Google Updates Flagship Nexus Models, Introduces 'Marshmallow' Operating System

By: Kyle Piscioniere    9/29/2015

While the hardware updates are certainly impressive, Google's new software updates stole the spotlight. The innocuously-named Marshmallow operating sy…

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Apple TV: Coming Soon To Your Living Room?

By: Special Guest    9/29/2015

Last week Apple launched its next foray into the world of television, announcing a complete overhaul of their Apple TV platform. Apple's new vision, a…

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A Cautionary Tale On Apple And Warnings On Bad Technical Support

By: Rob Enderle    9/28/2015

This week I got a troubling email from an Apple customer who had been wronged by the company. While this is only a sample of one there have been rumbl…

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Terabit Networks in 2020

By: Doug Mohney    9/25/2015

Gigabit is the new 100 Mbps for this decade, with everyone from AT&T and Google to the Obama Administration onboard with the idea of "ultra-high-speed…

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10 Tips To Design A Mobile Friendly Website

By: Drew Hendricks    9/25/2015

It's 2015 and the world is going mobile - even more so than it already has. So there's no time like the present to make sure you have the best mobile …

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Kubi from Revolve Robotics Integrated into Zoom Video Conferencing

By: Peter Bernstein    9/24/2015

As the headline says, robotic telepresence company Revolve Robotics recently announced the integration between the controls of its Kubi robotic telepr…

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An Endpoint Has Been Breached - Isolate to Minimize the Damage

By: Ryan St Hilaire    9/23/2015

If you look around any organization, it is clear that the number of endpoints and applications in use are growing exponentially. Data is being accesse…

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Apple/Qualcomm and the Problem with Smartwatches

By: Rob Enderle    9/23/2015

There are two companies that appear to have the most power in the new Smartwatch space: Apple and Qualcomm.

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Tempest in an Email Server: Hillary Clinton and the Politics of IP Addresses

By: Special Guest    9/23/2015

Ken Simpson, CEO, MailChannels explains in the context of current news how it is all about securing the outbox.

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Apple Sets Sights on 2019 Release for Electric Car

By: Andrew Bindelglass    9/23/2015

It seems that Apple has moved it's plans to release an electric car from the back burner to a more short term plan. Up until now, Apple has devoted a …

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AVG Will Sell Users' Browsing Histories and More in Updated Privacy Policy

By: Laura Stotler    9/22/2015

AVG has found a new way to capitalize on the "non-identifying" data it collects from users. The company recently updated its privacy policy to reveal …

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Google's Appeal is Rejected by French Data Privacy Regulators

By: Joe Rizzo    9/22/2015

Earlier this year, Google filed an informal appeal to discard the European Court of Justice's ruling stating the impediment of the public's right to i…

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Apple's Bad Apps are More Plentiful and Dangerous than Initially Reported

By: Dominick Sorrentino    9/21/2015

All the due-diligence in the world could not stop the ironclad iOS App store from falling prey to malware. Today, it was announced that several truste…

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IBC 2015: The 4K Ultra HD Pieces Begin to Fall into Place

By: Tara Seals    9/18/2015

The 4K Ultra HD television space is heating up, with TV shipments tumbling out at triple-digit rates and commercial arrangements proliferating nicely.…

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Broadband Providers: FCC Regulation Threatens Network Investment

By: Tara Seals    9/18/2015

The FCC can only be called "embattled" when it comes to the legal storm brewing around Net neutrality. It's facing lawsuits from several broadband pro…

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Wheelings & Dealings: Cablevision to be Acquired by Altice Group

By: Joe Rizzo    9/17/2015

The Altice Group, a multinational cable and telecommunications company, has presence in many areas including include France, Israel, Belgium and Luxem…

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Attack on Cisco Routers Proves That Barbarians Can, Have and Will Circumvent the Gates

By: Peter Bernstein    9/17/2015

Hopefully, you haven't been asleep at the router the past few days. If you have, you might have missed all the commotion regarding the finding of the …

