focus of this morning's general session at ITEXPO. The conversation ranged from everything from the Avaya …

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5 Things you Can Do in 2017 to Drive Greater Collaboration Across Your Business

By: Special Guest    2/7/2017

The ability to share and find relevant information from across the business is a key tenant of collaboration. However, with more and more places to st…

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Snap Inc. Applies for IPO

By: Andrew Bindelglass    2/7/2017

After some initial bumps in the road, Snap, Inc., parent company of Snapchat, has filed for its IPO.

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Email Privacy Act Clears House

By: Steve Anderson    2/7/2017

The U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passed the Email Privacy Act, a move which may have a tough time in the Senate.

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Vizio Settles Watching Behavior Tracking Lawsuit

By: Steve Anderson    2/7/2017

$2.2 million and a promise to stop tracking users' television watching habits: that's the price Vizio was to pay under an FTC lawsuit.

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Super Bowl 51: Drone Swarms Become Real

By: Rob Enderle    2/6/2017

A drone swarm is hundreds of drones, up to 500 so far depending on venue, that fly in tight formation and use lights to create aerial pictures or form…

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Tech Titans Draft Letter to Trump

By: Paula Bernier    2/3/2017

Leadership from Alphabet, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Uber, and some other companies have reportedly come together to write a letter to President Trum…

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Trump Does Not Sign Cybersecurity Order

By: Paula Bernier    2/1/2017

President Trump was expected to sign an executive order on cybersecurity yesterday. But it didn't happen.

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Tech & Immigration: What Happened, What's Next

By: Paula Bernier    1/31/2017

It was another interesting weekend with our new president - and not in a good way for many of the nation's immigrants. That prompted many tech leaders…

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Twitter Wrongfully Bites Uber During Trump Travel Ban: Death By Social Media

By: Rob Enderle    1/30/2017

I think this just showcases how insane social media can be. The jump between action and reaction often results in the wrong people being targeted, vic…

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New FCC Head Approves $170M for Broadband, Job Creation

By: Paula Bernier    1/27/2017

The FCC's first move under the new chairman was to approve $170 million in new federal funding to expand broadband connectivity to unserved rural area…

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Rethinking Collaboration in the Next Generation Workplace

By: Special Guest    1/26/2017

While today's applications truly are exciting, it's easy to overlook how important the workplace environment is for their success. The context in whic…

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EU's Right to Explanation: A Harmful Restriction on Artificial Intelligence

By: Special Guest    1/25/2017

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into force next year, includes a right to obtain an explanation of decisions made by alg…

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How's the CIO Doing? It's in the Data

By: Special Guest    1/24/2017

As digitalization moves from an abstract term to a central part of the business strategy, CIOs are being called on to provide strategic insight and le…

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Eight Ways We'll See Drones Used in the Year Ahead

By: Kayla Matthews    1/24/2017

A report from NPD revealed that drone sales have tripled over the past year to about $200 million. The trend will continue, so much so that 2017 could…

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The Paradox of Twitter's Value in the Trump Era

By: Doug Mohney    1/24/2017

Once upon a time - the end of 2013, to be precise - Twitter was valued at nearly $40 billion. Today, it's "only" at $11.68 billion, with a majority of…

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How Apple Helped Tech Transition to Mainstream

By: Special Guest    1/24/2017

The last 10 years have seen more technological change than any 10 years before it. But when anything hits the mainstream, whether it be tech or dietar…

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Apple's Dangerous Gambit With Qualcomm

By: Rob Enderle    1/23/2017

Apple has one of the strongest legal teams in the segment; however, when a company starts using litigation offensively, it generally points to a probl…

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What Auto Tech Looks Like Today

By: Lindsey Patterson    1/23/2017

Every year, an exciting new topic hits the tech industry, and it becomes a lot of what they talk about. This year, the focus has been on artificial in…

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Sinch's Evangelist Talks AI, APIs and More

By: Paula Bernier    1/23/2017

Christian Jensen is chief evangelist of Sinch, a cloud-based, mobile communications platform that makes it easy to add IM, SMS, verification, video, a…

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SoftBank OneWeb Satellite Investment Makes Sprint Interesting

By: Doug Mohney    1/23/2017

While OneWeb is bringing new investment and more jobs into America as it builds a mega constellation of low-flying satellites for worldwide broadband …

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Avaya Files Chapter 11, Plans Restructuring

By: Steve Anderson    1/20/2017

Avaya turns to Chapter 11 bankruptcy in a bid to make some key changes and attempt to recover for the future.