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Bezos' Blue Origin Announces Florida Rocket Factory, Launch Facilities

By: Doug Mohney    9/16/2015

Blue Origin, started and owned by billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has taken its next concrete steps to space launch. Yesterday, September 15, t…

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Comings & Goings: Google's Self-Driving Car Project to be Led by New CEO

By: Casey Houser    9/15/2015

Google's self-driving car project, part of its Google X lab, has a new leader. The search giant recently announced that it has added John Krafcik as i…

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Intel Moves to Secure Cars Before They Kill Us

By: Rob Enderle    9/15/2015

One of the very surreal and prophetic meetings I had was years ago was with the On-Star division of GM. I was invited in by one of the executives I'd …

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Dirty Wi-Fi: How Do You Fix It?

By: Doug Mohney    9/14/2015

Wi-Fi, the technology we love and hate. When it works, it is great, but it was never designed from scratch to support things like VoIP. It doesn't do …

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Apple Copies Microsoft and NVIDIA with iPad Pro and Apple TV Refresh

By: Rob Enderle    9/14/2015

At Apple's launch event the news surrounding the iPhone was, as expected, less than exciting. However the smart Apple buyers know this is the phone to…

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Has Apple Jumped the Shark?

By: Doug Mohney    9/10/2015

Fanboys and the tech media are once again ga-ga over Apple's latest set of announcements. To me, it represents catch up moves with Microsoft and Samsu…

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Apple's Orchard of Updates: iPad Pro, Apple TV, iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

By: Dominick Sorrentino    9/9/2015

For the most part, we knew what to expect from today's big Apple announcements: the business-grade iPad Pro, some sort of Siri revision that involves …

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Google and Verizon Refresh Logos, A 'G' String and a Checkmark

By: Peter Bernstein    9/4/2015

Who knew that this past week was going to be something akin to national logo refresh week as both Google and Verizon revealed their new looks. As some…

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Apple Music: A Lesson in Subscription Based Content

By: Special Guest    9/4/2015

In June 2015, Apple launched music streaming service Apple Music, which became a differentiator for the company and an example for the content industr…

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Mobile Video Advances with New Verizon and CBS NFL Streaming Options

By: Bob Wallace    9/4/2015

Looking to drive mobile video streaming upward, Verizon Wireless has eliminated the $5 a month charge for the popular and newly improved NFL Mobile ap…

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Wireless Embraces Social Customer Engagement for Loyalty

By: Tara Seals    9/4/2015

With mobile penetration exceeding the population count, it's become a switching game for carriers, meaning that keeping customers happy and willing to…

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Apple, Cisco Join Forces - What It Could Mean for Them, and the Rest of Us

By: Paula Bernier    9/2/2015

Tech powerhouses Apple and Cisco systems this week announced they have joined forces to give business users of iOS devices the best possible experienc…

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LTE Broadcast, IndyCar Racing, and Blending the Best of TV and Stadium Viewing

By: Rob Enderle    9/1/2015

This last weekend I was at the IndyCar race in Sonoma to see Verizon and Qualcomm showcase LTE Broadcast-I also wanted to see the race. I've watched N…

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Windows 95 to Windows 10: How Far We Have Come in 20 Years

By: Rob Enderle    9/1/2015

Last week was the anniversary of Windows 95, which was actually a life-changing launch for me. I'd just started out as an analyst, and Windows 95 was …

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Microsoft Research Project Allows for Inexpensive 3D Scanning from a Smartphone

By: Christopher Mohr    8/27/2015

It is now possible to perform 3D scanning from a smartphone, without additional hardware or an Internet connection, thanks to a new Microsoft Research…

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Amazon's Scaled Back Consumer Device Efforts, Dash Button, and More

By: Paula Bernier    8/27/2015

Word is that Amazon is scaling way back on its consumer devices efforts, having let go of dozens of Lab126 engineers who worked on its Fire phone, acc…

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The 4K War is Brewing, but Don't Expect a Crowned Winner

By: Special Guest    8/27/2015

The hype around 4K Ultra HD video is growing and we're seeing it gain traction in real ways. From the NFL Network and CBS using 4K cameras to capture …

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Wallet Wars Part 2: Thanks to EMV, the Force is with Mobile Wallets

By: Special Guest    8/26/2015

In December 2015, when "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" hits movie theatres across the U.S., a very different type of force will 'awaken' the mobile wal…

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Major Automakers Forge Alliance to Combat Cyberattackers

By: Joe Rizzo    8/25/2015

If you take a few minutes to think about what hackers go after, you'll realize that it is anything that has an Internet connection. Thanks to the Inte…

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Google's Eddystone Moves Beacons Back into the Spotlight

By: Paula Bernier    8/21/2015

Eddystone has done for the beacon space what Donald Trump has for presidential politics. This statement is open to wide interpretation, of course, but…

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Apple TV Resurfaces Amid Media Jitters

By: Tara Seals    8/20/2015

Apple is reportedly once again prepping a TV service-but is once again caught up in content licensing negotiations. The story is an oft-worn one at th…

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Cool Things from Intel's Developer Forum: Turning Your Tech into a Companion

By: Rob Enderle    8/18/2015

This week is IDF, Intel's Developer Forum, and in the opening keynote Brian Krzanich walked us through some of the stuff that will be coming to PCs, t…

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It's Time to Take the Policy Handcuffs Off Big Data

By: Special Guest    8/18/2015

At the same time that Americans share "Which Downton Abbey Character Are You?" quizzes with the world-offering their personal data to the private sect…

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Microsoft Surface Future Includes Phones, Maybe IoT

By: Doug Mohney    8/18/2015

Las Vegas, Nevada - As rumors emerge of a Microsoft Surface Phone, I'm willing to place a bet that Microsoft gets into the Internet of Things hardware…

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Cellcast Debacle Indicates Investor Scramble to Read Google's Alphabet

By: Tara Seals    8/18/2015

In a testament to investor interest in Google/Alphabet's next move, a tiny London firm saw its stock price spike 80 percent this week after rumors bro…

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Place Your Bets: Online Gambling is About to Go Mainstream

By: Steve Anderson    8/17/2015

Online gambling is at once thrilling and terrifying, almost like bungee jumping into a volcano, only less hot (and generally less life-threatening). T…

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The Race is On: Apple Working on a Self-Driving Car

By: Steve Anderson    8/17/2015

While Google's self-driving car project is known far and wide, a new development in this space ranks on the "should have seen it coming" list, though …

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Google's Android Platform Gets Stagefright, But It's Safer Than You Might Think

By: Tara Seals    8/17/2015

A number of high-severity cyber-vulnerabilities have been uncovered in the Android platform recently, not the least of which is the Stagefright bug, w…

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Samsung Packs Exciting New Features into Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ at Unpacked 2015

By: Erik Linask    8/13/2015

Unpacked may actually be the antithesis of what Samsung has done with each of its product unveilings of late. Rather, the mobile giant continues to pa…

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The 1-2-3s of Google's ABCs: How Will Alphabet Affect You?

By: Special Guest    8/13/2015

While this may seem to be of shock to many, Google claims this as their Alpha-BET, as they have confidence in making what they have "cleaner and more …

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Building a Culture of Tech Security Can Protect Businesses

By: Laura Stotler    8/13/2015

The recent prison escape of drug lord Joaquin Guzman, better known as El Chapo, is a testament to the power of technology within criminal organization…

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UK Comms Spending Finally Rises, But There's Trouble in Paradise

By: Tara Seals    8/12/2015

After years of recession-era realities hamstringing household budgets, spending on communications services has bounced back in the UK, rising for the …

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Can Google Spell Innovation with Alphabet?

By: Tara Seals    8/11/2015

When Sergey Brin and Larry Page first went public with Google 11 years ago (only 11 years ago!), they said at the time that the company would devote i…

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