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Reports of the Death of the Deskphone are Premature; Allworx Says We're on the Verge of a Deskphone Revolution

By: Erik Linask    1/19/2017

We've heard commentary about the death of the deskphone for several years now. Yet, if you look on most corporate desktops, you'll still find one. The…

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Microsoft Makes AI Moves in Montreal

By: Alicia Young    1/19/2017

Recently, Microsoft has shown a growing interest in Montreal's booming artificial intelligence (AI) presence. This has spurred a series of acquisition…

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What to Do About Netflix Shares

By: Steve Anderson    1/19/2017

Netflix has destroyed all estimates about its share prices, but how should investors respond?

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The End of Work as We Know It: 6 Big Predictions for 2017

By: Farrell Hough    1/19/2017

The future of work in 2017 and beyond will center on using increasingly capable technologies to improve our productivity to the point where we can foc…

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Achieving a Coveted Management Position in the Tech Industry

By: Lindsey Patterson    1/18/2017

If you want to be competitive in the job market for management in the tech industry, ask yourself the following three questions: What am I actually go…

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How San Francisco Turned Self Driving Cars into Ugly Ducklings

By: Lindsey Patterson    1/17/2017

The California Department of Motor Vehicles has stopped Uber from operating its self-driving Volvos on San Francisco's roads. Uber had been test-drivi…

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Hybrid Smartwatches Growing Wearables Market

By: Andrew Bindelglass    1/17/2017

While the growth of high end smartwatches is slowing down, cheaper, "hybrid" watches are becoming more popular in the wearable technology market.

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The Race for Faster Broadband Continues Between Telco and Cable

By: Doug Mohney    1/16/2017

Less than a month into 2017, phone and cable companies are determined to crank up broadband speeds to gigabit levels and beyond. Existing technology w…

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Airbus Enters Human Carrying Drone Race: But Where Are Ford and GM?

By: Rob Enderle    1/16/2017

There are now three human carrying drone efforts on top of the half dozen or so flying car efforts currently, or soon to be, undergoing testing around…

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A WebRTC-like Standard for the Internet of Things? It's Complicated

By: Doug Mohney    1/13/2017

Building the connections for the Internet of Things (IoT) is challenging, since applications, services, and devices of all different shapes, sizes, an…

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Dell Pushes IoT Boundaries with Latitude 7285

By: Steve Anderson    1/12/2017

Dell's new Latitude 7285 features WiTricity systems to work wirelessly, a principle similar to IoT operations.

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Yahoo! Shakeup Drops Mayer, Changes Name

By: Steve Anderson    1/11/2017

Ahead of a sale to Verizon, Yahoo Inc. is poised to change its name, drop Marissa Mayer, and never be the same again.

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How Amazon Reversed Microsoft's Strategy to Help Lenovo Create a Better Home AI

By: Rob Enderle    1/11/2017

At CES this past week, Lenovo made an interesting move by licensing the Alexa platform and building its own version of Amazon Echo called the "Smart A…

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Will Space Exploration Soon Benefit from IoT Tech?

By: Kayla Matthews    1/11/2017

Apollo 11, the first spacecraft to successfully take human beings to the moon, had less computing power than the mobile phone you have in your pocket …

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How Technology Will Change Businesses in 2017

By: Special Guest    1/10/2017

With the world of advanced technology continuing to evolve, there is no doubt that the business world will continue to change over the course of 2017.

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Smart Home Tech Expectations at an All-Time High in 2017

By: Anna Johansson    1/10/2017

The smart home industry has undergone steady growth over the past five years, but we still aren't anywhere near maximum market adoption. There's ample…

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CES 2017: Product Evolution and Robotics Underline the Show

By: Doug Mohney    1/9/2017

A lot of this year's show is category and company evolution rather than revolution - with an exception of personal robotics shaping up to be a breakou…

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Five Ways Automation is Improving our Lives

By: Abinash Tripathy    1/9/2017

History has shown us, since at least the 16th century, that automation ultimately creates more jobs than it kills.

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Privacy and Security: Who's Ultimately Responsible?

By: Daan Pepijn    1/9/2017

Sites like Facebook and Foursquare, connected devices like smartphones, and the Internet of Things heralded by smart refrigerators, cars and FitBits -…

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Symantec Creates Vaccine for the Digital Zombie Apocalypse

By: Rob Enderle    1/3/2017

A few weeks ago we had one of the most major successful attacks on the U.S. digital infrastructure ever successfully attempted. It was the use of our …

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Waiting for Alexa 2.0 (and Other Voice AI Assistant Improvements)

By: Doug Mohney    1/3/2017

There's nothing like a new holiday gift to start the "What if" train, and the arrival of an Amazon Alexa Echo on December 25 was clearly an eye-opener…

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